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The Pros, the Cons, and the Facts about the Bradley 6 Rack Digital Electric Smoker.

For those looking for a quality smoker, there’s a lot to keep in mind: the amount of cooking space present, the range of temperature offered, the type of smoker it is, and the list goes on.

This may be common sense for long-term smokers out there, but say you’re completely new to smoking or have had trouble in the past.

Well, with the Bradley 6 Rack Electric Smoker, you’ll discover that it is easy to set up, straight-forward to use and doesn’t require constant attention.

Maybe best of all, it leaves you with easy clean-up, and of course, high-quality smokey flavors.

So, in other words, it’s a pretty darn decent smoker, I must say (although, it’s not without its cons).

That all said, why not continue this read to see if this smoker is the right one for you?

Product Quick Facts

Product Name: Bradley Technologies Original 6 Rack Smoker Stove BTDS108P

Made By: Bradley Technologies

Top 3 Features:

  • Automatic wood feed system
  • Full digital control over your smoking session
  • Ash catcher for easy clean-up

Standout Benefits Of The Bradley Technologies Original 6 Rack Smoker Stove

The overall design of the Bradley 6 Rack Digital Meat Smoker is very clean and luxurious, inside and out.

It offers a vertical, slimmer design without appearing too small or cramped.

While aesthetics aren’t everything, I’d like to add that the overall size of this smoker is extremely functional in most spaces, which is a pretty important detail for many nowadays.

On top of that, many give praise to Bradley for their intriguing technology and convenient features of this model, such as the ones I mention in the Description and Features section of this review below.

There are plenty of benefits this digital smoker offers for its users:

Sufficient Cooking Space For Large Crowds

This smoker contains 781 square inches of cooking space, offering plenty of room to feed a large gathering.

So, if you need to cook larger amounts of food or a whole turkey, for example, this smoker is definitely capable of doing so.

However, I must warn you that there are some spots within this smoker that are hotter than others, but it’s not too severe that you can’t utilize all six racks at once.

But do give this smoker a few test runs before serving family and friends at gatherings.

Versatility, Versatility, Versatility

There are two separate heating components on this smoker: oven heat (convection heat) and heat for smoking.

That means you can cook with or without smoke and with or without heat.  This smoker can also double up as an oven, cold smoker, slow cooker, or dehydrator.

As a result, the Bradley 6 Rack Electric Smoker is phenomenal not just for meats but also for fish and vegetables.

There’s a lot one could cook with this smoker and any outdoor cooker that offers multiple cooking options is a huge plus in my book.

Heavy-Duty Door To Keep The Heat Inside

Thanks to its heavy-duty magnetic door, it traps in heat beautifully.

So, there are a few obvious reasons why a smoker with a tightly-sealed door trapping in heat would be ideal.

For one, trapping in heat ensures a smoker can cook as evenly as possible.  Secondly, this means that there will be minimal heat transferring to the exterior of the smoker, making it safe especially for children and pets.

And of course, being able to retain heat also means this device will do well in all weather, even in winter.

After all, how many times have you attempted to grill or smoke something only to have the temperature affected by the current outdoor temp or other outdoor conditions?  It happens.

Nine Wood Flavors To Choose From

Bradley offers nine different flavors of their bisquettes – which they are the only providers of – to give your meats phenomenal flavor when smoking.

Plus, they utilize very little energy and won’t burn to ash.

Unfortunately, the bisquettes are not included with the smoker purchase, not even samples.

They are also hard to find in stores at times, depending on where you live which means you will most likely have to order them online.

For most, the bisquettes are not all that cheap either (approximately $20 for 48 bisquettes), but they do work wonderfully.

Bisquette Flavors Include:
  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Pecan
  • Maple
  • Mesquite
  • Oak
  • Alder
  • Pacific blend
  • Special Blend Mélange Special

Using Bradley Electric Smokers

From turning on and changing the temperature to shutting off the device after use, using Bradley electric smokers isn’t that difficult.

After you have your meats or other foods all prepped and ready, insert the bisquettes of your flavor choice into the feeder, turn on the generator, and wait about 20 minutes for the bisquette burner to preheat.

Next, press the “Wood” button to feed a bisquette on the burner.  (This will be automatic from here on out and one full load can last up to eight hours of smoking.)

Press “Smoker Timer Set,” and choose your preference.  Adjust the damper for airflow without keeping it closed all the way.  Then, turn the smoker to the “on” position.

Preheat until you reach the desired temperature. Then, set your desired heat and cooking times.  Lastly, add your food onto the racks.

To obtain cold smoke, use the generator only, but to achieve hot smoke, use both the generator and the oven.

As you’re smoking, be sure to replace the water in the water pan every two hours.

Bradley 6 Rack Digital Meat Smoker Description And Features

The Bradley Digital Electric Smoker doesn’t just provide aesthetics (it’s a damn sharp looking device) and quality cooking but also convenience for its users.

Bradley did a wonderful job providing a great experience for those choosing their electric smoker.

This model has some neat features worth noting, such as the following:

The Bradley Digital Electric Smoker At A Glance


  • Fully automatic electric smoker
  • Includes recipe book
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Powder epoxy steel exterior
  • Full digital control
  • Internal thermostat
  • Fully insulated
  • 1-UL and ANSI certified
  • CSA and ETL listed
  • 6 cooking racks (adjustable)
  • 781 square inches of cooking space
  • 500 watts cooking element
  • 125 watts bisquette burner
  • Heats up to approximately 280 degrees Fahrenheit (ambient air)
  • 17” (24” w/ generator) W x 14” D x 39” H (exterior)
  • 15” W x 11.50” D x 33” H (interior)
  • 57 lbs

Automatic Wood Feeding System

For your convenience, the Bradley Digital Smoker automatically adds another bisquette – which only last for 20 minutes, unfortunately – to keep the flavor going strong.

This is a feature that many users of this Bradley smoker love.

The bisquettes alone are a cool feature as they are really jam-packed with flavor.

Full Digital Control

The flexibility of choosing the temperature, time, and smoke through the digital controller of this device is a definite plus.

Best of all, the control it provides is very easy to understand and utilize.

Generally, this Bradley smoker has a convenient “set and forget” type of operation, so you won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your cooking.

Ash Catcher

I think we can all admit that one of the biggest annoyances with smoking is the clean-up.

Nobody wants to clean; they just want to eat.

But thinking of their users in the process, Bradley provides an easy ash catcher in this smoker to ensure simple maintenance and cleaning.

Apart from that, the racks of this smoker are Teflon-coated, which is additionally easy to clean. (Thank you, Bradley!)

Internal Thermostat

While it hasn’t always been accurate (because it is located close to the heating element), the digital thermostat is gorgeous and convenient at the same time, so you have a good idea of when it’s time to start cooking.

Even if it isn’t perfect, it’s nice to have a general idea of the internal temp when cooking.  For better control and knowing exactly what’s going on inside, I always recommend a quality remote probe thermometer to use in addition to my smokers and BBQs.

Who Is The Bradley 6 Rack Digital Electric Smoker Made For?

If you love the flavor of smoked meats but haven’t really smoked foods previously, you will love the ease of this Bradley digital smoker.

There really isn’t a lot to it besides turning it on, setting your temps and placing your meats or vegetables in the smoker.

Of course, the fact that you can let it run its course while you stay busy with something else, and the fact that it is easy to clean, are also features newcomers will love – or really, anyone who values their time.

Also, if you like to smoke year ‘round, you’ll find this smoker convenient because, as I mentioned, it’s tight door and stainless steel interior allows for the heat and smoke to stay as trapped as possible.

It does a good job even at below-freezing temperatures, which was a bit of a surprise for me.

The Bradley 6 Rack Digital Smoker is also favorable for those who like to host a lot of parties or cook for large groups of people.

It has a lot of cooking space, perhaps more than you would ever need, but if you need that space, you definitely have it.

Why You Should Think Twice

We all have our preferences, and that’s okay, but don’t buy the Bradley 6 Rack Digital Smoker if you want a fully stainless-steel smoker.

The interior is stainless steel, but unfortunately, the exterior is composed of powder epoxy steel, which isn’t as durable, and for some people, isn’t as attractive.  (I for one loved the look of this smoker.)

Additionally, for a 6-rack smoker, you aren’t going to get too much heat out of this smoker.  Many other smokers have a higher heat capacity.

While it can reach up to 280 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re lucky to get past 250 in reality.

Being vertical doesn’t help the capacity issue of the smoker.  Especially when you have six racks, more heat may be a necessity sometimes.

There are also hot spots towards the back and the top sections of this device.  Regardless, it still does the job well – but not flawlessly.

Last but not least, if you want a smoke ring on your meats (which many consider a sign of a quality smoke, and thus, flavor), don’t get this Bradley smoker as electric smokers generally won’t provide it.

Instead, consider a wood or charcoal smoker.  But using this Bradley smoker, you will get a lot of flavor in the form of Bradley’s bisquettes.

Pros And Cons

Price And Warranties

You can find the Bradley Digital 6 Rack Smoker at its suggested retail price of $649, but I have seen it as low as $394.58 on Amazon.  Of course, the prices are subject to change.

This smoker comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.  For the price, it would be nice to get at least two years of coverage just in case, especially because a handful of users have found technical problems with their device after the warranty has expired.

This smoker provides good value regardless, allowing me to pass this up as a con.

The Bottom Line

You may not get a smoke ring or the high temperatures you want from this Bradley digital electric smoker, but you sure will get an easy-to-use device and outstanding flavor as a byproduct.

In general, this smoker cooks more things evenly and to perfection in the end, especially thanks to Bradley’s tasty briquettes. (Although, I do wish they were more affordable and easier to find.)

But if you admire an attractive smoker that is within a decent price range, has nice diversity of how you can cook, and has minimal maintenance, you’re going to love the Bradley Digital 6 Rack Electric Smoker.

If you can’t buy it just yet, put it on your wish list!

Now It’s Your Turn

We want to hear from you!

Which outdoor smoker have you used before?

Have you used this smoker or any other Bradley smoker before?

What other features would you like to see in this smoker?

Are you going to be purchasing a smoker in the future?  Or do you plan on looking at a pellet grill, built-in or standalone gas grill, or charcoal model?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

If you still have questions, please feel free to send me a message.




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