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Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

Learn about the many benefits of adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard. Experience outdoor cooking and entertaining at its finest.

The best way to enjoy the warm weather is to spend it outside. One way you can make the most of the summer days is to invest in an outdoor kitchen. There are many benefits to adding an outdoor kitchen to your home. Here are some of our favorite outdoor kitchen perks.

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Advantages of Outdoor Kitchens


Overhauling your outdoor living space requires serious consideration. Such a big purchase requires care and comparison. If you want to do it the right way, it will require big purchases and might even include structural changes to your preexisting space.

We’re here to help you see that the time, money, and effort you put into your outdoor kitchen is well worth the investment.

It’s a Great Way to Entertain


Taking your entertainment space outdoors is continuing to increase in popularity. It’s the ideal place to show off your culinary skills with your grill or pizza oven.

Most people enjoy outdoor settings and find that there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in the shade on a sunny day with a cold drink in hand.

You can design your outdoor kitchen in a way that encourages guests to gather around, socialize while you do the prepping and cooking all in the same space.

They Extend your Living & Entertaining Spaces


Perhaps one of the best benefits of an outdoor kitchen is its ability to expand the size of your living and entertaining space. It can be handy if you don’t have a lot of sitting or standing room in your home.

Unless explicitly designed for entertaining, houses tend to be split up, meaning the kitchen is in one area, the living room in another, and even the dining room might be separated. While tearing down walls and remodeling your home is always an option, a cheaper and more modern way of maximizing your space is to build an outdoor kitchen.

Transitioning the indoors to the outdoors repurposes the space you already have. Perhaps you already have seating and an outdoor grill, but why stop there?

Enhance the space with countertops, cabinets, appliances, and even a sink to make a fully functional kitchen and bar. The dedicated outdoor space becomes a bonus room that has all the comforts of home in your backyard.

Improved Quality of Life by Spending more Time in the Great Outdoors


Entertaining outdoors gives you the opportunity to breathe fresh air and spend time in nature. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors with friends and family reduces stress and improves your life quality.

Additionally, cooking and eating outdoors encourages cleaner eating. We are more likely to prepare meats, vegetables, and sides ourselves ensuring our food is more wholesome.

Spending time outdoors is especially helpful to populations who live in states with long winters. Feeling like the time for nice weather is limited motivates them to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air and sunshine. An outdoor kitchen will help you take advantage of those sunny months.

Increases the Resale Value of the Home


Don’t let the initial investment in your outdoor kitchen make you shy away from adding one to your home. Outdoor features and amenities make one of the most considerable impacts on sale price.

Homes with outdoor kitchens sell up to 30 percent higher than anticipated. If you’re concerned about whether or not you’ll get that investment back, don’t be. According to experts, outdoor kitchens return between 100% and 200% of the cost upon selling.

Lowers Energy Costs which Means more Money in your Pocket


If you’ve ever preheated your oven in July, you know it’s nearly impossible not to overheat your kitchen. How do you combat it? You crank up the AC. Cooking indoors in the kitchen can drive your energy bills through the roof, even if it only kicks up the thermostat a couple of degrees.

The benefits of an outdoor kitchen include not overheating closed-in spaces. The heat from your grill quickly disperses outdoors, and shade and a light breeze are usually enough to keep your guests cool.

Cooking outside will lower energy usage in your house and save you money.

Creates a Convenient Cooking Center – you’ll Double your Food Preparing Capabilities


Rather than relying on your freestanding grill cart and having to haul food, utensils, and crockery in and out of the house, benefit from the convenience of an outdoor kitchen.

By investing in ample storage and refrigeration outside, you’ll save time prepping, cooking, and serving your culinary masterpieces.

Customizability, Versatility, & Space to Create the Kitchen you’ve Always Dreamed of


The chances that the house you bought came with your dream kitchen are very low. Even if you designed and built your own home, it might not have been in your budget at the time to create the kitchen you always dreamed about.

Thankfully, an outdoor kitchen gives you the chance to customize a space without the limitations an indoor kitchen has.

For example, you can choose your grill, countertops, layout, and appliances to add to your unique setup.

Some popular options that many grill masters have chosen include:

Your outdoor kitchen should reflect your style and personality just like your home’s interior does. Customizing your outdoor kitchen with little details like backsplash, outdoor pillows, and mood lighting puts your stamp on the space.

Saves the Cost of Dining Out


You’ll never be tempted again to spend money at the steakhouse once you’ve mastered your grilling skills in your outdoor kitchen. The price of a steak with two sides at the average steakhouse sets you back $40 or more. Meanwhile, you could feed several of your friends and family at home for a fraction of the price.

Not only will you be able to create mouthwatering meals for a fraction of the price, but with an outdoor kitchen, you’ll be able to enjoy an atmosphere unattainable at your favorite eatery.

Keeps your Indoor Kitchen Cool & Clean


It’s no fun sweating your day away in a stifling kitchen while your guests are outside, cooling off in the pool, or relaxing in the shade. That’s why adding an outdoor kitchen is a massive benefit if you want to keep your house cool.

The open-air and a cool breeze outside will make cooking for your family and friends a joy and less like a weekend spent in an inferno.

Additionally, you’ll keep all the prep mess out of your living space. Cleanup is a breeze with an outdoor kitchen—no more shuffling dirty items in and out of the house. Just toss the glasses and plates in the outdoor dishwasher at the end of the evening for an effortless clean.

Keeps Food Smells Outside


When you cook indoors, you run the risk of odors lingering in your house, furniture, and clothing for days. Although the smell of food cooking increases our appetite and adds to the culinary experience, some foods like fish, garlic, and broccoli, to name a few, tend to stick around longer than we’d like.

Thankfully, cooking outside lets those strong scents drift away as you cook and keeps your house smelling fresh.

Improves the Taste of Healthier Foods


Grilling enhances the taste of any food you throw on it. Because of this, people who are less inclined to eat vegetables that are nutritionally great for us, like asparagus, squash, Brussel sprouts, may be more likely to eat them when prepared on the grill.

Not only do people tend to eat healthier foods when they are grilled, but grilling makes other foods better for you. When you grill meat vs. frying it in a pan, fat drips off rather than soaking back into it. The result is fewer calories from fat and lowers cholesterol.

It Cuts Down on Multiple Trips in & out of the House


One significant difference between a free-standing grill and a fully equipped outdoor kitchen is the convenience of having everything in one place. It eliminates the need to go in and out of the house multiple times to get condiments and sides out of the refrigerator or get ice for drinks.

Not only will your party flow smoother by eliminating all the extra footwork, but it will also save on energy consumption. Keeping the house shut up will keep the cold air in and the hot air out.

The last perk of having everything set up outside is that with less foot traffic, your home will stay cleaner and easier to manage after an evening of entertaining.

Reasons to Add an Outdoor Kitchen


In case you’re still not convinced, here is a quick list of our favorite reasons why you need to add an outdoor kitchen:

  • Impress your friends and become the envy of your neighborhood
  • Maintain safe distances during social distancing mandates
  • Don’t miss a moment of the party by being at the center of the action
  • Have all your outdoor entertaining equipment in one place
  • Improve the culinary experience

Below are even more great reasons to add an outdoor kitchen.

A Whole New Way to Host – The Center Piece of Outdoor Entertaining

Guests tend to gravitate to the kitchen during parties and gatherings. Unfortunately, indoor kitchens have limited space, and too many people can make it difficult for the chef to move about freely.

The outdoor kitchen is a game-changer. It remains the centerpiece of your event but includes much more space, so you never feel crowded. An outdoor kitchen doubles your entertaining area and gives you endless opportunities to host a variety of events.

Creates a Luxury Lifestyle

An outdoor kitchen adds a certain level of luxury to your home. Features like custom built-in grills, pizza ovens, and comfortable outdoor seating add value to your home and well-being.

A custom outdoor kitchen gives you a place to kick back, enjoy the results of your hard work, and share the experience with your friends and family, making lifelong memories.

To enjoy the most benefits of your outdoor kitchen, set it up so you can use it year-round. Adding features like a patio heater or a fire pit means you don’t have to wait until summertime to make the most of your space.

Adds more Storage for Cooking Utensils, Equipment, & more

Many homeowners choose to match their indoor kitchen interior design to the outdoor one by installing similar doors and cabinets. This creates a cohesive vibe that makes the outdoor kitchen feel like an extension of your home.

Ideally, the storage space in your outdoor kitchen would be able to house all your cooking utensils and grill accessories so they won’t take up room in your house. Extra storage will also make it easy and convenient to organize your equipment and always have your grill essentials close at hand.

More than Just a Second Kitchen – Build your Dream Backyard

An outdoor kitchen is more than just extra space to cook in. When designed correctly, it should reflect your style and personality. It will tell your guest who you are.

When planning out your outdoor kitchen, treat it with the same care you did when designing your home’s interior. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your outdoor kitchen. Focus on the details that are most important to you and enjoy creating your dream backyard.

Don’t Stop there – Fire Pits & Fireplaces Mean S’Mores

As mentioned, fire pits and fireplaces are a great addition to your outdoor kitchen because they allow you to use your space through the winter months. But including a fire pit in your outdoor kitchen comes with another perk. S’Mores!

Fire pits can be permanent features in your backyard, or you can purchase mobile ones that can be kept in your garage when they’re not being used.

Fireplaces add ambiance and value to your outdoor living space.

Create the Ultimate Home Tailgating Experience

Nothing says BBQ like tailgating. But for many, hanging out in a crowded parking lot is less than appealing. Instead, why not create the ultimate tailgating experience right in your own backyard.

Your outdoor kitchen is a great place to spend time with friends and fellow fans with all the perks of being at home.

Home tailgating is ideal because you can:

  • Record the game and watch it at any time
  • Pause and take advantage of instant replays
  • Avoid using public restrooms or porta-potties
  • Skip paying the babysitter and let kids in on the fun
  • Enjoy gourmet food without having to pack ice chests full of ingredients

You’ll be Creating Memories

When it’s all said and done, outdoor kitchens become a place where lifelong memories are made.

Family get-togethers, holidays, birthdays, or relaxing days with your friends. You’ll cherish the good times and experiences you create in your outdoor kitchen/entertainment area.

You’ll go from cooking alone in an isolated indoor kitchen, to an outdoor kitchen where everyone is hanging out with you.

In the end, your outdoor kitchen becomes the place where memories are made.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Kitchen


There is no question that outdoor cooking has come a long way, even over the past 10 years. We’ve only scratched the surface on the benefits of adding an outdoor kitchen. By investing in a fully stocked outdoor kitchen, you will add value to your home and to the experience you offer your friends and families.

Outdoor cooking no longer refers to a single grill on the deck. It’s more than roasting hotdogs over the fire. Modern outdoor kitchens allow you to create an oasis for your guests, cook gourmet meals, serve signature cocktails, and ultimately make memories.

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