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Meet Patrick Ginise

Backyard Warrior, Certified Carnivore, & Self Proclaimed Grill Master
Hey! I’m Patrick

A backyard warrior, certified carnivore, lover of good whiskey and self-proclaimed grill master!

Welcome! My Grilling Life site is much more than just pictures of delicious looking food.  It is learning the what, why’s and how’s of grilling and smoking with a little bit of whiskey fueled inspiration thrown in for good measure.

“One of my greatest joys is to see loved ones getting outdoors and spending quality time together. And what better way to do that than family and friends gathering for a cookout”.

My goal is to deliver the best content around for aspiring backyard chefs and fellow meat addicts everywhere.  I am a true carnivore who is not afraid to get dirty or downright saucy and spicy with food to bring you everything you need to know to be able to do the same.
Backyard Warrior
On this site, you will be learning how to master the grill, no matter what skill level you are starting from.  I will show you that smoking meat is not just for the professionals but can be done by anyone.

Did I mention that I grill like a freakin BOSS too? Well, at least that’s what my family tells me.  I do realize that they are required to say this so I don’t take myself too seriously.

“I offer comprehensive Grilling techniques, inside Grilling tips & More on many different cooking styles and equipment.  My goal is to help you reach your grilling potential no matter what level you are starting from.  All while realizing that Outdoor Grilling is fun.”.
What I do take seriously is providing well researched, proven tools and techniques that will help you increase your knowledge and up your grilling game taking your outdoor creations to a completely new level.  I will throw in some personal stories and experiences as well so hopefully, we can share a few laughs along the way.

So welcome to The Grilling Life.  Pull up a chair and stay a while.  I hope your taste buds are up for the challenge!

Grill Master
I have been an outdoor grilling and BBQ enthusiast over 20 years.  I’m definitely Living The Grilling Life and loving every minute of it.

I love all things BBQ. I love eating BBQ and talking BBQ, but most of all, I love getting outside and cooking BBQ.  You might say, I’m a bit of a grill freak!  And you’d be right!  It’s hard to pick my favorite thing to grill, but if I had to make a choice…I’d say it is a tie between a tri-tip, fall off the bone ribs and a slow cooked, smoky brisket.

“I want to help you with all of your grilling needs.  From advice on techniques to choosing the right tools and equipment to get the job done, I am here for you.”.
The reason I created this site is to help folks like yourself to learn from my successes and my mistakes enabling you to have a successful grilling experience every time.  To do this, I am going to share my personal experiences and what I have discovered over the years through my own trial and error experiments.

If you are like me and love to entertain family and friends and serve them great food hot off the grill without worrying about whether everything is going to come out just right, then you have come to the right place.

Thank you for visiting my website.  It is my sincere hope that I was able to provide something of value to you and help you on your journey to joining the ranks of backyard warriors everywhere and being the grill master for all your neighbors, family and friends.

If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me as I love talking BBQ and seeing people succeed.

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Patrick Ginise

Patrick Ginise

Owner/Author/Grill Master