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The DILISS Instant Read Meat Thermometer is an instant read digital thermometer made with a cook in mind.  It focuses on the base necessities in an instant read thermometer and does a great job in offering them.
The design is simple, as is its usability.  But don’t let its simplicity fool you.  This small, lightweight thermometer provides the speed and accuracy comparable to many thermometers more than twice its price.

Product Quick Facts

Product Name:  DILISS Instant Read Meat Thermometer


Top 3 Features:

  • Meat Temperature Chart
  • Temperature readout accuracy
  • 10-minute auto-off feature

Benefits Of The DILISS Instant Read Meat Thermometer

The DILISS meat thermometer is a low-cost instant read thermometer made to improve your overall cooking abilities.  If you have a habit of overcooking food, the DILISS meat thermometer offers you a great way to cook food to perfection.  Unlike many other instant read thermometers, the DILISS offers a lifetime warranty, which is a huge reward when you are shopping for a cooking utensil that you hope will last.

This DILISS thermometer also has a quick temperature read, so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself.  It only takes four to seven seconds to read the temperature of food very accurately, so you don’t have to hold your hand over any source of heat for too long.

The DILISS meat thermometer also has an auto-off feature, so if you forget to turn the thermometer off, it will power itself down after ten minutes.  That way you can keep from needing to replace the battery too often.

Whether you are an experienced chef or new to the kitchen, an instant read thermometer is ideal for cooking candy, meat, bread, and more.  The accuracy allows you to take all the guessing out of cooking or baking with near instantaneous results.

The DILISS Instant Read Meat Thermometer also has a meat temperature chart printed on the side.  This is a cool feature for the newer cook.  You don’t have to look up anything else because the thermometer has the temperatures necessary for safe meat cooking printed on its body.

A Guide To Using The DILISS Instant Read Meat Thermometer

The DILISS meat thermometer is simple to use and requires little to no setup.  By simply inserting the battery and flipping the probe open, the thermometer turns on and you are ready to go.  If you want, you can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Beyond that just insert the probe into the middle of your food, making sure the probe is as close to the center of the thickest section as possible.  This will get the most accurate temperature reading of the food.  Within four to seven seconds, the thermometer will display your temperature on its screen.

If you feel like your thermometer isn’t accurate, you can use the calibrate button to recalibrate it.  This is a neat little addition for when the temperature needs resetting and it works instantly.  Wipe off and fold the probe down when you are finished using it.  This will keep it clean and sanitary.  It will also protect it from accidents.

DILISS Thermometer Description And Features

The DILISS thermometer works great in the kitchen or outdoors and is ideal when measuring temperatures for meat, candy, baking, barbecue, milk and bath water.

Read Time

The DILISS has a nice temperature reading speed and is certainly worth mentioning.   Reading temperatures between four and seven seconds make the DILISS Instant Read Meat Thermometer one of the better instant read thermometers around.


Highly Accurate

The accuracy of the DILISS is also a great feature.  It comes within ±0.9°F of the exact temperature of what you are checking.  That is as close to accurate as I have seen in a publicly available product, especially in this price range.


Easy To Read Display

The large, clear and easy to read LCD display makes it simple to read the thermometer readouts at every angle.  The display is large and high contrast enough to read easily even in a steamy oven.


4.7″ Food Grade Stainless Steel Probe

The 180-degree rotating probe makes it super simple to get at any strange angle you need.  Checking a turkey’s temperatures inside the oven has never been simpler.  The 4.7-inch long temperature probe ensures that there is a good distance between the heat and hands, so if you check the baking temperature, you won’t be burned.  The probe is foldable also for easy storage when not in use.


Data Hold Function

The data hold function lets you lock in the last temperature reading with the touch of a button.  This is useful for when the thermometer is at a bad angle in in the oven and you can’t quite see the readout.  Simply lock the temperature in, pull the thermometer out and your readout is still there for you.


Splash Proof Body Design

Although still not dishwasher safe, the splash-proof design is nice for those occasional spills and slip-ups that happen to all of us.  This gives you a little extra piece of mind when working around liquids.


Detailed Meat Temperature Chart

The printed on meat temperature chart is a sweet feature for the newer cook.  You won’t need to look up the safe temperatures to cook meat too because they are printed onto the thermometer itself.


Magnetic Refrigerator Attachment

A magnet on the back of the DILISS meat thermometer makes it easy to store between uses and simple to find.  Just attach it to your oven, grill, or refrigerator with the magnet.


Auto Off Mode

Anyone who has left an appliance on and drained its battery can appreciate an auto-off feature. The DILISS thermometer automatically turns off after ten minutes of inactivity.  This is perfect for saving the battery life.  It is as easy as hitting a switch to turn the thermometer back on, so no worries if it turns off between two or three temperature checks of the same cook.


Temperature Range

A temperature range from -58°F to 572°F (-50°C-300°C) makes this a worthy thermometer for all kinds of cooking.  A thermometer that can read below freezing temps and is able to read high temps for measuring things like hot cooking oil is a big plus.


AAA Battery Powered

The DILISS is powered by one AAA battery that comes included.  Anyone who has tried to replace the little round hearing aid type batteries knows what a pain they can sometimes be.  The AAA battery makes swapping them in and out quite simple.

Who Is The DILISS Digital Thermometer For?

If you are a cook or griller who has long coveted a Thermapen by Thermoworks but can’t justify the price tag, then this thermometer is worth checking out.

Likewise, whether you are a new or experienced griller, the DILISS Instant Read Meat Thermometer is a worthy option.  I can’t stress enough that for anyone who is new to grilling, an instant read thermometer is a must.  It helps make sure you get that perfect cook every time and it also gives you peace of mind knowing that your food is safely cooked.

The rapid reading time and extreme accuracy make the DILISS great among instant read thermometers.  Also, its meat temperature chart is an added bonus for you to figure out your cooking temperatures, and avoid undercooking your meat.  If you are someone with more experience, the DILISS is could possibly be even more worth your time.  It allows you to take that extra step in accuracy, and convenience at a very reasonable price tag.

Who Should Not Get It

If you are a cook or griller that enjoys being on the move as you cook your food, an instant read thermometer might not be what you are looking for.  A remote wireless display thermometer might be a better choice for you.  This is especially true if you are smoking food often, or slow grill your food at lower temperatures.

If you are in need of faster read times than the DILISS offers, than the Thermoworks Thermopop Thermometer is a great alternative without adding too much to the price.

If you are looking for the top of the line in instant read thermometers, you may want to shop around.  I recommend the Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo for a thermometer that is fast, accurate, loaded with useful features, and still won’t break the bank.

While the DILISS is great for its price, there are certainly higher quality products out there.  Of course, those products will increase in price quite dramatically, but they will have some features that just aren’t offered by a thermometer of this price range.

Pros And Cons

The cons of the DILISS thermometer are really just the lack of the newest features around.  This is no surprise, for its price range.  It certainly shouldn’t take away from the quality of this thermometer.  My only real nitpick is that it does not feature a backlit display for grilling in low light conditions.  Anyone that has had tried to balance a thermometer, tongs and a flashlight to read the display will know what I mean.

The pros range far when looking at the DILISS.  It’s high accuracy and quick read times make it a great product.  The magnetic back is a cool add-on, and the meat temperature chart is another little bonus that is especially cool for newer cooks.  The auto-off feature helps the forgetful cooks out there, and the wide-angle probe makes checking temperatures simpler than ever.

This thermometer offers a nice and inexpensive way to make sure your food is truly safely cooked.

Price And Warranties

The DILISS Instant Read Meat Thermometer comes in at an outstandingly low price of $19.99.  It also comes with a money back guarantee or lifetime replacement warranty.  That is pretty unheard of when looking for an instant read thermometer.

The Verdict


This is a great product that is certainly worth checking out.  While it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of some of the other high-end instant read thermometers, it certainly has everything you need.  If you need a thermometer to be quick and accurate than the DILISS might just be what you’re looking for.  Not to mention the look and quality design, as well as the cool extra features.  It is a great base device, and will certainly get the job done.

Simply put; Accurate, Simple, Easy and a great value over other brands that are priced much higher.  This is a great Investment for a not so expensive price.

I hope this DILISS Instant Read Meat Thermometer review was helpful for you.  As always, if you or someone you know is interested in grilling thermometers or you find this information useful, please consider sharing it with your grilling friends and on social media!

If you would like to leave a comment or have a review of your own to share on the DILISS thermometer, please do so below. We always welcome your input.



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