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The Pros, the Cons, and the Facts about the Delta Heat Gas Grill 32-Inch Built-In (DHBQ32G-C-N).

What would be the top qualities you would want from your dream grill?

If you are like me, the items toward the top of your list would include durable construction and even heat distribution.

From the title of this review, you already know the Delta Heat Built-In Grill has just that.

This Delta Heat DHBQ32G-C-N is equipped with simple yet effective features but is nevertheless a quality grill holding ideal technology.

One thing you can count on when choosing this grill is that you will get a reliable, long-lasting, super powerful outdoor cooker that offers quick start-up and even heat.

Even though the Delta Heat 32-inch Grill is not what one would consider fancy, it does, however, offer a sleek and clean body and great capabilities for its slimmer price range.

To see all that the Delta Heat 32 grill has in store, read the rest of our review.

Product Quick Facts

Product Name: Delta Heat Built-In Grill (DHBQ32G-C-N), 32-Inch, Natural Gas

Made By: Delta Heat

Top 3 Features:

  • Three 18-gauge stainless steel U-burners>
  • Direct heat with ceramic briquettes offering even heat distribution
  • LED control panel lights and interior lights for nighttime grilling

Standout Benefits Of The Delta Heat Grill

One of the most noticeable benefits of opting for the Delta Heat BBQ grill is its overall appearance.

Many enjoy the heavy duty, stainless steel, welded design this Delta Heat grill has to offer.

From the beautiful control knob lighting system to the control knobs featuring a triangular design, this Delta Heat BBQ model is simple yet pleasing to the eye, making it easy to integrate into a variety of outdoor kitchens.

Other benefits we like include…

A Warming/Cooling Rack For Extra Cooking Space

Because you can never have enough cooking space, the Delta Heat Gas Grill has an integrated warming/cooling rack that we appreciated.

The rack is 174 square inches and is incredibly convenient to use at parties or other gatherings.

A warming/cooling rack is a great place to store meats or other items that may have finished cooking quicker than other items on the grill or to keep warm if guests are late to the party.

Little To No Hot Spots Or Flare-ups

Probably a good chunk of grills I have reviewed to date do have customers complaining of uneven heat distribution across the cooking area, which is a bummer if you’re trying to cook large amounts of food at once.

Fortunately, Delta Heat does a good job at solving this problem.

The ceramic briquettes – which we’ll discuss in detail a few sections later in this review – do a great job in eliminating flare-ups and hot spots on the grill surface for even heat distribution.

A Double-Walled Lid

The Delta Heat DHBQ32G-C-N comes with a double-walled lid for added heat retention and overall grill longevity.

Many grills have a double-walled, stainless steel grill lid, but this is something I appreciate (and often expect) in a grill I purchase as it really does work to trap in more heat and ensures that your grill is extra sturdy.

A User-Friendly Grill

This 32-inch Delta Heat grill is extremely easy to use and a super user-friendly grill overall.

User-friendliness is a huge bonus for grillers of all experience levels.

From the automatic easy light ignition to the simple knob temperature control, this Delta Heat is a cinch to operate and cook with.

To learn how easy Delta heat grills are to operate, head on down to the next section.

Using Delta Heat Grills

Just about any grill with electronic ignition is extremely easy to start up.

Delta Heat grills are no different there, but they offer a more reliable lighting feature.

Just open the grill’s hood, turn on the gas supply, push in the knob and wait for the spark ignitor to spark, and then push and twist the knob counter clockwise to the highest temperature until your grill is fired up.

If your Delta grill refuses to light, manually light your grill with a long match or lighter through the grates at the top of a burner’s cross tube.

Then, let your grill preheat for about 15 minutes or until your ideal cooking temperature is reached.  Place your food on the grill and adjust the temperature if necessary.

After you’re done, wait for your grill to cool down completely before cleaning your grates and cleaning up the drip pan.

Delta Heat 32-in Built-In Gas Grill Description And Features

The Delta Heat Built-In Grill has a few stand out features in my opinion, so let’s cover some of its best offerings.

Delta Heat 32-Inch Gas Grill at a Glance


  • 525 square inches of cooking space
  • 3 20,000 BTU U burners
  • 15,000 BTU rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner
  • Natural gas or propane option
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Mirror polished accents
  • Removable warming/cooling rack (174 square inches)
  • Double-lined hood
  • Two interior halogen lights
  • Made in the United States
  • Electronic 9-volt ignition
  • 875” x 32” x 20.5”
  • 50” x 30.50” x 19.75” cutout dimensions
  • 140 lbs

Three, 18-Gauge Stainless Steel U-burners

If you aren’t already familiar with U-burners, these bad boys are extremely simple to clean and provide excellent heat output.

Coupled with 304 stainless steel, Delta Heat’s three, 18-gauge U-burners are long-lasting, hardy burners that rarely need to be replaced with time.

Best of all, the U-burners of Delta Heat’s 32-inch grill really kicks out the heat for a reliable cooking experience.

Ceramic Briquettes

The direct heat and ceramic radiant grilling system of the Delta Heat 32-Inch grill allow for better heat distribution across the grill grates that go a long way in ensuring your foods are grilled perfectly each and every time.

Ceramic briquettes are a great option for gathering and holding heat, then distributing it evenly across the cooking surface in both gas and electric barbecue grills.

LED Control Panel And Interior Lights

The Delta Heat gas grill offers internal halogen lighting to ensure you can grill even in the dark.

It’s also equipped with beautiful, blue backlit control knobs that are both functional for nighttime grilling and attractive at the same time.

Integrated Analog Temperature Gauge

The Delta Heat Gas Grill offers an analog gauge in the center of the grill’s hood, offering fairly accurate temperature readings.

While this is convenient, a better option would be to invest in a digital remote probe thermometer for near exact accuracy.

These types of thermometers can tell you the temp of the inside of your grill AND the temp of your food at a much more accurate rate.

Who Is The Delta Heat Grill Made For?

This grill is great for those who love to grill at nighttime as it features bright, quality internal lights as well as backlit control knobs.

This is definitely a favorable feature Delta Heat threw in that is especially relevant for grilling in the wintertime.

However, one thing that grillers hate is having a grill without even heat distribution.  The Delta Heat Gas Grill takes the guesswork out of it.  (Fortunately, Delta Heat lives up to their name, right?)

If you value an even heating surface across your grill, you’ll love this Delta Heat grill.

The Delta Heat will also be a good option if you admire American-made barbecues – especially in stainless steel.

When I come across a quality U.S.-made grill, I do a little happy dance.  To me, this means receiving a better-quality grill and supporting an American-based company.

Why You Should Think Twice

If you’re hoping for a grill with advanced features and innovative technology, you aren’t going to find it in the Delta Heat Gas Grill.

Delta Heat does have some nifty, reliable features and general technology, but the grill is more on the simple side.  So, don’t expect anything crazy.

The Delta Heat Built-In Gas Grill also probably isn’t your best bet if you love to grill a lot of food at once for large groups.

Sure, it has the warming/cooling rack for storing food, but honestly, the amount of cooking space you receive is a bit skimpy compared to other grills of a similar price point. (Okay, maybe I’m just a little picky).

Lastly, I wouldn’t recommend the Delta Heat Gas Grill if you versatility in an outdoor grill.

Like I said, this is a simple grill.

It’s not decked out with a rotisserie burner or a sear zone – that is, unless you pay more for them.

But since we are focusing on the DHBQ32G-C-N model, in particular, you’re only getting three regular burners.  Avid grillers may not like to hear that.

Strong 304 stainless steel construction
Integrated LED lights are exceptionally bright
Made in the United States
Manufactured by one of the top grill companies
Clean design that conceals unattractive pipes and values
Heavy selection of accessories and other add-ons


Despite being made in the United States, the stainless steel cooking grates were made in China to cut back on manufacturing costs
Doesn’t come with an integrated rotisserie or sear zone (must buy a more expensive model that comes with one or both)

Price And Warranties

If you’re wanting a quality built-in gas grill in the moderate to low range, you’re in luck.

The Delta Heat Gas Grill is currently listed at most places for $2,189.00, often with free shipping.

The price isn’t bad for what you get; however, I will say that there are barbecues at comparable prices that offer more features.  But then again, not everybody wants or needs a grill with fancy features and options.

The Delta Heat grill’s warranty is favorable, but it doesn’t offer a lifetime limited warranty like many of its competitors.

For parts and labor, there is a 90-day residential warranty for Delta Heat grills.  Component parts including the ignition and gas systems, lights, briquette trays (not including the briquettes), and other parts have a full one-year warranty.

The stainless steel burners are guaranteed a 10-year limited warranty and will be either repaired or replaced if there is a defect present.

Lastly, Delta Heat offers a 15-year limited warranty on the stainless steel grates and housing from defects; however, general wear and tear including rust, scratches, and the like aren’t covered.

The Bottom Line

Ease of use, a beautiful appearance, and quality cooking can all be found in Delta Heat’s 32-inch Built-In Gas Grill.

While there are a few downsides to opting for this Delta gas grill – such as the fact that they are a little more difficult to find for sale than other BBQs – this is still a grill I highly recommend.

That said, this slightly compact, moderately-priced grill is excellent if you want a simpler grill with great heat distribution, a convenient integrated lighting system, and a durable stainless steel-construction made right here on American grounds.

Go ahead and give this BBQ a purchase if the latter criteria meet your wants and needs.

Now It’s Your Turn

We want to hear from you!

Which built-in gas grill have you used before?

Have you used this grill or any other Delta Heat Grills before?

What other features would you like to see on this grill?

Are you going to be purchasing a built-in gas grill in the future?  Or do you plan on looking at a pellet grill, built-in or standalone gas grill, or charcoal model?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

If you still have questions, please feel free to send me a message.



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