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The Pros, the Cons, and the Facts about the Napoleon LEX 605 Built-In Gas Grill.

Buying a shiny new grill with plenty of cooking space is not enough to make it a reliable investment.  However, the Napoleon LEX 605 doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to providing quantity and quality.
Be prepared to cook up a whole meal on this baby without ever having to leave the grill and expect the results to be mouthwatering each and every time.  Best of all, the LEX 605 is designed to continue cooking for decades.

Product Quick Facts

Napoleon LEX 605 Quick Facts

Product Name: Napoleon BILEX605RBIPSS Built In Propane Gas Grill

Made By: Napoleon

Top 3 Features:

  • JETFIRE™ ignition system
  • ACCU-PROBE™ temperature gauge
  • I-GLOW backlit control knobs

Standout Benefits Of The Napoleon LEX 605 Grill

The amount of cooking space is one of the key benefits the LEX 605 has.  With plenty of room for grilling along with a grand total of six burners to use, most grillers will have more than what they need.  That is until they need it.  Then I guarantee you that you will be thankful for the generous cooking space.

At this point, it may seem that this grill is only about the extra space, but there is much more to it than that.  For instance, with its heavy construction and sturdy lid, it can lock in flavors easily due to its ability to maintain and retain its heat.

Other benefits we like are…

Amble Prep And Storage Space

There is an insane amount of prep and storage space on the LEX 605.

One of Napoleon’s goals with creating their LEX 605 grill was to provide plenty of space to make their BBQ an “all-in-one” device.

If you currently have minimal prepping, serving, or storing space and aren’t looking to expand to an outdoor kitchen just yet, the Napoleon LEX 605 can provide the extra space you’re looking for.

While cooking multiple foods on your grill you can make the sauce on one side while your friends grab a cold one from the integrated ice bucket on the other side of the LEX 605.  It’s an awesome luxury when it comes to entertainment.

Favorable Price To Feature Ratio

Some might look at the price of the LEX 605 and run, but the price is actually very favorable for everything you receive.

This grill automatically lights, has plenty of burners, is guaranteed to last a lifetime, is pleasing to the eye, and most of all can cook anything from baby back ribs to large chickens, to pizzas, to muffins.

The versatility, quality build and included options at hand make the LEX 605 completely worth the price in our opinion.  This is a high value built in and is one you’ll want to show off to your buds for sure.

The Napoleon LEX 605 Has Commercial Quality Construction

Made mainly with stainless steel and constructed with a double-walled lid, the LEX 605 provides commercial quality easily.  This grill isn’t sensitive to dents, scratches, and wear and tear to the frame and housing the way other grills on the market are.

Just from the amount of space offered on the Lex 605, we’re already feeling the commercial quality.

Optional Charcoal Smoker Tray

You can add a wood or charcoal smoker tray to achieve smokier flavors while still gas grilling – thanks to the larger interior of the LEX 605.

Even if gas isn’t your first choice in a BBQ, no worries.  Napoleon’s LEX 605 Gas Grill has plenty of cooking space to add the optional charcoal and smoker tray, so you can still experiment with different smoky flavors that you desire whether that be from charcoal or real wood.

The flexibility of having the option to opt for charcoal or wood is on a gas grill is awesome; especially if you plan to have multiple people with different grilling styles use your LEX 605.  Even if you simply plan to play around with different methods – whether you’re new or an expert to grilling – you can do so with this Napoleon grill.

Using The Napoleon LEX

For a quick rundown on using a built in gas grill, be sure to listen closely.

When lighting your LEX 605 for the very first time, please keep in mind that there will be a slight odor.  This is normal and temporary.  Just continue to run the main burners for about 30 minutes prior to cooking for the first time.

It’s as simple to light as your kitchen stovetop.

After the initial lighting, the Napoleon LEX 605 grill is straight-forward to use.  To light the main burner, push and turn the main dial to ‘hi’ until the burner lights.  To light the rear burner, be sure to remove the warming rack before pushing and turning the rotisserie burner control knob.  As for the lighting the side burner, push and turn the side burner controller to high.

If you plan to sear your meats first, Napoleon recommends preheating your grill.  You can do this by placing all the main burners on high for 10 minutes with the lid on.

For infrared cooking, your food will be ready to pack onto the grill after preheating with the lid on for five minutes with the infrared burner on high – or when the ceramic burners turn red, whichever comes first.

When using the rear burner option, note that this is designed to be used with a rotisserie kit, which must be purchased separately or in a grill-kit packaged deal.

Napoleon LEX 605 Grill Description And Features

Napoleon is a top name in the gas grill industry and has been providing quality grills to the masses for many years.

With that said, let’s take a deeper look into the many great features it’s armed with.

JETFIRE™ Ignition System

Forget the frustrations of manually lighting your grill. The JetFire Ignition System that comes with the LEX 605 ensures lighting your burners is an instantaneous and no-brainer process.

The simplicity of igniting the LEX 605 makes it convenient for grillers of all barbecuing knowledge experience levels.

ACCU-PROBE™ Temperature Gauge

Quickly monitor your grill’s temperature range with the ACCU-PROBE™ Temperature Gauge. Rest assured that you will receive precise temperature measurements in part thanks to the double-walled lid keeping heat in.

Temperatures range from 0 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Not a bad maximum temperature for a grill!

I-GLOW Backlit Control Knobs

If you’re a grilling fanatic like us, there are no limitations to when you grill: summer, winter, morning, night. With the I-GLOW Backlit feature, your LEX 605 grill’s knobs will glow blue and your burners will light up red/orange, making it easy to see what you’re doing even in the dead of night.

The led lights of the I-GLOW system are set to last up to 30,000 hours (great energy efficiency). Even with a feature as “simple” as this, it provides a special luxurious feel many other models lack.

High Heat Infrared Ceramic Rear Burner

Sear your meats steakhouse style with the LEX’s infrared burner. The ceramic burner reaches a whopping 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit and has 15,500 BTUs.

While most may not use the infrared burner on the LEX 605 every time they use their grill, just having the option to use it alongside your regular grilling – or even by itself – is a great added feature not all grills are equipped with.

Space Saving LIFT EASE Roll Top Lid

If you plan on placing your LEX 605 against a wall or other structure, you can do it as this baby is constructed with a roll top lid.

The lid of the Napoleon LEX 605 not only saves space but also has a double-walled construction to help meats retain juice and flavor – all while maintaining a consistent temperature range. Double-walled, roll top lids typically are costly luxury items if opting for one with another grill model.

Who Is The Napoleon LEX 605 Built-In Gas Grill For?

Without a doubt, the Napoleon LEX 605 is essential for anyone wanting to grill up a feast – especially for parties.

If you have a lot to cook, the LEX 605 has plenty of grilling, storage, and prepping room to make the process as convenient as possible.  Many companies like to skimp out on space if their grill already has great output, but Napoleon provides both in this model.

If you have a moderate to high budget for a grill but are afraid to of getting ripped off, you won’t need to worry if you opt for this model.  You can be confident that Napoleon will give you exactly what you’re paying for plus more.  Many grills have semi-major drawbacks, but it’s difficult to find true cons with the LEX 605.

Generally, because the Napoleon LEX 605 is simple to use, truly anyone would be happy with it – even if you’re completely new to barbequing.  Whether you have a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen area or a tiny raised location to place your built-in grill, the LEX 605 can provide additional storage and other space to make your general dining needs more suitable.  Even night grillers will have a blast with the LEX 605 thanks to its I-GLOW backlit feature.

Why You Should Think Twice

Napoleon LEX 605 grills are reliable and don’t have any major cons to point out.

If there’s any true compromise you may have to make, it may be the price, but the quality is all there to make up for it.  While there are many other grills on the market much pricier, let it be known to all your grill buds that the LEX 605 provides greater quality than many grills even below its price point.

Also, if you’re hoping the Napoleon LEX 605 grill has fancy technology such as integrated Bluetooth, this isn’t the BBQ for you.  While that would be nice, Napoleon places focus on the grilling experience and general quality.  When one has that, extra techy features don’t mean much.

Pros And Cons

Easy-to-control cooking temperatures
Large cooking space (850 sq. in. total)
Available either as a propane or natural gas unit
Sturdy, stainless steel construction
6 burners total (4 main, 1 rear, 1 ceramic infrared)


Grill cover and rotisserie kits are sold separately as accessories
Not entirely stainless steel

Price And Warranties

The Napoleon LEX 605 is currently priced at $1,499 with free shipping from multiple sources.

If purchased on Amazon, you have 12 months to pay off your grill before getting hit with interest.

The price for the LEX 605 may be on the heftier side for many, but no worries: there’s a president’s limited lifetime warranty included.  The warranty is a standout in its class.  Additionally, if you aren’t happy with your grill, you can return it within 90 days of purchase.

The Bottom Line

Napoleon has done a job well-done with their LEX 605 grill from its overall design to the performance it provides.

This BBQ is quick to start, easy to ‘que large amounts of food on, and provides plenty of room for storing and serving when finished using your grill.

Great quality, plenty of cooking space, cooking versatility, and great bang for your buck: what more could you want in a grill?  It has plenty of great cooking features and accessories, comes from a well-respected company and is backed by a top-notch warranty.

If you’re hoping for a strong and reliable grill, choosing the Napoleon LEX 605 Grill will be a good choice for you.

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