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If you regularly do any type of grilling, smoking or any other variation of outdoor cooking, then I’m sure you have your share of battle scars and burns to show for it.  Run of the mill garden gloves or cotton gloves aren’t going to cut it when it comes to protecting against the heat.  The same goes for potholders and oven mitts that you use in your kitchen.  These types of gloves just can’t handle the intense heat that outdoor grills can reach.
If you want to master your grill, you need every advantage you can get and that includes having the proper equipment.  And since outdoor cooking often times means dealing with extremely hot equipment, it’s important to have a quality pair of heat resistant gloves handy.  They are a great addition to your grilling toolbox and are the key to making outdoor cooking easier and safer.
That is why I put together this top 20 best heat resistant gloves for grilling guide to help you choose the best grilling gloves to fit your budget and needs.

*Note: I included a quick list of my top 20 ranking gloves below.  Read on for more info and pictures for each along with my ranking system, a buying guide, and user tips.

Why This Guide Will Be Helpful For You

Digging through the seemingly unlimited supply of heat-resistant grilling gloves online can be a daunting task.  Reading through the tons of reviews and product questions for each can become dizzying.  You can spend hours browsing through every single one of them trying to figure out the differences. This is where I come in.  My aim is to save you time and money by doing all the research and testing for you, so you don’t have to.

This article will help make your buying decision as easy as possible with my reviews and recommendations on the best of the best when it comes to heat resistant gloves.

While I’ve focused on using them for BBQ, outdoor grilling and smoking, the fabric gloves I’ve selected for this list are also perfect when using cast iron skillets, handling hot pots and pans, or taking hot things from your oven.

Why Are Grill Gloves Needed?

Well, including the obvious reasons of protection from the heat, flames, coals and hot metal, there are a few other strong reasons for investing in grilling gloves.  These include:

1. Sudden flare-ups – If your grill is flaming up or has noticeable hot spots, wearing heat-resistant gloves while handling your grilling tools will protect you from a painful burn.

2. Arranging or adding coals – Hands up if you have ever reached into your grill and tried to rearrange your coals or worse, tried to poke out that last stubborn coal stuck in your chimney starter with a regular pair of gloves? With the right pair of BBQ gloves, rearranging coals, adding wood or handling hot food is no longer a safety concern.

3. Protection from scrapes and cuts – A quality pair of grill gloves are made from super strong cut-resistant materials that can protect you from sharp utensils and metal objects while grilling.

Types of Gloves – Which Material Is Best?

Heat resistant gloves come in several different types of materials, each of which has its own pros and cons.  A description, as well as the ideal usage of each type, are described below to help you decide which will best fit your needs.

1. Treated Leather

Leather has been used like pretty much forever as protection from the heat and has stood the test of time.  Today, many heat-resistant leather gloves come in two layers, the second layer being a cotton liner, for even better protection and comfort.

While leather is tried and true for the most part, it is not without its drawbacks. One of the main disadvantages of wearing grilling gloves made of treated leather is its inability to withstand extraordinary temperatures.  While leather is heat resistant, it isn’t actually heat proof so if you are directly exposed to the heat (moving hot grates etc.) for even short periods of time, you’ll definitely start to feel it.  They might not withstand the temperatures reached on industrial BBQs or ceramic smokers.

Then there is the questionable fit and flexibility aspect.  Leather gloves can be bulky and they don’t stretch.  They can feel downright uncomfortable.  Lastly, if not used regularly, they can shrink and become tough.

I recommend using leather gloves for outdoor work that requires protection against cuts and scrapes.  There are better options for cooking and grilling.

2. Silicone

Silicone is a synthetic material that has a wide range of uses.  It is usually heat resistant, and resembles, and feels similar to rubber.  Silicon is waterproof, washable, most often even dishwasher safe making them very versatile.

Although they have many positives, they have several negatives that are hard to overlook in my opinion.  A concerning disadvantage is that silicone gloves tend to appear and feel somewhat clumsy and bulky.  It’s more difficult to find a close, flexible fit, as well.  While silicone is sufficient for pulling foods off the grill and out of the oven, it’s not ideal for handling grilling tools or any movements require dexterity.

Silicon gloves have an average max temperature rating of around 450°F and are unsafe if temperatures get higher.  Open flames, campfires or hot pizza stones are out of the question.

I recommend using silicon gloves if you are doing low and slow cooking or handling hot foods directly.  Being waterproof, they are great for dealing with juicy barbecued meats right off the grill.

3. Woven Fabric

If BBQ has become a full-time sport for you, heat-resistant protective gloves made of Aramid type fibers are a must.

Most of the woven fabric gloves on this list are made from one of, or a combination of the following: Kevlar, Nomex or Aramid fibers.  Kevlar is extraordinarily strong and heat-resistant.  Nomex is a flame-resistant polymer and Para-Aramid and Meta-Aramid fibers can withstand heat up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit.  These materials main uses are for Fire & Rescue and Military protective gear.  A pretty good starting point when it comes to designing grilling gloves right.

Woven fabric gloves are more form fitting and comfortable allowing for better flexibility, maneuverability and gripping.  They are much more breathable and most have soft cotton liners that add an extra layer of protection.  These fabric gloves will provide the best heat protection and resistance when compared to leather or silicon.  They also do a great job of keeping your hands warm on cold winter days.

Unfortunately, they are not water resistant and if they get wet, they no longer protect from the heat.  This means they are not good for handling moist or juicy foods for more than a couple of seconds.

If not being waterproof isn’t a deal breaker for you, then I highly recommend woven fabric gloves due to their superior fit and heat resistance.  That is why I’ve focused on woven fabric type gloves for this top 20 list.

The Rating Criteria – Heat Resistant Gloves

What matters most in a good pair heat resistant gloves is high heat protection, form-fitting/flexibility, and grip.  The first questions to ask are; can these gloves withstand the temperatures needed for your tasks and; do they fit comfortably while allowing you the flexibility to perform these tasks.

What’s the use of having high heat protection if the gloves are uncomfortable and distracting or you cannot get a good grip on the item you are intending to maneuver causing an inopportune fumble or accident?

The main criteria I took into consideration when reviewing these heat resistant fabric gloves are:

Heat Resistance

Gloves with a heat resistance rating up to 932°F is considered very good.  Any with a rating up to 662ºF is considered good.  Any with a rating up to 480°F or below is considered okay to bad.

Forearm Protection

The best grilling gloves have long cuffs and sleeves that cover the wrist and stretch along the forearm.  Because the aim of quality gloves is to prevent you from burning yourself, the most valuable ones take into account the likelihood of your arm or wrist bumping against a scalding pot handle or sizzling grill grate.  For that reason, it makes more sense to focus on insulated grilling gloves that resemble arm warmers in length.

Comfortable Fit Or Multiple Sizes

Pay attention to what barbecue gloves reviews say about the fit or size options.  Most gloves on the market are one-size-fits-all, and many of those end up being one-size-fits-most.  They fit too tightly or they’re loose and sagging.

The best heat-resistant grilling gloves are form fitting but stretchy and won’t restrict your movement.  They fit well enough to deftly use a spatula, tongs, and more delicate tools, as well, yet they’re still durable enough for you to transfer a hot potato from the grill or oven to a plate.

Because you’re dealing with extreme temperatures, you want the extra comfort and protection of lining combined with a breathable material.  The last thing you need to contend with is sweaty hands.  You don’t want to wear heavy gloves that make your fingers feel fatigued, either.


To get the most value for money, it’s smarter to shop for gloves that aren’t limited to cooking or grilling.  The best BBQ grilling gloves are the most versatile ones.  While they protect your hands and wrists from hot coals, grates, stovetops, and food, they also provide protection in other areas.

High-quality heat-resistant grilling gloves that offer excellent value for money can function as traditional winter gloves, as well, but only if they’re waterproof.  Gloves that have Kevlar are strong enough to protect your fingers from knife cuts, and some swear that you can weld metal while you wear them.


Let’s face it, spills happen.  When cooking, especially outdoor cooking, there is the tendency for your gloves to get dirty quickly.  Anything from errant saucing, meat juices or flavorful marinades, somehow it always finds a way onto our gloves.  If you are working with a charcoal grill, coal ash and grease are a factor too.

Therefore, any gloves that can withstand multiple machine washing and still come out in the same color and shape it started from is considered very good for our purposes.

Overall Quality

I took into account the durability and overall construction as well as the longevity for each of the gloves reviewed.  Gloves that wear through quickly or fade and lose their shape are not what we are looking for here.


Although there isn’t a huge fluctuation in many of these gloves, I considered price when comprising this list and provided a number of options ranging from top of the line gloves to lower cost but still highly rated and functional gloves.

User Feedback and Reviews

Last but not least, I took into account verified purchasers reviews and feedback.  I scoured manufacture and Amazon sites for comments and feedback of over 50 heat resistant grill gloves to help find the best of the best.  I don’t think any recommendation is complete without taking into consideration actual long-term users and their experiences of a product.

Top 20 Best Heat Resistant Gloves For Grilling

I broke down 20 of the best heat resistant gloves for grilling using the criteria mentioned above.  These grilling gloves come in a range of prices and some come with useful extra features.  Let’s check them out!

1.) Bruella BBQ Gloves

Bruella consistently ranks among the best heat resistant grilling gloves due to their eye-catching design, close fit, and high-heat resilience.  Although most brands swear that their gloves are flexible, Bruella claims that you can pop open a beer can while wearing their grill gloves.  That may or may not be true, but what is certain is that Bruella’s use of Kevlar, Aramid, and silicone allows for dexterous hand movements and ease of use, so flipping burgers and handling tongs won’t be a problem.  They are also cut resistant.

2.) Simdevanma Oven Gloves

Cooks and grill masters dream about the ability to reach into the oven or grill and pick up a hot baked potato like it’s nothing. Simdevanma has the best BBQ grilling gloves for that purpose.  They’re made to absorb heat, but you’ll never feel that touching your palms or fingers.  The fit is okay in the beginning, but both the brand and reviewers swear that it gets better the more you use the gloves.  The way they conform to your fingers allows for increased flexibility.  A special cut-resistant fiber also keeps your fingers safe from sharp objects.

3.) KAshop BBQ Pro BBQ Gloves – Fireproof Gloves BBQ

KAshop guarantees versatility from the start.  In addition to providing a way to safely cook on the grill, smoker, or stove, you can handle fireplace tools, start a fire, and maintain it while wearing your grill gloves.  One reason these rank among the most valuable heat-resistant grilling gloves is that they’re made with four functional, high-quality layers of material that act as a buffer between intense temperatures and your skin.

First, a layer of food-grade silicone keeps your grip from slipping at an inopportune time. Capture a firm hold of anything you pick up, including food or cooking tools.  The second layer is aramid fiber, which offers additional protection from fire and high temperatures.  The aramid has the insurance of an impressive EN407 certification.  The inner two layers are composed of cotton and polyester, making the gloves breathable, comfortable, and flexible.

4.) Dragon Knuckle Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

Dragon Knuckle’s heat-resistant grilling gloves are made of the same fabric used to make bulletproof vests and firemen’s coats.  The Meta- and Para-Aramid material keeps your hands safe anytime you work with high temperatures.  In addition to cooking in the kitchen or operating the grill, they’re useful to wear while building and tending fires.  They’re heavier than other gloves on the market, weighing in at 13 ounces.  The heavyweight quality protects your hands and wrists from abrasions, cuts, and scrapes as well as flames and heat.

In spite of the extra weight, Dragon Knuckle promises that these are the best grill gloves for dexterity.  The fabric remains breathable, so your hands won’t get sticky or sweaty.  You will still have a nimble grip and you won’t sacrifice flexibility or struggle with removal.  The brand swears that they’re as comfortable as cloth gloves.  Since the cuffs are 12 inches long, you can even use them as winter gloves.

5.) Marvellous Home BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves

You know you’re in the presence of some of the best heat resistant grilling gloves when they won’t melt even if you hold them over a flame.  Because they’re made with Kevlar and Nomex, the Marvellous cooking gloves won’t even catch on fire.  Cut resistant fibers encourage you to slice and dice with confidence.  Do your oven mitts give you that same sense of security?

These gloves have a cotton lining designed to keep your hands from getting stuck inside of them.  The fabric also prevents your hands from sweating and the cotton results in a pleasant hand-feel.  Long sleeves cover your forearms, allowing you to reach into the grill, oven, or smoker without fear.

One last fun thing worth mentioning about these gloves.  The outer silicon grips glow in the dark for nighttime grilling.

6.) Kitchenux Brand Inferno-IBG-L

Kitchenux comes out with guns blazing.  Every aspect of the brand’s grilling gloves has received a seal of excellence of some type.  For example, the gloves have a SafeUX seal because they claim to protect your hands from 100 percent of flames and fire as you handle stoves, pots, pans, grills, smokers, hot plates, and more.  A ComfortUX seal guarantees that the gloves’ contour fitting liner will conform to your hands without interfering with your flexibility.  The lining uses bamboo viscose fiber yarn, which makes the material move with you as it absorbs sweat, cools your hands, and allows your skin to breathe.

A ControlUX seal and a DesignUX seal round out the awards.  You won’t lose dexterity while grilling with these gloves.  They’re practical and functional, but still funky enough to display. The gloves even have palm pads that take up a large area of the palms, further protecting your hands and preventing slippage.

7.) BlueFire Pro Heat Resistant Gloves

BlueFire’s entry into the market is among the best heat resistant grilling gloves you’ll ever slide onto your hands.  A combination of Silicone, Aramid, Nomex, and Kevlar creates a barrier that shields your hands from temperatures as high as 932°F.  Silicone grips ensure that you won’t drop a thing, including heavy pans and slippery, stainless steel pots.  In fact, BlueFire claims that you can even weld with their gloves or use them as hot pads when you’re serving up a hot meal.

8.) STEMAJ BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves

Thanks to three layers of military grade fabric composed of Para-Aramid and Synthetic Kevlar, STEMAJ’s BBQ gloves aren’t messing around with your safety.  The brand claims that the gloves offer twice as much protection as its competitors, so not only can you confidently go about your regular cooking tasks, but you can pull out a white-hot pan or pick up a fire pit topper without fear of burning yourself.  While thick, the gloves have a lightweight feel on the hands, and finger movements aren’t at all impeded.

9.) Brijtek Grillin Chill Gear BBQ Gloves

The most useful cooking accessories in your kitchen don’t limit themselves.  Brijtek’s Grillin Chill Gear BBQ gloves stand up to any kind of heat, whether you prefer wood, oil, charcoal, or propane.  Confidently cook using a smoker or a deep fryer.  Start up a fire in the fireplace, the wood stove, or the fire pit.  Owing to 14-inch long cuffs, your wrists and forearms also receive protection, although how much depends on the length of your arm.

Every inch of skin that’s covered by the heavy-duty, heat resistant, high-quality Aramid material is safe from burns, but the cotton lining keeps hands from getting sweaty.

10.) Grill Beast BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves

Grill Beast is an apt name for these beastly grill gloves.  The main component of the flame-retardant fabric is Aramid 1313, which is a Kevlar fiber, so you’re kept safe from flames, embers, and blinding hot grill grates and stove burners.  Gripping is easy thanks to the non-stick design.  Grill Beast promises full flexibility and finger movements.  A longer cuff aims to cover more of your arms from the risk of burns.

11.) EvridWear 932°F Extreme Heat and Cut Resistant BBQ Gloves

If only in terms of variety, EvridWear has some of the best heat resistant grilling gloves you’ll find anywhere.  Purely in terms of aesthetics, they’re heads above their competitors’ mitts.  It’s rare that you find grill gloves that come in an array of colors, let alone zebra stripes. EvridWear’s gloves also come in two sizes, more or less—the choice between L/XL and one-size doesn’t seem like a big deal, but the one-size is slightly smaller.

The fit is still close but comfortable.  Your fingers will have freedom of movement and you won’t sacrifice any of your dexterity, not even when it comes to handling your grilling tools.  Their EN388 certification makes them cut resistant, offering a higher measure of safety anytime you use knives or other sharp tools.  The palms and fingers feature stripes of Silicone for tight gripping.

12.) HellFire BBQ, Grilling & Oven Gloves

HellFire’s oven gloves are for only the most bad-ass grill gurus and pit masters.  The flames decorating the gloves are nearly as hot as the temperatures with which you’ll be cooking.  The manufacturer itself is quirky and on-brand, which is pretty cool, especially considering that the customer service follows suit.

You have to love a brand with a sense of humor.  You also have to love a brand that knows its flaws and shares them openly.  For example, HellFire itself advises buyers that their one-size-fits-most gloves won’t necessarily fit smaller hands. They’re also open about the fact that the black lining of their mitts will safely hide stains—always a plus.

13.) Grill Heat Aid Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Gloves

Like many other great grilling gloves on the market, Grill Heat Aid’s gloves resist temperatures as high as 932°F, plus they’re multi-functional.  In addition to using them with every type of cooking range imaginable and starting fires, you can also change out your light bulbs without burning your hands.

They use an Aramid synthetic so that you can repeatedly expose the gloves to intense heat without experiencing wear and tear.  What stands out are the sizes available. The range includes extra small, small, small-to-medium, and a one-size option that works for large to extra-large.

14.) Elino Professionals Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves

Double layer gloves are almost always the safest, most heat resistant option.  Realizing that, Elino manages to offer a double-layered grilling glove that’s still breathable and feels remarkably lightweight, even after long-term wear.

Nomex and Kevlar compose the outer layer and provide the heat shield, along with practical but eye-pleasing silicone designs that keep tools, pans, and other implements from slipping out of your hand. The inner liner is 100 percent cotton so you can easily slide it on and off without dealing with sweaty palms.

15.) Woochy Heat Resistant BBQ, Grilling & Oven Gloves

Not only do they have a fun name, but Woochy’s grill gloves are guaranteed high performance, as well. They’re lined with cotton to ensure that they’re breathable, comfortable, and effortless to remove.  You can’t underestimate the convenience of a practical, versatile product.  You might not think you have much need for grilling gloves or another set of oven mitts, but you can even slip on a glove to take out a boiling-hot plate from the microwave.

16.) LaTazas Extreme Heat Resistant Grill & Oven Mitts

A bright blue design with subtle silicone spiderweb grips might make you think of Spider-Man—and there’s no harm in that because you’re a superhero of a cook, right?  Regardless of where you cook—on the grill, over an open fire, using a pizza oven, or on a traditional stovetop—they’re a worthwhile addition to the kitchen.

The outside layer is made of Aramid, Kevlar, and Nomex as well as silicone, so you get triple the protection, and not just against 932F° of heat. These gloves provide protection against sharp objects, too.

17.) Flamen EN407 XL BBQ, Grilling & Cooking Gloves

Bake, grill, or even flambé with confidence.  Flamen has you covered. They have your hands covered, as well, in Aramid material of the highest quality.  From changing out light bulbs and tending an open fire to handling baked potatoes without fear, they’ll change the cooking experience even if you only use them to transport plates from the microwave to the dinner table.

18.) ISUDA 932 Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Gloves

ISUDA’s grilling gloves are much like others you’ve seen, except for one thing—they’re ideal for environmentally-friendly cooks and grill masters.  The materials are eco-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about touching your food with anything that’s unsafe.

19.) LauKingdom BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves

If you want triple the protection, then LauKingdom’s triple-layered gloves are your answer. Aramid fibers make up the first layer—P-Aramid fiber engineered using M-Aramid fiber, so you get the same protection as firefighters.  The second layer is latex rubber, which serves to make the mitts steam resistant as well as heat resistant up to 932F°.  Cotton composes the third layer, ensuring breathable comfort.

20.) TTLIFE BBQ, Grilling & Cooking Gloves

Like other heat resistant grill gloves, TTLIFE’s BBQ mitts are capable of handling temperatures as intense as 932F°.  Cotton lining ensures circulation.  The gloves are reversible for lefties, which is refreshing.  Best of all, you can choose long or short gloves—but go for the long ones.

Pro tip: try opening a jar with your new grilling gloves.

Buyer’s Guide – What To Look For In A Heat Resistant Grilling Glove

Heat resistant grilling glove ratings depend greatly on the quality, performance, and versatility of the gloves.  With fabric technology getting better and cheaper every year, it can be tough to find the newest and best products out there.  Here are some of the features you should look for in heat resistant gloves for grilling.

High Heat Resistant

While it’s unlikely that you regularly cook with temperatures topping 932°F, it is essential that the tools you use can stand up to intense heat.  That goes for spatulas and tongs, but it’s particularly critical that your grilling gloves won’t melt, scorch, or burst into flame.  After all, even if you never cook over 500°F, you need to be prepared to safely start fires in wood stoves and fire pits.


Comfort is anything but a luxury with grill mitts.  Avoid abrasive linings that chafe your hands. Heavy gloves weigh down your hands, destroy your dexterity, and cause sweating.  Moisture of any kind isn’t safe when you work with heat.  Sweaty palms can make you feel the heat of whatever you’re doing.

Form Fitting

A contoured, clinging fit is critical.  Grilling gloves are not like oven mitts.  You need full range of motion in your hands, wrists, and fingers.  Moreover, flexible finger movements are crucial in cooking, resulting in the need for gloves that wrap around each individual finger.

Forearm Protection

Unlike regular gloves, the best heat resistant grilling gloves extend past the wrist.  You should never leave your forearms uncovered and unprotected while you’re cooking, grilling, operating your smoker, or starting a fire.  It takes one second of distraction to brush your wrist or forearm against a burning pot handle, the side of the stove, or part of the grill.  Wearing gloves with lengthy cuffs that cover your forearms erases the risk of burning your skin.


To expound on the importance of flexibility, you need to be able to move your hands the same way you do without gloves.  Serious home cooks and grill masters aren’t just flipping burgers. Creating a culinary masterpiece of any kind involves a certain amount of delicacy.  Clumsy, chunky gloves might as well be oven mitts.


Avoid any grill gloves that don’t have grips.  Even Kevlar-grade gloves will slip for purchase without a bit of help.  Silicone is most-often used to create non-skid, non-stick surfaces that allow you to securely grip pot handles, grill tools, and utensils.


Without adequate lining, gloves are uncomfortable and prone to causing sweat, which is dangerous.  Stay away from gloves with abrasive linings that feel rough against your hands and cause chafing.  You can’t wear them for any length of time.  The best BBQ gloves use cotton or bamboo-based yarn.


The type of fabrics and materials used can make all the difference.  Heavy, dense material will always make your hands sweat.  Breathable material that ventilates is the best choice.  It’s possible to find durable, heavy-duty gloves that are still lightweight.


It’s hard to justify purchasing an item that only has a single purpose.  Versatile grilling gloves are helpful beyond the grill.  In addition to using them for traditional cooking, you should be able to light fires, change light bulbs, and retrieve foods and other items from the stove, grill, or fire.


Gloves get messy.  You’re often touching meat, which requires a wash, anyway.  However, gloves are also magnets for marinades, sauces, flour, spices, and other cooking messes.  You should either be able to simply wipe off your gloves, hand wash them, or toss them in the washing machine.  It’s generally better to hang up the gloves and let them air dry.

Heat Resistant Grilling Gloves FAQ

User Tips And Caring For Your Gloves Guide

How To Clean A Fabric BBQ Glove

Each pair of grilling gloves has its own wash and care instructions.  Most often, you can put them in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, but washing them by hand is somewhat safer. It doesn’t take much time.  The best method depends on the fabric.

Regardless of the method you choose, begin by spot treating your gloves.  Treat grease splatters, sticky spots, and stains with a gentle detergent or Dawn soap, and then use a small sponge or toothbrush to scrub the area.  You may be able to get away with spot treatments and rinses for the most part.  Anytime you can avoid a full wash, do so.

Pro tip: To make tight gloves a bit more loose fitting, after washing and while they are still damp, put on the gloves and where you feel them the most tightly, pull the gloves to loosen the fit a little.

How Long Before You Feel The Heat

With any grilling glove, you will find reviewers who swear that they immediately felt the heat of whatever item they tried to pick up while wearing their gloves.  It’s inevitable.  To that end, it’s subjective and depends entirely on the product and the person using it.

With a high-quality grilling glove that has at least three layers, including a durable, highly resistant outer layer, you shouldn’t feel any heat for a couple of minutes—long enough to change a hot light bulb, at any rate, and remember that many gloves claim that you can even weld with them.

Here is a useful temperature guide for handling heat while wearing high heat resistant fabric gloves. While this is not an exact formula for every make of fabric gloves, it is a good starting point.  Please use extreme caution whenever handling hot items.

Will Fabric Heat Resistant Grill Glove Protect From Heat if They Get Wet?

Simply: no.  Gloves that are entirely made of fabric rarely, if ever, fully protect your hands if they get wet.  More often than not, the wet materials conduct the heat faster, resulting in a quick burn.  There are exceptions but read the directions closely to make sure.  Exercise caution even with fabric gloves that claim to be waterproof.

Final Verdict – Which Heat Resistant Gloves For Grilling Are The Best?

When it comes to handling a charcoal chimney starter full of hot charcoal, rearranging coals, setting air vents and removing meat from hot grates and foiling it up, you need to have quality grilling gloves to protect your hands and forearms.

The best heat-resistant grilling gloves act as a barrier between your hands and intense temperatures, but you don’t give up your freedom of movement or flexibility.  You can change a temperature dial or quickly cut up vegetables for the grill.  Lightweight is best for comfort and breathability, but you don’t want to sacrifice heavy-duty protection by way of heat-retardant fibers such as Aramid, Kevlar, or Nomex.

While there are several very cool grill gloves on this list that do all of that, looking bad-ass won’t protect you from high heat or open flames.  It just so happens that my number 1 pick also happens to be one of the most bad-ass looking as well.

Grills Gloves Make The Perfect Gift

They are great for the chef or chefs in the household who love to barbecue and grill, bake and cook.  They make the perfect gift for dads, moms, family, and friends.

I hope my Top 20 Best Heat Resistant Gloves For Grilling was helpful for you.  As always, if you or someone you know is interested in heat-resistant grilling gloves please consider sharing with your friends or on social media.  Sharing is caring my friends!

If you would like to leave a comment or have a review of your own to share on any of the heat-resistant grilling gloves on this list or you can think of a pair I missed, please do so below. We always welcome your input.



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