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14 Surprising Benefits of Infrared Grills

Learn about the many benefits of Infrared Grills and why you should add one to your outdoor kitchen. Read on to learn about the Infrared grill advantage.

Infrared grills are becoming increasingly popular among grill enthusiasts and beginners alike. They come in many sizes, styles, and fuel types, so you can pick the one that best fits your space and cooking style.

The ability to reach higher temperatures with excellent searing capability makes them a game-changer for home cooks looking to take their BBQ to the next level. Couple that with the versatility and ease of cleaning with infrared grills and you’ve got a great choice for all your outdoor cooking needs.

If you’re in the market for a new grill for your outdoor kitchen, infrared grills are well worth considering. Whether you’re a pro at grilling and barbecuing or just getting started, an infrared grill can be the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into how infrared technology works and many more benefits that infrared grills have to offer.

What Is an Infrared Grill?

Unlike traditional grills, infrared grills don’t heat the air around the food but instead directly heat the food itself.

Infrared grills use radiant heat to cook food without disturbing the moisture barrier.

It’s a lot like standing in the sun on a cold day. The air doesn’t heat up, but the sun warms your skin.

The radiant heat produced by infrared grills means hot air won’t dry out food but instead cook food hotter and faster than traditional convention cooking.

How Do Infrared Grills Work?

An infrared grill works by using a gas or electric burner to heat a metal, ceramic, or glass plate. That plate then produces infrared waves. The food sits on top of these plates. These waves quickly cook food at a much faster temperature than the hot air produced by flames on other grills.

Gas, charcoal, and electric grills all use convection for cooking food. That means the flames heat up and circulate air around the food.

They work much like a traditional kitchen oven, so you typically leave the lid closed while you cook so that the hot air won’t escape.

Infrared grills work differently in that they use radiant heat waves. Although we can’t see these heatwaves, we can certainly feel them and see and taste their effects on our food.

Infrared Grills Preheat Faster

Because infrared grills don’t have to heat the air as they heat the food, the heat is focused on the food itself. That means it only takes 3 to 5 minutes to preheat! This means you can start cooking almost immediately after firing up your grill.

Infrared Grills Give You Even Heat Distribution

Nothing’s more frustrating than half the food getting overcooked, and the other half being undercooked. No one has the time to babysit each individual burger or steak.

Wouldn’t it be better just to set the timer, let the food cook, and remove each piece at the same time, all equally cooked?

That’s one of the advantages of infrared grills. Since there are no open flames to worry about or charcoal to be adjusted, you won’t find any hot or cold spots on an infrared grill.

Say goodbye to overcooked or undercooked sections of food and enjoy your perfectly grilled steak from start to finish.

You Get Minimal Flare-ups on an Infrared Grill

Flare-ups are a nuisance. They can quickly dry out and overcook food if you’re not careful. They can even be dangerous and cause burns if they get out of hand.

Thankfully, infrared grills practically eliminate the risk of flare-ups that are common with fat drippings and food particles falling into the open flame.

Because the heat is evenly distributed across the grilling surface and there are no open flames, flare-ups are minimal and practically non-existent.

Infrared Grills Can Reach Higher Temperatures

The longer you cook a steak, the more juices you will lose and the drier it will become.

With most traditional grills, you can reach up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit when searing a steak – a respectable temperature. But how does that compare to infrared grills?

Infrared grills can reach up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit meaning your sear is hotter, your cook is quicker, and your steak is juicier than ever.

Food Cooks Faster on an Infrared Grill

“Is dinner ready yet?” That’s a question all chefs and grill masters have heard at one time or another.

Standing around waiting for food to cook after a long day of work or play is the last thing you, your family, or your guests want to do.

Not having to wait 20 minutes or more for a grill to preheat means not only will you get to dinnertime faster, but you’ll likely grill more often.

Food Tastes Better When Cooked on an Infrared Grill

Why spend money at a high-end steak house when you can make your own authentic meal at home? You can enjoy perfectly cooked, deliciously seasoned food that will blow any restaurant out of the water.

The secret is the consistent, even cook of the infrared grill.

Think caramelized on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. That’s a perfect combination that’s only achieved with high, predictable heat and because the meat is cooking faster, it will retain a lot more of its juices.

Infrared Grills Produce Juicer Meat

Not only will higher heat and quicker cooking make your meat juicier than ever before, but the lack of flare-ups will definitely contribute to it as well.

No combination of spices can equal the unbeatable flavors of locked-in natural juices.

Infrared Grills Produce Steakhouse Quality Searing

If you’ve ever noticed a difference between the steaks you’ve grilled in your backyard and the ones you get at the steakhouse, you’re not imagining it.

The best restaurants and steakhouses use infrared grills in their kitchens because they know the superior precision these grills have to offer—an even sear on every steak, every time.

An infrared grill is exactly what you’re missing from enjoying those award-winning steakhouse-quality meats at home.

Infrared Grills Offer Versatility

Unlike gas grills, an infrared grill doesn’t require a side burner or other attachments if you want to cook your sides along with your meat.

You can set your pots and pans directly on the infrared grill plate when you cook with an infrared grill.

Additionally, despite what you may have heard, infrared grills can cook at low temperatures as well as high. So, if you’re looking to do a low and slow cook or even smoke some of your dishes, the infrared grill can handle it!

Infrared Grills Offer Charcoal-Like Grilling

Everyone knows charcoal makes the best-tasting BBQ. It’s that crispy, smoking flavor from charcoal that makes grilling authentic.

Thankfully, infrared grills offer the same great flavor that charcoal grills produce with the convenience and even cooking of gas. That is why so many steak houses use infrared technology when cooking your steak to perfection.

You Can Use an Infrared Grill Like a Stove

Since an infrared grill lets you place pots and pans on the grates, it can even be used as an outdoor stove.

An infrared grill is so much more than a grill. So, you can keep cooking outdoors and keep your house cool all summer long. You might not ever use your indoor kitchen again!

Infrared Grills Are Energy & Fuel Efficient

Even though many infrared grills are still powered by gas, they tend to use much less than traditional gas grills saving you time from running to the store and money having to refill bottles of propane regularly.

This is because infrared grills heat up so fast and quickly cook food.

Just think about how much gas you use preheating your traditional grill for 20 to 30 minutes each time you use it. That adds up!

Save money and time, all the while reducing your carbon footprint. It’s a win for everyone.

Infrared Grills Are Easy to Clean

No one likes scrapping stuck-on food from the grill grates after a large cookout. Somehow it seems like as much as you scrape with that wire brush you can’t get it clean enough.

Thankfully, infrared grills are much easier to clean. Simply set the grill to high and turn any leftover food particles to ash and completely vaporize any grease.

You won’t find a traditional grill or smoker that’s easier to clean.

Infrared Grills Are Safer to Cook With

The risk of burns, explosions, flare-ups, and undercooked food is virtually non-existent.

Infrared grills have no open flames and cool down almost as quickly as they heat up, so you don’t need to worry about your family’s safety using them.

Infrared Grill FAQ

Is Infrared Grilling Healthier? | Are Infrared Grills Safe? | Do Infrared Grills Smoke More?

If you still have questions, we’re here to help. If you don’t know much about Infrared grills but are in the market for one of these next-level cookers, we’ve got you covered!

These popular grills offer a new style of cooking that standard gas grills don’t and are perfect for outdoor chefs who want to take their grilling in a healthier direction.

Below we provide answers to a few frequently asked Infrared grill questions to get you started. For a much more comprehensive Infrared grill FAQ guide, check out this article: The Ultimate Infrared Grill FAQ

Is Infrared Grilling Healthier?

Yes, infrared grills can be a healthier way of cooking as they do not char the meat as traditional charcoal and gas grills do. When meat is charred it creates cancer causing carcinogens that can be unhealthy when consumed often enough over time. It is a healthy alternative when grilling.

Are Infrared Grills Safe?

Yes, infrared grills are safe when used as intended. Despite what you may have heard, infrared technology does not produce radioactive rays to cook. Infrared grills radiate heat directly to the food for cooking. Just like any grilling appliance, you must be mindful of the thigh temperatures they produce.

Do Infrared Grills Smoke More?

Yes, infrared grills typically “smoke” more but there is a catch. The smoke is actually vaporized grease and is not smoke at all. The grease hits the infrared surface and instead of combining with oxygen, it instantly vaporizes from the intense heat. The vaporized drippings then return with favor-enhancing smoke.

It’s similar to when water turns to steam, but in this case, it’s meat juice that turns to steam.

Where Is the Best Place to Shop for Infrared Grills?

Like just about everything, there is a great variety of infrared grills available online! We’re fans of BBQGuys Infrared Grills selections since ordering is simple, and they’re incredibly knowledgeable about all things outdoor cooking. They have a wide selection of awesome infrared grills including all the top brands. They even have agents on standby to answer all your questions.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Infrared Grills

Nothing quite compares to the versatility, safety, and convenience of an infrared grill.

Thanks to radiant heat, you’ll also achieve the evenest cook, juiciest meats, and perfect sears with the infrared grill.

If you’re in the market for a grill for your outdoor kitchen that can do it all, an infrared grill will give you the quickest, best-quality results.



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