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The Grillgrate Review

Is your food’s presentation almost as important to you as the flavor? Are your grill marks lacking that textbook crosshatch look? Would you like to wow your family and friends at your next cookout? The Grillgrate Review will give you all the Pros and Cons of using this grill grate enhancer and discover if it really is the best way to sear your meat.

Stainless steel and Cast iron grates have been around forever and both can get the job done if you know what you are doing. So why use Grillgrates and are they really a better option than these two mainstays?

First, let’s answer the question…

What Are GrillGrates?

Grillgrates are a pretty awesome invention made from hard anodized aluminum with interlocking panels available in various lengths to fit just about any grill. They help to amplify heat much better than steel or cast iron while distributing it evenly across the cooking surface. Each panel is a flat plate with five raised rails for the food to sit on. They can go directly on top of your current grill’s grates or they can replace them entirely.Grillgrates, How They Work

Each panel has oval shaped holes in the valleys that allow hot air, smoke, and combustion vapors to rise through them and into your food. This causes the surface to get very hot and distributes the heat evenly across the surface so you aren’t left with the traditional grate hot or cold spots. No more worrying about one side cooking faster than the other.

Another cool feature is GrillGrates can also be turned upside down so you can put meat on an extremely hot flat metal griddle-like surface with holes that allow heat and smoke through. I have seen several people report that this is the only way they sear their meat as it gives a nice char across the entire surface.

Grillgrates are designed to block flare-ups and prevent burning, turn out awesome grill marks, and produce even heat and cooking.  They keep smaller foods from slipping through the grates and being lost forever. Could this really mark the end of my asparagus and squashes falling to a fiery death?

The GrateTool that comes with every order is a stainless steel custom created spatula that has “fingers”. It slides between the rails to pick up even the most delicate pieces of fish and foods with ease instead of scraping under them. There are even custom stainless steel tongs with “fingers” available as an additional option.

What The Manufacturer Claims

Their claim is that “GrillGrate produces juicier and more tender food and delivers restaurant-quality sear marks all at once.”Perfect Grill Marks

They also claim that the grooves or “valleys” between the rails collect the juices and drippings “where they sizzle and vaporize into flavor and retained moisture. The valleys of GrillGrates are a flavor enhancing system.”

Check out these videos showing the process in action.

They are also supposed to be easier to clean and to make flipping food a cinch with the handy GrateTool that is included.

And according to the manufacturer, GrillGrates amplify the temp of gas grills by 200°F and pellet grills 150°F.

My Thoughts On The Grillgrate Review

To make this review as thorough as possible I tested Grillgrates on my Gas Grill, my Pellet Grill and on my Charcoal Grill. In the past couple weeks, I have tried out GrillGrates on a variety of foods as well.

Grill Marks On Chicken

The Grillgrates Review, Grill Marks On Chicken

I was extremely excited to try these grate enhancers out as I have heard a lot of great things about them. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Grillgrates, especially when using them on my gas and pellet grills. They can easily turn a lower end grill into a higher end powerhouse in minutes and save you money for good measure.

Not only did they reduce my grills preheating time by around 25%, amplified the heat of my Gas grill on average of 203° F, Pellet grill by 153° F and my Charcoal grill by 100° F, they used up less fuel as they retained the heat longer and more evenly.

My meat and vegetables were evenly cooked and the sear marks were beautiful without leaving any overly charred spots. They blocked all flare-ups even when grilling fattier meats and burgers. Best of all, not one asparagus committed suicide by falling through the grates.

I even flipped the GrillGrates over and tested the flat surface as a griddle. I made bacon while I was cooking burgers and they both came out

Grill Marks Chicken

The Grillgrates Review, Grill Marks Chicken

excellent. Barbecued bacon burgers entirely cooked on the grill without a messy kitchen to clean.

The easy to connect interlocking plates made it easy to transfer from grill to grill and the GrillTool made food handling, flipping and clean up a breeze. I personally found cleaning these grates to be simple and quick. Just run a wire brush over the rails while they are still hot and scrape the GrillTool through the valleys and you are done.

What Others Are Saying About Grillgrates

Grillgrates Currently Average A 4.6-Star Rating Out Of 5 On Amazon Depending On What Size You Buy.

I have read many Grillgrate reviews and see a lot of positive comments on Grillgrates like:

  • Great product and service!
  • No more flaming chicken!
  • Great sear marks!
  • Truly Excellent Product!
  • Skeptical at first, but these things are amazing!
  • What I will tell you is how nicely things cook on the grill when using the GrillGrates. Despite the 100% perfect sear marks, everything cooks wonderfully and faster (yes things cook faster).

Some of the complaints I have read are:

  • Sometimes they can get too hot and burn my food but that’s probably user error.
  • Great product but I hate cleaning it.
  • Cleaning requires some soaking in hot, soapy water and scrubbing with a brush periodically which takes some effort to get clean; however, they are a lot easier to clean than the standard grill grates!

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  • Amplifies the Heat of any Grill
  • Flare-Up Protection from the Bottom Plate
  • Conducts Heat More Efficiently
  • The Valleys Vaporize Drippings that re-enter the food for better flavor
  • Easy to create the Perfect Sear Marks


  • Some people had a harder time with clean up. (Although I found that if you follow the instructions, it was very simple to do.)
  • They get HOT! Which is the point, but your food will cook faster and you must monitor your flipping times to avoid over searing.


Grillgrates are an excellent upgrade to your original grilling grates and a must have to really take searing to the next level. Although they did a great job on my Charcoal grill, where they really shine is when you use them on Gas and Pellet grills. While both Gas and Pellet grills always struggle to reach the proper searing heat, Grillgrates help to solve that problem.

In my opinion, Grillgrates can help make your next cookout a winner. An easy investment decision and one you won’t regret.

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I will end with this quote that starts my mouth watering just from reading it.

“The real secret to the unique flavor of grilled food is not the fuel, but the drippings. As these complex chemical solutions combust, they coat the food with a panoply of aromatic and delicious compounds.” The Art and Science of Cooking, by Modernist Cuisine

If you have any questions about The Grillgrates Review or want to leave one of your own, leave a comment below. I hoped you enjoyed the Grillgrates review and you are one step closer to joining me in “The Grilling Life”!