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Lavatools Javelin Thermometer Review – A Great Tool To Bring To The Grill

The Lavatools Javelin Thermometer is a great base instant read thermometer. Whether you are baking bread, grilling meat, or cooking in other ways, the Lavatools Javelin PT12 is a thermometer that reads accurately and quickly.

If you are new to the cooking game, an instant read thermometer is always a great choice. For more experienced cooks, you understand the necessity for accurate temperatures in certain recipes. It is never a bad idea to have a thermometer handy; and checking temperatures isn’t going to make your food any worse, that is for sure.

So check out the Lavatools Javelin PT12 for an option with great features and a good company background.

By the end of this review, you’ll be armed with the pros, the cons, and the facts about the Lavatools Javelin Thermometer to help in your decision-making.

Spoiler Alert: We believe the Lavatools Javelin is a great tool to bring to the grill.

Lavatools Javelin Quick Facts

Product Name: Lavatools Javelin PT12

Made by: Lavatools

Top 3 Features:

  • Accurate read within .9° Fahrenheit of exact temperature
  • Quick read, three to four seconds reading time
  • Automatic power after 60 minutes of not using

Standout Benefits of the Lavatools Javelin Thermometer

The Javelin is giving high-end thermometers a run for their money at a low price. The first benefit it offers is a low wallet impact. Coming in at around $26, you don’t have to break the bank to buy this accurate thermometer.

And the Lavatools Javelin PT12 is a highly accurate thermometer, allowing you to cook food to within +/- 1° Fahrenheit of the exact temperature you are looking for. It has a foldable probe that makes storage super easy, and a magnet along the backside so you can put it on your fridge, oven, or other metal appliance between uses.

The body is built to make storage as easy as possible. You definitely don’t need to worry about losing it. The quick 3-4 second read time also adds some sweet benefits. Since you don’t need to hold your hand over the food for very long, you can avoid getting burned by a hot grill or oven. It also means less waiting time, potentially burning or overcooking your food.

You can avoid the hassle of searching for your thermometer when you own this unit as well. The bright colors give it an easily noticed look. The magnet on the back also means you can store it in easy to find places (like your fridge or oven).  The body also has a hollow part at the base, so you can hang it on any hooks you have in the kitchen.

Lavatools Instant Read Thermometer

A Guide to Using the Lavatools Javelin Meat Thermometer Your First Time

The Lavatools Javelin PT12 is super simple to use. You only need to choose which temperature reading you would prefer to be displayed (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and insert the probe into your food.

Be sure to insert the probe into the center of any meat or solid food, since the center will stay cooler for a longer period of time. This will ensure you don’t undercook the meat because you read the temperature of parts of the meat closer to the heat source or further from the center.

Wait for a few seconds and the thermometer will display your temperature, with one decimal place of reading.

Lavatools Javelin Thermometer Description & Features

The Meat Probe | Compact Body With Some Big Features |Excellent Battery Life | Multiple Color Options to Choose for Personal Touch

The Lavatools Javelin Thermometer has many great features, though it stays true to being a utilitarian thermometer.

It is both simple and easy to use, which in itself is thanks to some handy options.

The thermometer comes ready to use without any calibration. The display is large and bright, making it easy to read.

Lavatools PT12 Thermometer Features

The Meat Probe

The probe is just under three inches long, meaning you can easily insert it into the center of even large cuts of meat.

This also means you can avoid being burned by having your hand too close to a heat source when checking your food’s temperature.

The tapered tip of the Lavatools Javelin PT12 means you can easily insert it into meat without needing to push very hard.

Compact Body With Some Big Features

The Javelin boasts a high-performance temperature sensor and other professional features without compromising on size and portability making this a true compact instant read thermometer option.

The entire body comes housed in a 100% BPA-free polycarbonate enclosure with an antimicrobial coating. This may seem like a minuscule point, but avoiding foodborne illness is a huge perk. For any restaurant or home that uses instant read thermometers, this could really be a selling point.

The body is also splash resistant. Good to know if you will be checking soup or water temperatures. IP65 splash resistant construction saves the Javelin from minor spills and kitchen mishaps.

Excellent Battery Life

The battery life is good for 4000+ hours. It uses a simple cell battery and is easily replaceable.

The unit also has a battery-saving power feature. If the Lavatools Javelin Thermometer is inactive for one hour it will turn itself off. It is still as simple as pushing a button to turn the device back on, but you can save power in the meantime while you work on other dishes for dinner.

Multiple Color Options to Choose for a Personal Touch

You can choose the color for your thermometer as well. The Lavatools Javelin PT12 comes in six colors: yellow, red, blue, gray, green, and black. The choice between colors is a nice touch. It lets you match your kitchen utensils if you are a classy cook.

It also makes it very easy to find your thermometer. There is no more digging through the utensil drawer for your thermometer when you can notice the bright red piece immediately.

Lavatools Instant Read Thermometer with Six colors to Choose From

Who Is the Lavatools Javelin PT12 For?

The Lavatools Javelin Thermometer is great for anyone who needs accuracy in his or her cooking temperatures without breaking the bank. By ensuring you come within a single degree Fahrenheit, you can feel safe that your meat is cooked fully, or not left dry and overcooked.

This can also be a great perk for bakers, who need their bread to bake to a certain temperature. If you are new to baking bread, this can be very useful.

Reasons to Think Twice

If you are a griller that is often moving around and prepping additional dishes as you grill your food, an instant read thermometer might not be what you’re looking for. A wireless thermometer might be more up your alley. This is especially true if you smoke food often, or slow grill your food at specific temperatures.

The Lavatools Javelin PT12 is great for single food items, and checking once at a time, but it won’t give you readings on the temperature of your grill, and won’t display several temperatures at once.

If this is something you are looking for, there are some great options for Bluetooth and wireless, remote grilling, and food thermometers here.

Lavatools Javelin PROs & CONs

This Lavatools Javelin Thermometer price makes it a great deal and offers some wonderful features. The battery life and microbial cover are awesome bonuses.

The big benefits of this instant read thermometer comes in its basic uses though. The quick reading temperature display means you don’t have to wait long for your temperature to show.

The accuracy is great because you can avoid under or over-cooking your food. The accuracy is some of the best in the business.

Finally, the overall look is great. The ability to choose your color means you can match your kitchen with whatever you are looking for, and makes the unit easy to find.


  • 4,000 plus battery life
  • Read time of 4 seconds or less
  • Accuracy to ±0.9°F
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Splash proof design
  • 100% BPA-free polycarbonate enclosure with an antimicrobial coating


  • Lacks additional advanced features found in some high-end thermometers
  • Does not have a backlit display for low-light conditions
  • You cannot leave it in the oven or grill
A food Thermometer with Moisture on it.

Price & Warranties

The Lavatools Javelin PT12 comes in at around $26, which is a steal in my opinion.

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty which is backed by Lavatools. This is awesome for an instant read thermometer. Often you will get a few weeks, to a few months. The warranty really shows how much Lavatools stands by their product.

Final Thoughts on Our Lavatools Javelin Thermometer Review

This was another Javelin product I was eager to test out and overall, I was very happy with its function and performance.

Even though it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of some of the highest-end models, it provides excellent value for the price.

If you are looking for something with a little more in the way of additional options, you can check out the Javelin PT12’s big brother the Lavatools Javelin Pro Duo here.  It’s another great product I highly recommend.

The Javelin PT12 is a cool product for a cheap price. Don’t think twice about buying this thermometer if you are in the market for a mid-range option. You won’t find much better. The better options will increase in price quickly making it an easy choice to choose this one.

I hope this Lavatools Javelin thermometer review was helpful to you. As always, if you or someone you know is interested in grilling thermometers or you find this information useful, please consider sharing it with your grilling friends and on social media!

If you would like to leave a comment or have a review of your own to share on the Lavatools Javelin thermometer, please do so below. We always welcome your input.


Pat G.

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