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10 Best BBQ Grill Brushes
The best BBQ grill brushes will not only help prolong the life of your grill, but they’ll also help keep you safe from harmful rust build up or leftover burned food that can actually cause cancer.

In fact, some might say that the next most important thing to buying a quality grill is maintaining your grill by keeping it clean.

With the right grill brush and a little care, you can all but ensure that your grates last longer over the years, extending the lifetime of your grill parts.

While grill brushes are relatively affordable with your average brush costing around $15 or less, the different options at hand make it important that you put your money to good use, picking the right brush the first time around.

Why This Guide Will Be Helpful For You

Grill brushes seem like they are a dime a dozen. You can find one just about anywhere, even your local grocery store more often than not.

But the majority of these options are low-quality versions and those cheaply made products can actually be bad for your health.  A poorly constructed grill brush can lose bristles that can end up in your food and once ingested, can cause all sorts of health problems.

Fortunately, there are many quality options that are priced quite fairly.  But how do you know which of these options to choose?

That’s where I come in!

If you’re looking for the best way to maintain your grills cooking grates quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely, then this list is for you.

I’ve done all the legwork for you and reviewed the latest grill brushes on the market from the top manufacturers.  The outcome of my testing and research has led to the below list of the best of the best in grill brush effectiveness.

I’m confident when I say the following line up represents the best brushes and scrappers for maintaining your grates in the market today and I know you will be able to find the perfect one for you.

“As always, my goal is to save you time and money by doing all the research and testing for you, so you don’t have to.”
So go ahead and let these product overviews act as your buyer’s guide to the top performing BBQ grill brushes available.
”Make sure to keep reading after the final review for a buyer’s guide to help you with your decision when it’s time to make your purchase.”

Signs You Need a New BBQ Grill Brush:

Before we take a look at the best BBQ grill brushes for 2019, it’s important that we help you decide if you need a new grill brush from the start and how you can go about doing that if you do.

Here is the lowdown on whether you need to replace your current grill brush or not.


  • Your brush no longer works like it used to. It leaves a lot of residues behind, even when using water with your grates still warm.
  • You have to apply a lot of pressure with your brush just to get a decent clean.
  • The bristles on your brush are frayed or bent. (This is a bad sign)
  • You notice bristles on your grates after a cleaning.
  • Your brush’s bristles and/or scraper (if applicable) is rusted.
  • There is debris on your grill brush that just won’t come off or is difficult to clean.
  • The brush handle is damaged.
  • The handle is too short, risking you burning yourself on your warm grates when cleaning.
  • Holding your grill brush is painful or hard to grip.
  • Your grill brush is leaving scratches on your barbecue’s grates.

Different Features Of BBQ Grill Brushes:

Not all grill brushes are built the same, are made for every type of grill grates and offer the same basic functions.  Read on to learn more than you probably ever wanted to know about grill brushes.

Brush And Bristle Material / Style

The material of your grill brush matters.  Some materials are more or less suitable for certain types of grates.

Here are some of the most common brush bristle materials:

  • Stainless-steel – No worries of rusting.  Ideal for deep stains on tough grates.  Potential for bristles breaking.
  • Brass – Softer than their stainless-steel brush counterparts, thus are preferred for ceramic or porcelain grate as they won’t scratch them.  Potential for bristles breaking and rusting.
  • Nylon – No worries about rusting or bristles breaking.  Nylon is great for delicate grates such as ceramic or porcelain.  However, nylon brushes are not as strong as their metal bristle counterparts are and take more work to clean.

The material of your brush’s handle is also important.  Some prefer a wooden or metal handles.  Others like a lightweight, plastic handle.  The material can sometimes play a role with ergonomics and comfort.

Your brush head style is equally important.  A traditional brush head style is more prone to bristle breakage while a woven wire design is less likely to cause bristle breakage.

Size Of The Brush

While it doesn’t always matter for all grillers, the size of a BBQ brush is important depending on the size of one’s grill.

Some find that a grill with an 18-inch-long handle (which tends to be pretty standard for brushes) is too long.  Others find that it’s too short.

Many like to get a brush with a larger brush head to allow them to cover more surface area with each swipe.  The size of the brush’s head is also important when it comes to being able to get through the nooks and crannies of your grates.

Also in terms of size, some grillers find that if a grilling brush offers an integrated scraper tool that is extended too far, it’s more of a challenge when it comes to cleaning the edges of their grates.

Function And Longevity

Let’s face it, some grill brushes just don’t work as well as others.  For that reason, I highly suggest reading the product reviews on each brush you’re interested in before making a decision.

With the right BBQ brush, you won’t have to worry about straining your hand or shoulder while using it or the brush leaving a lot of residues behind.  You should be able to remove debris with a few strokes.  A quality brush should have bristles that don’t bend when moderate pressure is applied.

As for the longevity of a grill brush, I encourage you to look at reviews of longtime owners.  The product warranty may also suggest how long you can expect a brush to last.


Buying a grill brush within your price range is important.  However, don’t let the price automatically indicate the value or performance of any given brush.  A great brush might be priced at $13 while a moderately favored brush might cost $25.

The only way to know if a brush is worth its cost – apart from trying it out yourself – is to read verified product reviews.

The 10 Best BBQ Grill Brushes

I put together the below list of the 10 best BBQ grill brush options to act as your guide to choosing the best one for your budget and needs.

“The list includes a variety of options, prices, sizes, and features.  I recommend that you always perform your own due diligence, however, and make sure you are completely comfortable with your choice before you buy.”

Ready for my top picks?

“Editor’s Choice – Best All Around Grill Brush”

#1 HollyGrill Safe Grill Brush and Scraper

Editors’ Choice
Top Features:

✅ Stainless-steel scraper

✅ Compatible with all types of grates      (porcelain, ceramic, cast iron, etc.)

✅ Can take on up to 23-pounds of weight

✅ 18” long handle

✅ Rust-resistant

✅ 100% money-back guarantee

✅ Includes 3 silicone basting BBQ brushes, an e-book, and BBQ recipes

With an average Amazon rating of 4.7 out of 5-stars, you’re going to want to look at this first grill brush by HollyGrill.

Apart from great reviews, the HollyGrill Safe Grill Brush and Scraper have earned Amazon’s Choice for the category “BBQ grill brush scraper.”

With its stainless-steel scraper, you can be sure the HollyGrill Safe Grill Brush and Scraper won’t rust.  The stainless-steel construction of this brush and scraper prove this choice will offer great longevity

You can also feel good knowing that this brush and scraper will work on all types of grates, providing great versatility in the world of grilling.

As if the purchase of this HollyGrill grilling brush wasn’t already good enough, you’ll also receive three silicone basting barbecue brushes, barbecue recipes, and an e-book.

Some find that the bristles occasionally come off over time with this brush and that cleaning the edge of your grill is a bit more challenging due to the extended scraper.

A few things to feel good about, however, are the fact that this brush is easy to use, is constructed with quality materials, and won’t require a lot of pressure to work well.

Easy to clean with
Sturdy construction
Works well even without grill spray or water
Doesn’t require a lot of pressure to use
Safe For All Grills & Grates
Just as advertised
May be difficult to clean the edges of your grill due to the extended scraper
Reports of bristles coming as it ages
“Top Pick”

#2 GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper

Top Pick
Top Features:

✅ Woven wire design

✅ 360-degree rotator

✅ 3-in-1 design

✅ Non-slip handle

✅ Stainless-steel handle ring for hanging

✅ 18” long handle

✅ 100% money-back guarantee

This next grill brush is one of the very best grill brushes on our list considering it holds an average Amazon rating of 4.8 out of 5-stars.

Like the HollyGrill Safe Grill Brush and Scraper, the GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper have rightfully earned Amazon’s Choice – but this time for the category “grill brush.”

The woven wire design of this GRILLART brush helps decrease the chances of bristles falling onto the grates of your barbecue for safety purposes.

Featuring a non-slip handle, many state that this brush and scraper is comfortable when in use and is generally well-built.

Offering stainless steel construction, your GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper won’t rust on you if you accidentally get it wet or leave it in the elements.

While there’s more good than bad with this BBQ brush, do know that like with the HollyGrill brush we looked at, there are a few complaints of this brush being a bit difficult to use when cleaning the edges of a grill due to the placement of the scraper.

However, overall, this brush easily gets in the tightest of grate slats, lasts through many uses, and is easy to clean when you’re finished using it.

Solidly built
Comfortable to hold and use
Scraper can easily get into the crevices of the grate slats
Bristles won’t fall out when in use
Doesn’t rust even when left out in the rain
The scraper itself is great at getting the edges of the grate
Easy to clean
Withstands many uses
Brush has difficulty getting to the edge of the grate due to the placement of the scraper
Some wish the brush/scraper was a bit wider for larger grills.
“Best Buy”

#3 EOYIZW Grill Brush and Scraper

Best Buy
Top Features:

✅ Bristle-free

✅ Woven wire design

✅ 18” long handle

✅ 360-degree rotator

✅ Constructed with high-quality plastic and stainless steel

✅ 100%, 365-day money-back guarantee

✅ Includes storage bag

Within the $12 range, the EOYIZW Grill Brush and Scraper is a great buy we here at the Grilling Life can get on board with.

It’s equipped with a woven wire design making sure wires won’t get left behind on the grates.   The plastic handle and stainless-steel materials used on this scraper are equally as sturdy as the brush head itself.

However, avoid this brush if you want a lightweight brush; this one tends to be a tad on the heavier side.  While this is great construction-wise, ergonomically, not so much.

And while this brush comes with a handy storage bag, which we loved, some reviewers state that the scraper on this brush tends to poke through the bag.

As a third con, some consider the handle on this brush to be too slippery for an adequate grip.  But one reviewer states that with gaffer tape, this can easily be fixed.

But generally, for its quality and popularity, the EOYIZW Grill Brush and Scraper currently holds Amazon’s Choice for the “grill brush bristle free” category.

This brush doesn’t take a lot of pressure to use, it cleans even the deepest of stuck-on stains, and it offers the great construction and longevity many are looking for in a BBQ grill brush.

Heavy-duty construction
Scraper is excellent at getting stuck-on residue
No bristle loss from the brush head
Provides an aggressive, easy clean
Glides easily on the grates
The included storage bag makes it stand out from many grill brushes on the market.
Fairly heavy in weight
Handle is a little bit on the slippery side
“Best Buy”

#4 Jolly Green Products Best Grill Brush 4-in-1 Head Design

Best Buy
Top Features:

✅ 4-in-1 brush design

✅ Stainless-steel bristles

✅ Compatible with all types of grates (porcelain, ceramic, cast iron, etc.)

✅ 18” long handle

✅ Money-back guarantee

✅ Lifetime replacement

For the grillers who want heavy-duty quality, the Jolly Green Products Best Grill Brush 4-in-1 Head Design might just be for you.

With stainless-steel bristles, great handle form, and wires that retain their shape, you can be positive that this grill brush won’t deteriorate anytime soon.

This is also a great grill brush if you want a product that is made on USA grounds.

Perhaps one of the most notable features of this Jolly Green grill brush is the fact that it features a 4-in-1 head design, making it unique from most other grill brushes on the market.

The manufacturer even claims that this grill brush won’t scratch your grates, thus making it perfect for grates of different materials.

Truthfully, the only “real” con that some people find in regard to this grill brush is the fact that it’s on the heavier side weight-wise.  However, others might consider this a benefit as it means the need to apply less pressure when cleaning and extra durability and longevity.

In the end, the Jolly Green Grill Brush 4-in-1 Head Design never fails to provide quality and a great clean, even being under $11.  That’s a bargain!

Wires are very strong; holds shape even when pressed down hard
Great construction overall
Ideal handle form
Well-balanced in terms of weight
Can last years before showing wear and tear
Made in the USA
A bit too heavy for some
“Top Pick”

#5 Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush

Top Pick
Top Features:

✅ Bristle-free

✅ Woven wire design

✅ Compatible with all types of grates (porcelain, ceramic, cast iron, etc.)

✅ Weather-resistant

✅ 18” long handle

✅ 10-year money-back guarantee

While a tad on pricier side compared to most of the grill brushes on this top 10 list, the Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush cannot be overlooked.

The attractive, bristle-free, woven wire design on this Kona grill brush is great for all types of grains and is weather-resistant.

Due to its quality, you won’t have to stress that this Kona brush will leave residue or broken bristles behind.

Its woven design allows you to use the brush in just about any angle as the brush head offers a 360-degree style design.  In turn, this makes for a more versatile brush for a variety of grills.

Kona even claims that this grill brush is incredibly easy to use.  For best results, the company suggests occasionally dipping the brush’s wires in water while cleaning.

While the handle could have better contouring for the hands and the brush could better reach the corners of the grill, the Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush still ensures great construction that doesn’t include bristle breakage.

Sturdy construction
Great at removing heavier residue
No worrying about sharp bristles snapping
Offers a flexible design
No metal flaking
You have to work a little to reach the corners of the grill
Some wish the brush would contour to the hands a bit better for an easier grip
“Top Pick”

#6 Grill Daddy Brush GD12952S Pro Grill Brush

Top Pick
Top Features:

✅ Ergonomic handle

✅ Dishwasher-safe

✅ Stainless-steel brush heads

✅ Patented scraper brush

✅ Steamer with 2-cup water capacity

✅ 22” long handle

✅ Handle ring for hanging

✅ Compatible with all types of grates (porcelain, ceramic, cast iron, etc.)

If you don’t mind paying more for phenomenal quality, the Grill Daddy Brush GD12952S Pro Grill Brush is waiting for you to give it a whirl.

Offering stainless steel brush heads and being constructed of chemical-free materials, the quality of this grill brush is certainly there.

Besides being equipped with a patented brush head, the Grill Daddy sets itself apart from other brushes due to its longer-than-usual handle and addition of a steamer.

The steamer allows you to conveniently apply water to your grill grate (if you wish) without having to continuously dip the head into a container of water.

While this is generally a great grill brush, there are a few things to point out.  First: the handle. The handle is plastic; some reviewers wish it was metal – especially for the higher cost of this brush. Some report that the handle appears flimsy as if it could crush if held too tightly.

A few also aren’t much of a fan of this brush’s steamer off-valve.

Regardless of the cons, the sturdy bristles, easy-to-grip handle, and top-notch function both with and without the steamer make this one of the better grill brushes hands down.

For its size, this brush isn’t too heavy.
Works incredibly well – even without using the steamer
Doesn’t require a lot of pressure when cleaning
Easy to grip
Bristles are sturdy
Holds up well over the years
Some wish the plastic handle was metal.
Some claim that the off-valve design for the steamer is not favorable.

#7 GRILLART Grill Brush Bristle Free

Top Features:

✅ Bristle-free

✅ Woven wire design

✅ Patent-pending

✅ Triple-helix scraper

✅ 18” long plastic handle

✅ Lifetime guarantee

✅ 100% money-back guarantee

With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5-stars, you’ll be sorry if you don’t take this GRILLART brush into consideration.  And being within a lower to moderate price range, this brush is affordable for many.

The GRILLART Grill Brush Bristle Free also holds an Amazon’s Choice award for “bristle free grill brush.”

This patent-pending, bristle-free brush with a reliable, triple-helix scraper features a larger brush head ideal for large grill surfaces.

Yet, even with the bigger brush head capable of cleaning larger surface areas, GRILLART claims that the edges of this brush are thin enough to fit snug into the thinner slats of your grates.

Being easy to use and clean, featuring a well-constructed handle and body, and not being prone to rust, this is an excellent buy overall.

Best of all, there really aren’t any cons with this BBQ grill brush.  Some reviewers had a few nitpicks, but in reality, no valid cons are worth mentioning for the GRILLART bristle-free grill brush.

Heavy-duty construction
Bristles don’t break off the brush head
Hefty handle
Offers an extra-wide brush head
Easy to scrape with
Won’t rust
Easy to rinse off when finished
None yet

#8 Alpha Grillers 18” Grill Brush. Best BBQ Cleaner

Top Features:

✅ 18” long handle

✅ Compatible with all types of grates (porcelain, ceramic, cast iron, etc.)

✅ Rust-proof, stainless-steel bristles

✅ Lifetime guarantee

✅ 100% money-back guarantee

One of the most popular grill brushes on the market is the Alpha Grillers 18” Grill Brush, which is set with quality, rust-proof, stainless-steel bristles to provide a deep, thorough clean even for heavier grates.

On top of that, the bristles on this brush won’t fall off or bend with heavy pressure, which is important for many grillers.

And no worries about cleaning the tighter spaces of your grill grates; this brush easily slides into the nooks and crannies of even the tightest slats of your cooking surface.

Perhaps the best benefit of this Alpha Grillers grill brush isn’t the quality or the function, but the price being under $9.  That’s an affordable buy for sure!

However, if you want to avoid a brush that potentially rusts and may be too heavy to use for long periods of time, the best advice is to pass on this brush.

But considering all the good the Alpha Grillers 18” Grill Brush is equipped with, it’s easily worth the price.

Cleans well into the tight spaces of your grates
Heavily-constructed handle
Bristles don’t fall off
Bristles don’t bend when heavier pressure is applied
Just as Alpha Grillers states, the bristles are rustproof
Cleans well in the dishwasher
Reports that parts other than the bristles tend to rust
Brush is a bit too heavy for some folks, especially those with arthritis

#9 Grillaholics Essentials Grill Brush Steel

Top Features:

✅ 18” long handle

✅ Woven wire design

✅ 360-degree rotator

✅ 3-in-1 brush design

✅ Stainless-steel wires

✅ Heavy-duty plastic handle

✅ Triple-machine safety tested

✅ Metal handle ring for hanging

✅ Compatible with all types of grates

✅ Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

Longevity and quality are critical when it comes to finding the best grill brush for your needs.  The Grillaholics Essentials Grill Brush offers both plus more with a handful of features and benefits.

With a stainless-steel, woven wire design and a strong, plastic handle, there’s no doubt that this brush will stand up to many uses over the years.

In fact, that’s why Grillaholics provides a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty with this purchase; it’s designed to last.  The addition of triple-machine safety testing proves to users that this brush is both safe to use and durable.

While there are other great Grillaholics grill brushes out there, this specific model has earned Amazon’s choice for “Grillaholics grill brush,” making it one of the leading models from this manufacturer.

Sure, some report that this brush shows signs of rust over time (others report otherwise) and just like with any other bristle brush, bristles may occasionally break off, but with good care or with use of the warranty, you can keep this brush alive and well for a very long time.

Thanks to its comfortable grip, ability to be used in between tight grates, and thick wires, and larger brush head for covering larger surface areas in a shorter amount of time, the Grillaholics Essentials Grill Brush is not a bad buy.

Only requires a few strokes to remove grime
Three-prong spacing ensures it’s easy to get into the spaces between the grates
Bristles are very thick and heavy-duty
Comfortable grip
Features a larger brush head
Easy to clean after using
Reports of metal bristles on left on the grill grates over time
Claims that the brush rusts over time

#10 Backyard Dudes BBQ Grill Cleaning Brass Brush

Top Features:

✅ 360-degree rotator

✅ 12” long handle

✅ 7” wide brush head

✅ Constructed with American brass and steel

✅ Dishwasher-safe on the top rack

✅ Made in the USA

If you want USA-made quality, you can get it with the Backyard Dudes BBQ Grill Cleaning Brass Brush, which has earned Amazon’s Choice for “brass grill cleaning brush.”

The extra thick wires on the bristle-free, woven brush head ensure that long-term use is not a problem with this BBQ brush.  You can also expect that the bristles won’t flatten out as you use the brush on your grill.

While made of brass and steel, this cleaning brush is suitable even for porcelain and ceramic grates, not scratching them in the process.

While some complain that the handle is too short on this brush (6 inches shorter than the average grilling brush handle length), this is particularly a great brush for those who like shorter brushes or have a smaller grill.

If you prefer, you can purchase this cleaning brush in 15 and 16 inches as well – for a slightly higher cost.

And even though the grill brush head is on the thinner, smaller side, you can still bet this is a great choice for cleaning between tightly-spaced grill slats.

Generally, with great quality and working well for deeper, larger debris, there isn’t much to complain with the Backyard Dudes BBQ Grill Cleaning Brass Brush.

Extra thick brass bristles
Bristles don’t flatten or fray with time
Great for removing larger residue
Won’t scratch porcelain or ceramic grates
American-made; great quality
Holds up well with long-term use
Handle is on the shorter side
Not as many bristles as other brushes. Many similar grill brushes offer a 3-brush head design; this only offers 1.

Best BBQ Grill Brushes FAQ:

Even with a purchase as “simple” as a BBQ brush, it’s important that you not only select the right one – since all of us avid grillers know that some grill brushes just don’t cut it – but that you also know why a grill brush is important, how to use one, and even how to care for one.

Reading the frequently asked questions below, I’ll get you up to speed on BBQ grill brushes.

Are Grill Brushes Safe?

Doctors state that using a bristled grill brush could potentially be harmful, that is, if the bristles become detached, land on the grill grate, and get in your food the next time you go to grill.

Apart from the wire itself that may become lodged in your throat or digestive tract and/or cause damage due to the sharpness of the bristle if consumed, metal wire grill brushes may cause lead poisoning or heavy metal toxicity if accidentally consumed.

However, many of the grill brushes on this list feature a bristle-free, woven wire design that claim does not fall off.

If the potential health hazards of metal wire grill brushes still worry you, there are BBQ brushes out there that, while not always as effective, feature nylon bristles.

You may instead wish to simply be more careful when using a metal-wired brush, checking after cleaning that there aren’t any stray bristles present on or around your grilling grate.  A quick wipe down with a wet cloth or paper towel should do the trick.

Is It Safe To Cook On A Rusted Grill Or Grates?

No, it isn’t safe cooking, and then consuming the food that was cooked on, a rusted grill or grates.

Rust from the barbecue’s grate can easily attach to food while cooking and potentially cause digestive problems.  However, some claim that it would take consuming large amounts of rusted material to take a noticeable effect.

Either way, always clean your grill’s grates.

How Do You Use Grill Brushes?

Using a grill brush is fairly straightforward, but there are a few tricks that can make it easier.

Here’s how it’s done:


  1. First, let your grill cool slightly after use, or lightly preheat your grill to heat up any residue present on your appliance.
  2. If you have a propane grill, make sure you don’t forget to turn off the gas supply.
  3. Using the wire side of your grill brush, clean your grate in a back-and-forth motion while applying downward pressure, occasionally dipping the brush head in water with some dish soap to help dissolve grease – or use a grill cleaner.
  4. Use the sides of the brush to really get down in between your grates.
  5. Once the grates completely cool down, take a damp rag or paper towels to eliminate any excess debris or brush bristles.
  6. To top it off, apply cooking or vegetable oil to your grill’s grates with a paper towel.

Should You Clean Your Grill After Every Use?

Yes, it’s recommended that grillers clean their grill after each use.

Even though it may seem like a hassle, this can not only ensure your next grilling session is safer but can also prevent stuck-on food, grease, and ash from building up over time, and thus, making it harder to clean in the future.

How Do I Clean A Grill Brush?

After using your BBQ grill brush, it’s important that you keep it nice and clean before storage.

Here’s how you can clean your grill brush:

  1. First things first: Make sure to tap your grill brush after using it to remove large chunks of ash and other debris.
  2. With a second grilling brush (a cheaper-end one will do), use the bristles to clean the bristles of your main brush.
  3. Place both brushes in a bucket filled with dish soap and warm water. Scrub the bristles of both brushes against one another.
  4. Wait for your grill brush to fully dry before storing them.
  5. If your grill brush gets rusty with time, make sure to toss it and invest in a stainless-steel grill brush.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Wire BBQ Brush?

In replacement of a wire BBQ brush, you may take a wad of aluminum foil with tongs to clean your grill grate.

You can also clean your dirty grill grates with half an onion; a steamer; 3 cups of ammonia, 3 cups of white vinegar, and 1 cup of baking soda; a nylon scouring pad; or a paper towel with oil.

What Are The Most Popular Grill Brushes?

From our top 10 list of best BBQ grill brushes, based on my testing and research these have made it to the top 3 in terms of functionality, popularity and star rating:

Looking more into these three best BBQ grill brushes, you might find them to be the perfect buy or may instead prefer something else on the market.

No matter which grill brush sparks your interest, always make sure to do the proper research.  Grill brushes may seem like a basic grilling tool, but they provide a crucial role in the grilling process: cleanliness and safety.

Final Verdict – What Is The Best Grill Brush?

While there are many solid choices on this list, the HollyGrill Safe Grill Brush and Scraper is my top pick for 2019 so far.

Regardless of the one you choose, investing in a quality BBQ grill brush is a smart choice for your safety and well-being.  By focusing on construction, safety, and materials, you can narrow down your decision considerably.

The right grill brush is crucial to keeping your barbecue’s grates not only beautiful but also free of residue – especially pesky grease and rust build-up that can potentially be harmful if not removed before the next grilling session.

Now It’s Your Turn

I want to hear from you:

Which grill brushes have you used before?

Do you have any grill or grate cleaning tips to share?

What features do you typically like to see in a grill brush?

Are you going to be purchasing a smoker in the future?  Or do you plan on looking at a pellet grill, built-in or standalone gas grill, or charcoal model?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

If you still have questions, please feel free to send me a message.




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