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Oven mitts are old news.  They’re practically obsolete.  What’s valuable about large, clunky mitts that don’t fit your hands and aren’t capable of dexterously performing even the most straightforward cooking tasks?  It’s time to upgrade to Marvellous Home’s high heat BBQ gloves.  You don’t have to grill every day to justify the purchase—but if you can, then you should.
It goes without saying, they’re worthwhile for stovetop cooking, as well.  However, you can also slip on your gloves before starting a fire, and you never have to juggle a hot dish straight out of the microwave, again.  Marvellous Home grill gloves have several unique features that mark them as distinct from the numerous other gloves available, which I’ll explore in detail throughout a comprehensive review.

Product Quick Facts

Product Quick Facts

Product Name:  Marvellous Home BBQ Grilling Gloves

Made By: Marvellous Home

Top 3 Features:

  • Able to withstand up to 932°F
  • Resistant to cuts
  • Glow in the dark

Benefits of the Marvellous Home High Heat BBQ Gloves

There are dozens of reasons why oven mitts are the pits.  These BBQ gloves have a counterpoint to all of them.  The main benefit is convenience.  Traditional oven gloves can only do so much.  Pot holders are practically pointless, even the silicone ones.  Mitts themselves are clumsy.

I can’t count how many times I’ve stuck my huge silicone-covered thumb into the middle of a muffin or the corner of a pan of cornbread.  I’m too embarrassed to tell you how often I spill a hot plate because I can’t get a confident grip.  Therein lies the benefit of form-fitting Marvellous Home grill gloves: that nonsense doesn’t happen.

Everyday Convenience

It can’t be stressed enough that high heat BBQ gloves aren’t just for grilling or smoking.  That’s where they shine, yes, but they’re just as suited for making meals in the kitchen.  Use them while starting a fire in a pit or wood stove.  Need to remove a hot light bulb?  Stop wrapping your shirt around your hand to do the job and tug on your gloves instead.  Carry hot plates from the microwave to your TV table—you know, on those weekends you’re all by yourself and living on pizza rolls.  No judgment; no shame.

Versatile Uses

Cooking depends on multi-tasking.  As you make a meal, you’re doing a dozen things at once. That often includes slicing, dicing, and chopping meats, vegetables, and herbs.  Do you ever lose track of your knife work and cut yourself?  Because the fibers used in Marvellous Home’s gloves are CE-Level three, making them cut resistant, your chances of suffering a chopping mishap are practically nonexistent.

Easy to Find

Like many other grilling gloves, the Marvellous Home oven gloves have strips of silicone on the front and back, covering both the fingers and palms.  That creates a foolproof, slide-proof grip, which is helpful.  However, as mentioned, practically every other pair of gloves available have the same silicone features.  So what makes them so special?  The silicone markings on these gloves glow in the dark.  You might not think that’s impressive, but that just means that you’ve never lost track of your oven mitts when you’re grilling after dusk.

Using the Marvellous Home Grilling Gloves

There’s nothing complicated about getting your BBQ gloves ready for use.  As you pull on the updated mitts, you’ll notice that they don’t feel any different from regular winter gloves.  Take an extra minute to pull them over each finger to ensure maximum flexibility.  The inner cotton lining should feel soft and smooth against your skin, but you might need to flex your fingers to increase your ease of movement.

The cuffs on the gloves are long enough to cover your wrists, so snug them tight, as well.  The cuffs are extra long so that they can cover up a portion of your forearms, as well.  You don’t have to flinch back when you reach into the oven or adjust a piece of meat in the back of the grill.

Marvellous Home BBQ Gloves Description and Features

From the bright blue fibers of Nomex and Kevlar that compose the outer layer of these high heat BBQ gloves to the white silicone design decorating them, this pair is an excellent addition to any kitchen or outdoor barbecue setup.

If you’re thinking to yourself that there’s no reason to spend $20 on a pair of cooking gloves, then I can sympathize with that mindset, and normally I would agree with you.  However, it’s rare to find such a versatile cooking accessory, and you have to remember that normal oven mitts aren’t safe enough for grilling.  One look at the key features of grilling gloves and I think you’ll agree.


Heat Resistant But Comfortable

Marvellous Home’s heat-resistant grilling gloves use Kevlar and Nomex, two fibers that are well-known for withstanding high temperatures.  In fact, these gloves are EN 407 certified, meaning that they can technically protect you from temperatures as high as 932°F.  The fibers won’t melt or catch on fire, even if you inadvertently come into contact with an open flame.

The inner layer is 100 percent cotton.  That further acts as a buffer between the heat and your hand.  More importantly, the cotton prevents your hands from sweating, which provides an additional layer of protection.  Dampness is dangerous when you’re cooking.  Wet gloves conduct heat.  In addition to keeping your hands dry as a bone, you can easily put on and remove the gloves thanks to the cotton lining.


Wrist And Forearm Protection

Short cuffs don’t do you any good in the kitchen or at the grill.  It’s too easy to reach for something and brush your arm against something hot.  The long cuffs on Marvellous Home’s BBQ gloves stretch over your wrists and forearms.  Even if you touch the grill grates while trying to adjust charcoal, you’re safe.


Glow In The Dark

The silicone strips lining the front and back of the gloves create a non-skid, non-slip surface. More than that, they glow in the dark.  It doesn’t matter if you shove the gloves in the shed or a dark drawer.  The silicone design will light up and reveal the location of the gloves, which is pretty sweet.


Hanging Loops

Adding to the convenience of these high heat BBQ gloves, there are loops from which you can hang them.  Stick them on your grill, hang them in the shed, or let them dangle from the pot rack in the kitchen.  The simple loop is efficient for storing.  You won’t lose track of your grilling gloves right when you need them.


Machine Washable

The added protection you are afforded when using grilling and cooking gloves makes them a great investment in my opinion.  But caring for your gloves in order to prolong your investment is important too.  Marvellous Home grilling gloves are machine washable on cold and will not be harmed them in any way.  It is recommended to hang dry these gloves and avoid the dryer.

Who Are the Marvellous Home Grilling Gloves For?

If you frequently use your stove or enjoy baking, you need these gloves.  Do you spend most of spring, summer, and fall out by your grill or your smoker?  These gloves are for you.  They’re ideal for people who only use the microwave, those who change their own light bulbs, and anyone with a wood-burning stove or fire pit.

Who Should Not Get Them?

Maybe you’re content with bulky silicone oven mitts.  Maybe you’re allergic to cotton.  You may hate anything that glows in the dark.  If so, you likely won’t appreciate a pair of gloves like these.

Pros And Cons

You can discount a grilling glove that not only protects against heat up to 932°F but that is also cut resistant too.  These are definitely big-time pros for a BBQ glove.  The fact that they glow in the dark also is a cool perk that catches your attention.

The few cons include the one size fits all status of these gloves. As I am sure you are aware, that is not always the case and not everybody will be satisfied with this.  The uncertain warranty status is another con to keep in mind.

Price And Warranties

The price of Marvellous Home’s grilling gloves tends to vary depending on when you check Amazon. However, they’re rarely more than $21 a pair, and you can usually find them for less than $20. Regrettably, the company isn’t forthcoming about its warranty.  Buyers are instructed to contact the brand to discuss the guarantee.

The Final Verdict

The Marvellous Home high heat BBQ gloves are great value for money. They’re durable, sturdy, and they perform solidly.  Certain features, such as the glow in the dark silicone strips, are fun standouts.  They are a versatile pair of protective gloves that can be used for many different activities.

In my opinion, Marvellous Home’s grilling gloves are flexible as well as for fitting and well made.  It’s just too bad that Marvellous Home is not a little more forthcoming on their warranty status.  But if you can overlook this factor, I think these are great grilling gloves to add to your cooking arsenal.

I hope this Marvellous Home High Heat BBQ Gloves review was helpful for you.  As always, if you or someone you know is interested in heat resistant cooking gloves please consider sharing with your friends or on social media.  Sharing is caring my friends!

If you would like to leave a comment or have a review of your own to share on the Marvellous Home’s grilling gloves, please do so below. We always welcome your input.



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