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The Pros, the Cons, and the Facts about the Lion Premium Grills L75623 32″ Built-In Gas Grill.

We have all seen the dream patios with a sleek, stainless steel built in grill surrounded by a perfectly architected rock or brick island.  The portable charcoal/gas grill you have now is nice, but a built-in grill could easily give your patio the upgrade you have been looking for.  After all, the grill is the center of the attention at any BBQ right?

Here at the Grilling Life, we could go on all day talking about built in grills and which is the best for your application, but we are going to save you the time and introduce you to the comprehensive solution, the Lion Grills L75623 grill.

This built in, natural gas grill is full of stand out features including 830 sq inches of cooking surface, 75,000 total BTUs, premium solid stainless-steel cooking grates, interior lights, and a stainless steel smoker head with polished edges.

We are going to break down each of these features for you and show you exactly why this Lion premium gas grill both outshines and out performs the competition.

Product Quick Facts

Product Name: Lion Premium Grills L75623 32″Built-In Natural Gas Grill

Made By: Lion Premium Grills

Top 3 Features:

  • 830 Square Inches Of Cooking Surface
  • 75,000 Total BTUs
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grates

Standout Benefits Of The Lion Premium Grills L75623

The Lion L75623 is one of the most affordable built in grills on the market when compared to grills with similar features.  Not only is it easy on the wallet, many of the components on this grill carry a lifetime warranty.  Lion is known for its excellent customer service and industry-leading warranties.

Other benefits we like are…

High End Features At A Budget Friendly Price

Lion has integrated features normally found on higher end, more expensive grills into this affordable grill.  I don’t know about you, but I have always imagined piecing together my dream grill and it appears this is exactly what Lion has done.  Putting all of the “I wish I had that” features into a grill that won’t break your bank.

Constructed For The True Outdoor Griller

Finding a grill that can withstand constant Texas heat, the frigid winters of Colorado, or the humidity of Florida can prove challenging.  Not to mention, I have yet to hear “You know what I really enjoy doing?  Moving my grill from under the protected covered patio to beside the pool each weekend”.  That is just a pain.

Lion understands the need for an all-weather grill that can stand up to the elements and this Lion Premium Grill solves this problem.  They have built this grill with a 304 stainless steel grade frame and housing to withstand all weather conditions so you can have a built in grill on the patio, poolside, or wherever you desire to grill!

Standing Behind Their Product

With the abuse that a grill can take from high temperatures to extreme weather conditions, you are going to want a high-quality grill from a company that stands behind their product.

The last thing you want to encounter when dealing with a broken grill is a poor customer service experience from the company and no warranty.

Lion stands behind their products 100% and builds their grills to last. The burners, cooking grids, and stainless-steel housing on the lion l75623 grill are all covered under a lifetime warranty.

Using The Lion L75623 Grill

The Lion 75000 series grill is designed to be operated like any other ordinary natural gas grill (sans its many features), but there are a few requirements when installing this built in grill.

This grill is built to be dropped into an enclosure with the dimensions of 31” x 21 1/2” x 10”. You will also want to ensure that the enclosure and the space above the grill are made from non-combustible materials.  Lastly, always make sure there is proper ventilation where the grill is installed to prevent a hazard.

Lion Premium Grills L75623 Description And Features

With a full list of features and quality build, the Lion L75623 exceeds our standards for the price range that it falls into.  In other words, you get real value for your money with this grill.

And just when we think we have seen it all on this grill, there are still surprises to be had.

From the enormous cooking surface to the stainless steel housing to the handy Gourmet Package that comes with each grill, we can’t think of anything else to ask for!

Let’s dive into the features and see why this grill is at the upper end of our list.

830 Sq/In Of Cooking Space

Any true griller knows that having ample grilling space is one of the more important features of a grill.   After all, who has time to stand around a grill making four burgers at a time?  Then, there is also the need of having proper space and air flow between each food item for even cooking.

This grill features an astounding 830 square inches of cooking space that will make grilling a large amount of food at next big party a breeze.  To put that into perspective, that’s about 40 standard size hamburgers!

75,000 Total BTUs Of Heating Power

We hear BTU ratings all of the time and most likely assume more is better right?

Kind Of.  A BTU, or British Thermal Unit, is a measurement of how much heat your grill can produce.  The normalized standard to look for is 80-100 BTUs per square inch of cooking surface.

With this standard and 830 square inches of cooking space, this Lion grill would need to fall between 66,560-83,000  BTUs. With a 75,000 BTU rating, the L75623 grill falls right in line.

Stainless Steel Cooking Grates

If you are like me, one of my most hated tasks of maintaining my grill is having to clean the grates.

Having dealt with porcelain coated cast iron grills in the past, I can tell you that while they retain heat well, they tend to rust and corrode over time.

This is where the stainless steel cooking grates on the grill outshine the competition.  Stainless steel cooking grates are easier to clean, will not corrode or rust, and retain heat better than cast iron.

Dual Interior Lights

One of the coolest features on this grill is the dual interior lights mounted inside the lid of the grill.

If you have ever grilled in a low light situation, you know this feature has crossed your mind a time or two.  Controlled by a stainless steel switch, you can easily turn the lights on and off to keep an eye on what you are grilling.  Lion implemented this feature very well on this grill as the built in lights do a great job of lighting up the grilling surface at night.

Infrared Rotisserie Back Burner

Whether you are making a Thanksgiving turkey or just want to cook up a nice chicken dinner, the 15,000 BTU infrared rotisserie back burner can help give you a nice even cook.

Mounted at the rear of the grill, this back burner helps cook rotisseries meals to the perfect golden exterior you just can’t get from standard grilling.

Stainless Steel Frame & Housing

To keep your grill lasting for years and years of grilling outdoors, Lion has constructed this grill with a stainless-steel frame and housing that is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Stainless steel is the new standard when it comes to higher-end grills for its versatility and high end looks.  It also makes matching up to any brick or rock surface very easy!

Adjustable Warming Rack

A warming rack is a grilling essential for keeping meats warm, heating up buns and creating a secondary heating zone.

Having a stationary rack means you only have one level of raised heating making controlling temperatures on things you want to keep warm much harder.  This grill features adjustable stainless-steel warming racks to allow you the versatility of controlling how much heat your meats or buns get.

Free Gourmet Package Included

The 32” L75623, Lion includes a Gourmet Package that is full of must haves and acts as a starter kit for your new grill.

This kit includes a rotisserie, a cover for the grill, a handy smoker box, griddle, and griddle remover with a bottle opener.

With all of this included and being options you would normally like to purchase anyways, this could weigh heavily in a buying decision!

Who Is The Lion L75623 Built For?

The Lion L75623 Premium Grill is made to be operated by a wide range of grillers.

Being a built-in grill, this grill is going to be catered more toward the homeowner with a built-in patio kitchen or island.

Lion offers many other useful accessories to add to your enclosure for a matching set that looks stunning when coupled with a rock-faced surface.  Plus, if you are wanting to buy an enclosure, Lion also offers these prebuilt to fit their grills!

Why You Should Think Twice

While it is hard to pick apart anything that would turn me off of this grill, I will say I am a little skeptical of the stainless-steel handle and knobs on this grill.

Don’t get me wrong, I love how clean it looks, but while cooking at high heats or in the dead of summer in the sun, I imagine they could get hot.  The stainless-steel handle and knobs could mean some inadvertently burnt fingers and hands!

It would have been nice if Lion added a heat protective ring or casings onto the knobs and handles.   While not a deal breaker when compared to the value and all the other great features of this grill, it is something to keep in mind.

Lion Premium Grills L75623 Pros And Cons

Gourmet Package Included
Stainless Steel Grates
Easy Clean Up
Large Cooking Space
Infrared Rotisserie Back Burner


Stainless Steel Handles/Buttons Could Get Hot

Price And Warranties

Coming in just shy of the $1,500 currently, with a price tag of $1,495.00, the Lion L75623 is priced considerably low considering all of the top of line features and the included accessories that you receive with it.

This grill carries an industry leading warranty with the burners, cooking grids, and stainless-steel housing all being covered under a lifetime warranty.  However, Lion’s customer service has been reported as coming short of favorable according to a few Amazon reviews.

The Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the L75623 is a phenomenal grill that I would suggest to anyone who is looking for a high quality, high performance built in grill.

The large cooking space, power output, stainless-steel design, and interior lights are just a few of the features that I would want, and Lion has given it to us all in one with this grill.

As far as the few reviews touching on the customer service issues, these were only a drop in the bucket compared to the many raving reviews of this grill.

If you are looking for the perfect addition to your patio with the availability of matching accessories for the ultimate dream backyard grill, look no further than the Lion L75623 grill.

Now It’s Your Turn

We want to hear from you!

Which built-in gas grill have you used before?

Have you used this grill or any other Lion Premium Grill?

What other features would you like to see in this grill?

Are you going to be purchasing a built-in gas grill in the future?  Or do you plan on looking at a pellet grill, standalone gas grill, or charcoal model?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

If you still have questions, please feel free to send me a message.



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