Living the Grilling Life

What does “Living The Grilling Life” mean? First, let me tell you what it means to me. It means being outside, enjoying nature and the fresh air. It means gathering with family and friends, sharing good conversations and delicious food. It means summer days, hanging out by the pool, chowing down a burger and watching the kids play. It means summer nights, enjoying a cold drink and feeling the breeze.

It means camping and grilling with my dad and uncles and learning from them how to become the best man I can be. It means beach parties, family reunions at the park, tailgating at the ball game, county fairs and so much more.  It also means much needed recharging time when you just need to step away, hover over the grill for a while and think things through.

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If you’ve ever wondered what equipment and tools professional Pitmasters use to produce the most mouthwatering BBQ on the planet ... you’re in luck!

Patrick Ginise
Certified Carnivor, Grill Master
“One of my greatest joys is to see loved ones getting outdoors and spending quality time together.  And what better way to do that than family and friends gathering for a cookout.”
Patrick is able to offer comprehensive Grilling techniques, inside Grilling tips & More on many different cooking styles and equipment.  His goal is to help you reach your grilling potential no matter what level you are starting from.  All while realizing that Outdoor Grilling is fun.

What is the Best Flavor on Earth?

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