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The Pros, the Cons, and the Facts About the 10 Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens For 2021

The 10 Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens - The Grilling Life

This updated Top 10 Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens Ratings Guide for 2021 includes upgraded models and several new first-time entries to this list that I am excited to share with you.

When it comes to outdoor cooking, there are two different opinions. The first being, cook with wood/charcoal for the smokiest flavors and long/high-temperature burn times.

Or cook with natural gas/propane. This class of cooking appliances offers quick preheating and more temperature control. And you can cook outdoors on rainy days.

Whichever opinion you’re more inclined to support, one thing is for sure: the food tastes delicious.

However, the babysitting aspects, the complicated ratio of wood or charcoal to get the fire lit, keep it going, and messy cleanup leave many an outdoor cook perplexed.

So, they turn their sights and trust their steaks and pizzas and seafood to the conveniences of natural gas and propane-fueled cooking ovens (and grills).

In this article, we will discuss the 10 Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens for 2021. We’ll also discuss pizza and so very much more.

You’ll learn how a gas pizza oven works, the benefits of pizza ovens, and the exciting foods you can cook.

Next, we’ll share our rating criteria, so you know precisely which outdoor gas pizza to shop for your outdoor cooking space.

We’ve even included some unique portable pizza oven models in our reviews, so there is something for everyone!

We’ll also share the importance of understanding the warranty and what the manufacturer offers.

You’ll read real user feedback because it’s important to know what other outdoor cooks think of their gas pizza ovens.

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The 10 Best Built In Gas Grills Under $3,500

Why Buy An Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven?

The OBVIOUS Benefit

There is one obvious benefit of owning an outdoor pizza oven.

You say goodbye to delivery, and hello to personalized pies, covered (smothered?) with crispy toppings, loaded with gooey caramelized cheese (or not), and perfectly steamed and baked crust, hot and sizzling from the oven.

In other words, YOU get the pizza YOU want.

Do you want pineapple? Why not! Banana peppers? Okay! Thanksgiving Leftovers pizza? Now we’re talking—no judgments, only perfect pizza.

An outdoor pizza oven lets everybody be invited to your pizza party to make and enjoy their ultimate dream pizza.

The OTHER Benefits

Now that we got the obvious out of the way, let’s discuss some other benefits of owning an outdoor pizza oven.

– Flame Rolling – Long before modern technology, brick oven cooking was designed with one thing in mind: the heat movement. The dome-shaped ceiling of a pizza oven was no accident.

Early primitive models were engineered with clay terracotta bricks. The bricks “roll” the heat. Similar to how a convection oven works by circulating heat in a circular motion. First, the bricks absorb heat (preheat), then distribute it evenly, and then force it down across the food’s surface.

– No Reheating Between Pizzas – The moment you open the door on a square or rectangular oven, the preheat signal beeps, and the oven starts a reheating cycle. Not so with a pizza oven.

Because of the unique dome-design and even heat distribution, pizza ovens rarely cool down when fresh food is placed inside the oven at the start of a new cooking cycle.

Although you get this same unique, consistent heat feature with a wood-fired pizza oven, too, you have to add wood and wait if you need to maintain optimal temperatures, whereas, with a gas-powered pizza oven, you’re controlling the heat by turning a dial.

– High Temperatures (Instantly) – Every oven needs time to preheat, but when you combine refractory brick and ceramic celerite baking technologies into a gas-powered oven with manual temperature controls, you’re preheated and cooking within 5-10 minutes.

Wood and charcoal take their sweet time to get to the desired optimal temperatures. Which means you have to be patient too. If you want to read more about Wood-fired pizza ovens, GO HERE!

Why This Guide Will Be Helpful For You

After reading this guide, you will be armed with all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision on your next purchase.  Consider this guide as a checklist for all the categories you should take into consideration before buying.

As always, my goal is to save you time and money by doing all the research and testing for you, so you don’t have to.


Choosing the perfect Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven can be tough.  What should you look for in a good gas-fired home pizza oven?  How much should you spend on the best products?  I’ll try to answer those questions, and several more, in the information below.

Because outdoor home pizza ovens are becoming more common, it helps to pay attention to the details of each option and comparison shop before you make a final pick.

But with such a large number of products to choose from, it can still get confusing trying to decide which one best fits your needs, let alone your budget.  It all comes down to being informed on the different choices to help you decide which one is best for you.

That’s where I come in.

There is a broad range in prices depending on features and brands.  Using this guide, I am confident you will find exactly what you are looking for in a gas-fired home pizza oven for your outdoor living space.

This product overview acts as a buyer’s guide to five of the best outdoor gas pizza ovens on the market today.

I’ll show you what features to look for and give you several excellent options for pizza ovens with a wide range of prices along the way.  My choices are also backed by many strong experts and user reviews so you can count on them.

Make sure to keep reading after the final review for a buyer’s guide & FAQ section to help you with your decision when it’s time to make your purchase.

The Rating Criteria – How We Rate These Pizza Ovens

We use the below expert rating criteria as we reviewed pizza ovens from brands we trust, use, and love.

The main criteria we took into consideration when reviewing these gas-fired pizza ovens are:


If we’ve learned one thing in our research and testing, it’s that gas-powered pizza ovens are not created equal.

We recommend that you thoroughly read our reviews and do your own research. Understand what each manufacturer offers. This way, you can make an informed decision. Gas-powered pizza ovens range from affordable portable options to very significant investments.

However, no matter which oven you choose, the benefits are tremendous. And it will look amazing next to your grill.


Always look for a welded frame with no rivets or seams.

The combination of inclement weather and a pizza oven that can fire at temperatures above 800°F warrant a durable heat and element resistant 304-grade stainless steel.

Otherwise, you run the risk of corrosion and a warped dome.

Also, look for a pizza oven made with seamless and dual-walled construction to provide consistent, optimal cooking temperatures.

Most of the gas-powered pizza ovens in our review are heavy and should remain stationary.

Many of these outdoor models also have a freestanding option with a cover. Consider a well-made, dependable outdoor pizza oven that will last. If you already own an outdoor grill, put your knowledge to work.

You know what you like about your grill, what unique features offer you the best performance. Look for similar features in your new pizza oven.

PRO TIP: Make sure to always remove and store the chimney separately. You don’t want it to rust against the dome’s housing/fitting.


We’re talking gas-powered pizza ovens in this article, but when you get right down to it, an outdoor pizza oven is probably going to become your new best friend and most used cooking appliance.

Yes, the oven in your kitchen is lovely, but the first time you cook in an outdoor range, you will wonder why you weren’t cooking this way all along.

Anything you can cook in your kitchen’s oven, you can cook in an outdoor pizza oven. The only noticeable difference is how the pizza oven distributes radiant heat and cooks your food faster and to perfection.

Food that cooks evenly tastes better.

Kitchen ovens can be temperamental, and you have to move the racks around to find the hot spots. Pizza ovens, on the other hand, are a master of technological design. Every food imaginable can be placed in the same cooking area.

They are genuinely magical cooking vessels.

Portable pizza oven models can be stored easily in the garage or a cabinet in your outdoor kitchen. And they’re fun to take camping!


Gas-powered pizza ovens preheat quickly, while also allowing you the opportunity to dial the heat up or down once you’ve reached your preferred cooking temperature.

High Heat / BTU

As you shop for a gas-powered pizza oven, pay close attention to the oven’s BTU, or British Thermal Unit.

“One BTU is the amount of energy needed to change the temperature of one pound of water (either hotter or cooler) by one degree Fahrenheit.”

The higher the BTU, the more heat. Higher temperatures mean bubbling golden brown, crispy results.

As you read over our reviews, you’ll see that the larger gas-powered pizza ovens have a higher BTU, the more portable models a smaller BTU.

But don’t be fooled. Gas-powered pizza ovens are designed with BTU ratios in mind. You’re getting just as much heat and energy from a smaller pizza oven as you are from a more extensive built-in or freestanding model.

The question is: How much space do you have, and how much cooking do you do?


Relate capacity to our Value section. If you’re a more-bang-for-your-buck type of person, a larger oven with the largest square inch cooking floor space is probably the way to go.

You have the option of purchasing a one- or two-burner pizza oven. Burners relate to temperature control – higher temperatures in a two-burner oven – and BTUs.

If you want the best gas-powered pizza oven to complement your outdoor cooking/grilling experiences, consider an oven with a square footage cooking surface and overall footprint that matches the quantity of food you would normally cook indoors.

You can always upgrade when it’s time to expand your outdoor kitchen.

Even – Heat Distribution

Heat distribution in a gas-powered pizza oven relies mainly on the thickness of insulation built into the dome, plus the type and thickness of the refractory bricks built into the cooking floor.

The dome rests on the insulated hearth, aka, the cooking surface.

While a square or rectangular oven allows heat only to rise, the domes used in gas-powered pizza oven construction are specially designed to reach higher temperatures and evenly distribute heat through a convection and conduction process known as flame rolling.

Flame rolling will be explained further in many of our product reviews. Manufacturers try to mimic the way a traditional stone/brick oven sends flames up, over, and around the food for an even and immersive cooking experience.

The “low” dome-shaped ovens in our review pay tribute to the traditional cooking methods used to bake a Neapolitan pizza.

It is the principal design most manufacturers use to construct their pizza ovens, however, you will read about several models that use the technology of a pizza oven and also function as a convection oven.

Customer Service

How does this thing work? Can I use this pizza oven indoors? I’m missing the chimney! The oven is burning too hot! When you don’t know where do you go, what do you do? You turn to the people that do know. Nothing beats fantastic customer support.

From the early stages when you’re shopping for a gas-powered pizza oven, when you’re measuring the cut out for the oven to fit, or having fun discovering all the accessories – and if they fit your pizza oven – having a knowledgeable, reliable, helpful, and accessible customer support team is essential.

In each of our reviews, we spell out different ways to reach the pizza oven manufacturer’s support network and how customers have responded to that support.

Warranty And Company Reputation

This brings us to the written guarantee section of this article; consider the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing any gas-powered pizza oven.

A reputable manufacturing company always stands behind quality and durability and should offer you the best warranty available.

Warranties can range from 1-year to a lifetime. Know your warranty and register your grill with the manufacturer before the first barbecue.

Although it seems arbitrary, it is essential to read the fine print. Ask questions! Make sure you know precisely which parts of your wood-fired pizza the manufacturer will replace under warranty. Especially the burners and ignition.

You’ll find the necessary warranty information in each of the top 10 pizzas ovens we’ve reviewed.

Real User Feedback And Reviews

Besides us, who better to tell you how an outdoor pizza oven performs than the pizza enthusiast that owns the oven!

While the warranty certainly stands behind the manufacturer’s promises, it’s the real user feedback that puts the proof in the pudding.

Outdoor cooks are transparent and tell it straight. If a review says, “best pizza oven ever,” or “the attention to detail on this oven makes it the best value around,” best believe, it’s coming from a user excited to share their opinion.

We pass along some nuggets of wisdom, so you are well informed about your pizza oven purchase.

We share a few of each gas-fired pizza oven’s pros and cons in our reviews and constructive and helpful user reviews and feedback.

The Top 10 Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens

Using the above criteria, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best outdoor gas pizza ovens to act as a guide.

The list includes a variety of outdoor gas-powered pizza ovens. You will discover a range of prices to fit every budget.

Whether you’re looking for a larger gas-powered pizza oven to add to your outdoor kitchen or want a smaller sized, portable model for tailgating, it’s the fantastic features that each of our top 10 gas-powered pizza ovens offer that out them over the top.

Some features are similar; others are proprietary to the manufacturer.

Either way, they heat up fast, cook pizzas and many other favorite foods to perfection, and all of these gas-powered pizza ovens rival the professional pizza ovens!

It’s these innovative features that make our top 10 best gas-powered pizza ovens of 2021 an exciting choice to add to your cooking and grilling experience.

It would be best if you always do your due diligence, however. Don’t be swayed by salespeople and never buy a pizza oven on-sight.

On to my picks for 2021!

“Editor’s Choice – Best Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven Overall”

#1 Alfresco 30-Inch Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven Plus

Editor's Choice

Alfresco 30-Inch Natural Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven Plus - Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens

From the moment your Alfresco 30-inch Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven Plus arrives, you’ll understand why the manufacturer is committed to the selection, value, and offering their excellent customer service.

And did we mention, this pizza oven is the “most versatile and highest performing” gas pizza ovens in its class!

From pizza to thick, juicy New York steaks, you’ll be preheated and cooking within 15 minutes. And you can cook a pizza in 3 minutes!

Don’t limit yourself with this gas pizza oven: bake desserts, and iron-skillet sear all your favorite cuts of meats.

Alfresco uses a proprietary ceramic “fireplace like log” to accelerate preheat times. This innovative technology pushes even radiant heat forward and up towards the ¾” refractory ceramic ceiling, producing intense heat found in real Italian brick pizza ovens.

The oven’s outer parts are substantial 304, 18-8 heli-arc welded solid stainless steel to prevent seams, airflow corrosion, and leakage.

A generous 8.5″ opening with beautiful stainless steel framed glass, hinged doors help trap the heat, and the dual-burners in this oven can reach temperatures of 1,000° F.

The exclusive natural air-cooled plenum – the space between the insulated dome and cooking floor – keeps the control panel cool to the touch.

The doors are also fully removable to switch up airflow if you’re cooking more sensitive food, like skewers and vegetables.

Use the integrated halogen oven light for nighttime cooking and late-night pizza parties.

Alfresco 30-inch Gas Pizza Oven offers you 456 square inches of cooking space.

Maximum BTUs = 40,000

Warranty – 5-year limited lifetime warranty covers defects and workmanship. 2-year warranty on the ignition system. Contact the manufacturer for specific warranty information.

Available Model Upgrades –

Choose between three non-multiuser* Alfresco 30-inch PLUS models:

  • Countertop – With built in rear exhaust ventilation port, this version measures 30” W x 30” D x 24” H and weighs 265 pounds.
  • Built-In – 30” W x 30” D x 47.375” H. 267 pounds. Chimney measures 17 & 13/16”
  • Freestanding – With stainless cart and four locking casters, measures 33” W x 30” D x 60.625” H

Noteworthy Accessories Available For Purchase –

  • Glass Door Retrofit Kit
  • Custom Cart
  • Pizza Prep & Garnish Rail with Food Pans (see Plating & Garnish Center)

Customer Support – Excellent support via phone, fax, and email. Alfredo offers design services if you have questions or need expert advice.

This model is available in Natural Gas & Propane models.

High Quality ceramic flooring and insulation

Consistent top-down cooking and outstanding radiant heat performance

Tempered glass door lets you see the food and maintain optimal temperatures

Water Pan & Herb Box for steaming for complete cooking versatility


Small one-pizza-at-a-time cooking floor

Commercially designed, however, NOT for commercial use

“Editor’s Choice – Best Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven”

#2 Lynx Professional Napoli 30-Inch Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

Top Pick

Lynx Professional Napoli 30-Inch Natural Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven - Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens

As the main page of the Lynx website opens, you’re treated to a video of fresh-baked, golden brown cinnamon rolls pulled from the Napoli 30-inch gas outdoor pizza oven.

No wonder the manufacturer states, “It’s your passport to another realm of outdoor cuisine.”

Built with hand-polished mirrored edges and backlit blue LED control knobs, this Lynx Professional Pizza Oven is stunning. Have fun cooking at night with the integrated interior halogen light.

This double burner beauty uses adjustable, responsive infrared heat, it preheats in minutes, and can reach temperatures of 700°F.

Use the generous 400 square feet of cooking space for pizza, whole chickens, prime rib, and anything else you want to take on authentic stone baking techniques.

Superior formulated refractory concrete in the interior dome works in tandem with the cooking surface and simultaneously pulls radiant heat forward across the food’s surface towards the removable door/opening.

The heat technology is so innovative in the PLUS; the manufacturer claims you’ll never have to rotate or move the food around while cooking.

The engineers at Lynx challenged themselves to master the art of the pizza oven’s dome to match the brilliance of an imported Napoli-style pizza oven. Hence the name and the performance.

A unique reversible exhaust chimney on the top of the oven lets you decide how to whisk the heat up and away as you’re cooking. An easy-to-read analog thermometer enables you to see internal temperatures at a glance.

Altogether, the Lynx measures 30″ W x 28.5″ D x 29″ H and weighs 255 pounds.

Bottom line, you get nothing less than the fullest flavors and that evenly baked finish.

The same kind you’d expect from an authentic Italian stone oven!

Get your dough prepared and toppings organized. Fire up your Lynx when it arrives with the 12¼” X 20″ pizza peel!

Backyard mobility alert! Add the freestanding mobile kitchen cart. The cart includes three drawers, four doors, one shelf, a prep counter, a towel rack, and six locking casters. Get the measuring tape. Altogether, the pizza oven and kitchen cart measure 54.5″ W x 34″ D x 63.25″ H.

The Lynx Professional Napoli 30-inch gas pizza oven is not recommended as a multi-user outdoor appliance.

Maximum BTUs = 40,000

Warranty – Lifetime warranty covers pizza oven body and burners. 5-year warranty covers the manifold, valves, domes, and base. 2-year warranty for all other parts. See manual for additional details.

Customer Support – Robust customer support services available via phone and email. Service center locator available through the website. Free product brochures available to order online.

This model is available in Natural Gas & Propane models.


Best pizza-oven DOME engineering in its class

Evenly distributed radiant heat = No food/pizza rotation required

Infrared technology

One of the best pizza ovens on the market!

Fantastic customer support from a quality-driven company



“Editor’s Choice – Best Buy – Best Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven”

#3 Summerset Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

Best Buy

Summerset Natural Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven - Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens

The Summerset Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven can simultaneously cook three personal pan pizzas on a stone on the middle shelf, a whole chicken on the rack directly under the dome, and a large pan of vegetables on the bottom shelf.

The three-tiered shelf system also includes a large outer rectangular-shaped window. See everything you’re cooking without having to open the door!

Altogether you have 1,143 square inches of cooking space. Three adjustable steel-plated racks, measuring 19.17″ X 19.88″ are the oven’s “flooring,” and a removable 15″ pizza stone (included!) gives you the extra performance you need to cook the pies with ease.

The manufacturer uses only the finest 304 enamel-coated stainless steel; the oven’s stainless steel single burner lets you control the heat and cook with temperatures between 200°F – 450°F.

Push-button starting for easy preheat, a sizable analog thermometer, and sizable internal light takes your outdoor cooking experiences beyond extraordinary.

The Summerset measures 22.8″ W X 25.5″ D X 34.2″ H and weighs just 85 pounds. The stainless steel chimney adds 6¾.”

If you want a portable version of the Summerset, the freestanding version includes a cart with two foldout shelves, one drawer, a storage cabinet for a propane tank, and four industrial locking casters.

The freestanding version measures 54.2″ W X 25.5″ D X 58.5″ H and weighs 154 pounds.

Maximum BTUs = 16,000

Warranty – 5-year limited lifetime warranty covers defects and materials. 3-year warranty on the burner. All other parts are covered by Summerset’s 1-year warranty. Contact the manufacturer for specific warranty information.

Noteworthy Accessories Available For Purchase –

  • 8-piece accessory kit – Ceramic pizza stone, stainless steel grill rack, foldable pizza paddle, stainless steel cutter/spatula, 9-inch wheel cutter, leather glove, steel smoker box, and stainless steel serving spatula.

Customer Support – Limited customer support available Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PST.

This model is available in Propane and is Natural Gas adaptable.

Delivers on quality and perfectly cooked foods
Three-tier cooking system and large front panel window

Out-of-the-box versatility with included accessories

Good value for the money


More than “some” assembly required

Moderately helpful customer support

Some customers struggled to get the oven past 350°F with natural gas conversion

“Top Pick – Best Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven”

#4 Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 Hybrid Residential Outdoor Pizza Oven

Top Pick

DCS Series 7 Traditional Built-in Gas Grill

The “Brick” in Chicago Brick pizza ovens represents the “heart” of their proprietary blend of materials used to create their refractory bricks.

A blend so innovative lets the 1,064 square feet of bricks hold heat longer, cook faster, and the oven reaches optimal temperatures of 1,000°F.

The design concept of Chicago Brick’s CBO-750 Hybrid Residential Outdoor Pizza Oven is similar to their CBO 500 DIY Kit | Wood Fired Pizza Oven.

Chicago Brick places an emphasis solely on the pizza oven’s performance, reserving the aesthetics and architecture to your imagination.

Measuring 35.5″ W x 40″ D x 44.5″ H, the CBO-750 weighs 654 pounds. The freestanding version measures 35.5″ W x 40″ D x 81.875″ H and weighs 760 pounds.

A freestanding version costs around $900 more.

The CBO-750 Hybrid “hood,” or the oven’s outer shell, is available in powder-coated copper, silver, or red. This hood envelops the thick refractory brick hearth and domed oven.

The hood rests on a metal “skirt,” or base, which houses the two infrared burners controls to preheat the oven and adjust the oven’s ambient temperature.

The skirt includes a thick blanket of insulation, and the chimney is a whopping 23⅝” tall and includes a decorated stainless steel cap.

Chicago Brick pizza ovens use their innovative Signature FlameRoll™ technology. The flames create a vacuum, then distribute the heat evenly up to the dome, the sides, and the oven floor.

A built-in infrared burner below the hearth and the ambient burner near the back means hello to endless cooking possibilities!

Your oven arrives with a 6-piece oven/accessory package, which includes: the Dome,

3-piece Hearth (38″ x 28″ cooking surface), Arch, and beautiful turn-of-the-century iron-inspired Decorative Door. A 17″ wide border of refractory brick material frames the door. The heat stays put.

The manufacturer includes an infrared thermometer (Pyrometer), a pizza peel, and a cleaning brush.

There is no integrated lighting system; however, the endless design possibilities will inspire you to create the perfect decorative elements for your Chicago Brick CBO-750.

Maximum BTUs = 36,000

Warranty – 3-year limited lifetime warranty covers defects and workmanship.

Noteworthy Accessories Available For Purchase – So many choices! Check out the complete selection HERE

  • Aluminum Wheel Cutter
  • Essential Accessories Package
  • Enthusiast Accessories Package
  • Ash Hook
  • Premium Oven Gloves
  • Outdoor Cooking Package
  • Tuscan Iron Grill
  • Remote Digital Thermometers
  • 11-Tier Pizza Rack

Customer Support – This company takes outdoor cooking seriously. And they treat their customers like family. Connect with their friendly and helpful support department via email, phone, or through their many social media connections.

Conversion Cooking – This oven is a dual-fuel gas/wood-fired model. Refer to the owner’s manual for more information.

Oven Curing – The CBO-750 MUST BE CURED at 212°F over a period of three days, in six-hour intervals. Curing your oven for 18 hours evaporates any remaining moisture. Check out Chicago Brick’s pizza oven curing tutorial video.

This model is available in Natural Gas & Propane models.


Signature FlameRoll™ technology and infrared hearth

The best built refractory brick hearth

Endless design possibilities

Well known and trusted brand


Time-consuming initial curing process

2- and 5- year warranties on different parts of the oven. Research required prior to purchasing

“Best Buy – Best Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven”

#5 Mont Alpi Portable Propane Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

Best Buy

Mont Alpi Portable Propane Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven - Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens -

The portable Mont Alpi Propane Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven lets you cook anything, anywhere.

The Mont Alpi measures 15” W x 18” D x 19” H.

Made of all stainless steel construction and weighing a mere 30 pounds, this single U-shaped stainless steel burner cranks out 620° f and achieves professional oven-like performance in 5 minutes!

Press the easy-start one-touch ignition.

The accurate integrated analog thermometer helps you keep your temperatures in check.

This tiny but mighty pizza oven has 113 square inches of cooking space. It is designed for a single 12” pizza and is also great for roasting.

Use the interchangeable steel cooking grid and 12” pizza stone, or use them together.

After cooking, take the removable front door, floor pan, and pull-out tray to the kitchen. They’re all dishwasher safe.

Maximum BTUs = 12,000 / Propane

Warranty – 4-year no rust/no burn through warranty covers firebox, burner lid, and assembly. 2-year warranty for all other parts, fading, and discoloration not covered under warranty.

Noteworthy Accessories Available For Purchase –

  • Oven Carrying Case
  • Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Customer Support – Customers can reach out for support via phone or by sending a message on the Mont Alpi website.

This model is available in Propane or Natural Gas models.


Large, roomy quality stainless steel dome

Preheat to optimal temperature quickly

Quality construction cooks food exactly like the manufacturer says


Pizza stone gets too hot and tends to burn the crust

Some temperature unevenness occasionally reported

#6 Camp Chef Italia Artisan Portable Propane Outdoor Pizza

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Portable Propane Outdoor Pizza Oven - Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens -

The specially designed single burner Camp Chef Italia Artisan Portable Propane Outdoor Pizza Oven uses a specific ventilation system and a double-layered ceiling to give you authentic brick-oven results.

Reach temperatures of 700° F and cook perfect pizzas using the 13.25” x 20” cordierite ceramic pizza stone. DO NOT WASH the stone with dish soap when it arrives. It is porous enough to absorb the dish soap. You will smell it burning when the oven starts preheating.

The integrated analog thermometer lets you know when your food is cooked to perfection or needs a boost of heat.

Push the built-in ignition valve, then micro-adjust the temperature for complete flame and temperature control. Easily place and remove pizza and other foods through the 22.25” x 4.25” opening.

Preheat and cook within 15 minutes using a 1 pound disposable propane bottle. A regulator and 5’ hose to adapt to a bulk propane tank is available for separate purchase.

Camp Chef Italia Artisan measures 26” W x 15” D x 16” H and weighs 47 pounds.

The ventilated door has a built-in handle for excellent maneuverability. Beautiful stainless steel construction locks in the radiant heat and is easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Maximum BTUs = 17,000

Warranty – No-hassle 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty request is available from the manufacturer website.

Noteworthy Accessories Available For Purchase –

  • Cleaning Scraper
  • Pizza Spatula
  • Pizza Peel
  • Rocking Pizza Cutter
  • Custom Patio Cover

Customer Support – Limited live chat support, one-way email, or phone.

This model is available in Propane.

Pizza catering company gets the same results with this oven versus a $40,000 portable commercial model!
Great investment and the quality can’t be beat!


Takes a lot of practice to understand how the cooking floor temperature and internal temperature work together to perfectly cook the food

Pizza won’t cook correctly if stone floor temperature is over 550°F

#7 Ooni Koda Portable Propane Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni Koda Portable Propane Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven - Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens

If you want a pizza oven that “fires out jaw-dropping pies in 60 seconds flat,” then you want an Ooni Koda.

You’ll be amazed that this 15.7” W x 24.8” D x 11.5” H, 20-pound propane gas pizza oven can do everything that it does.

Start cooking straight out of the box. Flip down the three tripod styled legs, and insert the pizza stone.

The instant gas ignition switch has your Ooni ready to cook in 15 minutes. Get radiant heat up to 932° F.

A built-in heat control dial lets you cook on 16.7 square inches of cooking surface. The oven can also impressively handle four tasty roasted fish fillets, two perfectly thick, seared steaks, and a small sheet pan of tender, seasoned root vegetables.

Choose from the Kodi 13 to make a single 13” pizza or the Kodi 16 to create a more gigantic 16” pizza. Either way, you’ll get some fantastic cooking performances.

Innovative L-shaped flame technology provides a waterfall effect. Radiant heat cascades from the dome towards the food while simultaneously heating the cooking surface.

Ooni guarantees you’ll never have to rotate a pizza because the heat distribution is so advanced. That and the fact that the entire oven heat-trapping rock spun wool insulation.

The oven’s outer cold-rolled carbon steel shell is powder-coated for total durability, performance, and protection from the elements.

For around $50, you can purchase a propane regulator, threaded nozzle/hose, and gas terminal attachments to hook up to a bigger tank or fuel source.

Maximum BTUs = 16,348

Warranty – 1-year standard limited lifetime warranty. With registration, Ooni will extend your warranty to 3 years.

Noteworthy Accessories Available For Purchase –

  • Ooni Natural Gas Conversion Kit
  • Steel or Bamboo Pizza Peel
  • Dual-sided Cast-Iron Grillzler Pan or Sizzler Plate (MUST HAVES!)
  • Ooni Pizza Gloves

Customer Support – Ooni offers 24/7 live chat to help with shipping, tracking, and troubleshooting. And you can leave feedback too! Contact Ooni directly through the website with more detailed questions, registration, and warranty.

This model is available in Propane.


Well-built, high quality, and performance

Fantastic portability

Exceptional, professional customer support


Delicate burner attachment blows out frequently

Pop-riveted construction disappointed several users

Food must be constantly turned to keep from burning

#8 Cuisinart Alfrescamore Countertop Propane Outdoor Pizza Oven

Top Pick

Cuisinart Alfrescamore Countertop Propane Outdoor Pizza Oven - Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens

Cuisinart is all about manufacturing cooking products that help you “Savor the Good Life®.

Alfrescamore translates to “for the love of the outside,” which is precisely where you’ll spend endless hours cooking with your Cuisinart Countertop Propane Pizza Oven.

No tools are required; assemble the oven in 10 minutes.

You’ll be amazed that this 28″ W x 17″ D x 15.5″ 40-pound pizza oven takes its inspiration from commercial and professional brick oven cooking methods.

The brilliance of the all stainless steel Cuisinart Alfrescamore is its ability to use a combination of convection, conduction, and reflected heat. All with a single burner!

Cook a pizza in under five minutes. Reach temperatures up to 600°F. This portable pizza oven has a generous 132 square inches of cooking area.

Good news; you don’t need to shop for accessories. You’ll receive a 12″ pizza peel, 13″ cordierite ceramic pizza stone, warming tray, integrated smoker cup, integrated analog thermometer, and the helpful Cuisinart Pizza Guide.

Learn how to make a Brunch Pizza, or impress the guests at your next gathering with a Barbecue Chicken Pizza with homemade Cornmeal Crust.

And of course, you’ll get the recipe for PIZZA DOUGH!

Make your next tailgate or patio pizza party memorable with the Cuisinart Alfrescamore Countertop Propane Outdoor Pizza Oven!

Maximum BTUs = 15,000

Warranty – 3-year limited warranty. Pizza stone has a 1-year warranty.

Noteworthy Accessories Available For Purchase – No accessories are currently available with the Alfrescamore.

Customer Support – Call, email, or connect on social media. International customer support available too!

Manufacturer’s AdviceDO NOT add lava rocks, ceramic tiles, or charcoal briquettes to the Alfrescamore. Cedar planks for salmon are okay!

This model is available in Propane.

Lower-priced pizza oven with same features as it’s high priced competitors
Consistent cooking performance, no need to turn the food
Lightweight and easy to carry


Oven performs better with additional Cuisinart accessories
Doesn’t temp past 300°F when it’s overly windy

#9 Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven W/ Gas & Wood Burners

Top Pick

Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven With Gas & Wood Burners - Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens

The Roccbox by GOZNEY is probably one of the coolest dual-fuel gas/wood pizza ovens on the market. It’s space-shipy looking and comes in amazingly chic colors. Do you want apple green or iron gray?

Underneath all that hipness, you’ll discover 304-grade solid stainless steel. This restaurant-grade quality pizza oven rivals professional pizza ovens!

Expect only high-temperature performance courtesy of the calcium silicate insulation.

Measuring 16.3″ W x 21″ D x 18.6″ H and weighing only 44 pounds, the Roccbox has a thick stone floor, dense insulation, unique rolling flame technology that gets the oven to an optimal radiant 950°F and can cook a pizza in 60 seconds.

Feed the opening of this pizza oven 12″ pies; the opening is 12.5″ W. The stone floor measures 12.4″ x 13.4.”

A pizza peel and customer-fit cover come with your purchase.

Want more? This pizza oven, covered in safe-touch silicone, is also portable and comes with a built-in bottle opener and integrated premier analog thermometer.

Maximum BTUs = 14,330 / OUTDOOR ONLY!

Warranty – Register your Roccbox within 60 days of purchase and receive a 5-year limited warranty. Contact the manufacturer for more information.

Noteworthy Accessories Available For Purchase –

Customer Support – Astounding customer support via phone, fax, email, snail-mail, social media. Lots of YouTube tutorials available too!

This model is available in Propane and with a Wood Burning accessory option.

Instant out-of-the-box cooking
Cool-touch technology
Wood-fired attachment options with GOZNEY’s mini-wood splits


Small cooking surface area
Takes a bit of practice to perfect the cooking process
A bit on the pricey side for a small pizza oven

#10 Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven Accessory

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven Accessory - Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens

Rounding out our top 10 Best Gas Pizza Ovens for 2020 is the postable pizza oven made for every outdoor occasion. At 30 pounds and measuring only 16″ W x 24″ D x 9″ H, it goes anywhere you want when you want to cook pizza.

But, there is one caveat: the Camp Chef Italia Artisan works only with the portable Camp Chef 14″ Cooking Systems (sold separately). Some systems are single burner, others double, both work with large propane tanks.

Check out the video to learn how the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven rests on top of the Camp Chef Cooking System.

A fully detailed Italian Pizza Oven Cooking Guide accompanies your purchase, too, so you’ll be up and running and making pizza in no time flat.

Preheated in 15 minutes and cooking up to 700°F, the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven mimics a real wood-fired pizza oven’s cooking technology.

The oven uses special heat-designed cooking plates to work in tandem with the cooking system’s burners, the 15″ x 20″ cordierite ceramic stone, and a custom welded dome to draw out the moisture and leave the pizza crust crispy on the outside and tender and pillowy on the inside.

The front opening of the oven has a generous width measuring 20.5″ and a total height of 4.5.”

A large built-in analog thermometer rests comfortably on top of the stainless steel dome.

Maximum BTUs = Varies depending on the size of the Cooking System.

Warranty – Camp Chef offers a no-hassle 1-year warranty on all cooking systems. Additional warranty information can be found on the Camp Chef website.

Noteworthy Accessories Available For Purchase –

  • Scraper/Cleaner
  • 14” Rocking Pizza Cutter
  • Accessory Bag
  • Wooden Pizza Peel
  • Pizza Spatula

Customer Support – You can connect with Camp Chef during their limited LiveChat hours, phone, email, or any of their social media channels.

This model is available only as an add-on to the Camp Chef stove system. Propane from the Camp Chef stove fuels the pizza oven.

Preheating is always required, and, as per the manufacturer’s instructions, the pizza oven should ONLY be used with the MEDIUM burner setting.

Look, feel, and quality of material that matches a traditional brick pizza oven

Well-built with solid construction. A very reliable oven

Rapidly cooks pizzas within 4-5 minutes
Manufacturer commitment to the environment


Oven doesn’t have handles for easy transport
No oven door to trap heat

Buyers Guide – What To Look For In A Gas Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven

First, there were the purists; the tribes who discovered open-fire cooking methods, and used raw materials, and experimented with different wood types to impart unique smoky and mesquite flavors.

Thoughtful planning and primitive architecture found these cooks yearning to harness the flames, which lead to centuries-old convection perfection and the infamous Neapolitan-style pizza for which the original pizza ovens got their name.

Next came the free-thinkers. Technology and innovation-led these cooks to embrace gas-powered ovens that mimicked open-flame cooking yet retained the infamous wood-fired version’s quality cooking style.

No matter the fuel source, pizza ovens come in a variety of different configurations.

Whether you’re a purist or free-thinker, you can choose a countertop, freestanding, built-in, or portable pizza oven.

Once you choose the size to fit your needs, consider how much cooking you do to get the most value from your pizza oven.

Remember that some pizza ovens take the traditional design and have a cooking area specifically to cook pizza, while other ovens can simultaneously cook different foods – a pizza on the top shelf, whole chicken or turkey on the middle rack, and a pan of roasted vegetables in the lower chamber.

Check the cooking surface designed for the model you’re interested in purchasing.

Traditional, smaller, and portable gas-powered pizza ovens use time-honored ceramic or refractory bricks, while others use removable cooking grates and an insertable pizza stone.

Pay attention to the design of a gas-powered pizza oven’s shape. We can’t stress enough how important it is to understand HOW the heat disperses in a pizza oven while you’re cooking.

Dome-shaped ovens cook food much differently than square and rectangular pizza ovens.

We recommend watching some videos to get a comprehensive visual of the manufacturing and how the individual components of each pizza oven work to perfect the cooking process.

The “burning” question? Which type of fuel do you prefer to power your pizza oven? Do you prefer low-and-slow cooking methods and those rich smoky flavors or the ease of cooking quickly and efficiently with gas-powered appliances?

Does it matter? Check out this brief but helpful comparison to discover your perfect pizza-oven:

You’ve probably been down this path before when you were thinking about purchasing a charcoal versus gas grill.

Take your time. Get to know the benefits of each type of pizza oven and how it will benefit your outdoor cooking lifestyle.

We’ve explained the benefits of a pizza oven, shared our rating criteria, and now that you’re armed with what to look for in a gas-powered pizza oven, let’s review some common FAQ’s.

Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens FAQ

User Tips And Product Care Guide For Your Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven

What Can I Cook In A Gas-Powered Pizza Oven?

You name it, a gas-powered pizza oven can cook it! And usually, cook it faster than a conventional oven. Here are four of a thousand and more ideas…

  • BREAD – Master the fine art of breadmaking. Delicious bread you can only find at artisan bakeries. Except you get to make it and bake it in your backyard. Get ready to make delicious bread that is crunchy on the outside with a fluffy perfectly moist center.
  • BAKED POTATOES – Crispy potato skin, super fluffy dense potato. Pass the butter and chives, please! You will NEVER bake a potato in your conventional oven AGAIN!
  • SALMON on CEDAR PLANKS – Tender flaky salmon with a slightly charred outer crust. Oh, and don’t forget to roast your asparagus in the pizza oven too. Serve with a baked potato!
  • ROASTED TOMATOES – Don’t hesitate to throw a large pan of lightly salted and olive oil marinated tomatoes in your pizza oven. Roast them until they are near bursting. Cool. Can. Enjoy YOUR fresh tomato sauce ALL winter long.

Can A Gas-Powered Pizza Oven Be Used Indoors?

The short and safe answer is NO. Propane emits dangerous carbon monoxide fumes. Even if you think you have a “well ventilated” area to cook indoors, think twice.

Double-check even if the manufacturer states the gas-powered pizza oven is indoor/outdoor. NONE of the gas-powered pizza ovens in our review are for indoor use.

Is A Gas Pizza Oven Better Than A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven?

The answer to this question depends on your taste preferences and how much time you spend cooking.

Wood-fired ovens take longer to preheat. Finding the right combination of wood splits for each type of food you’re cooking takes practice.

Gas-powered pizza ovens offer instant heating and temperature control features. The downside is, you don’t get to enjoy all that natural smoky wood flavor and char that a wood-fired oven provides.

Do I Need To Have A Pyrometer If The Pizza-Oven Has An Analog Thermometer Built-In?

Yes. If you want accurate internal temperatures, a handheld Pyrometer is excellent to have around, especially when cooking at 1,000°F or higher.

What Essential Accessories Do I Need?

Pick up a Pizza Peel for transporting the raw pizza into the oven and an infernally cooked pizza to the dinner table.

  • A Rotary Pizza Cutter is an essential tool to get exact slice counts.
  • Grab a Pizza Oven Brush to sweep the ash out of the oven after cooking.
  • For safety’s sake, always have a pair of trusted high temperature-resistant Oven Gloves.

Wood-fired pizza ovens are exquisitely constructed and significant investments. Consider a Custom Cover to protect yours from the elements.

Final Thoughts On Buying The Best Gas Fired Home Pizza Oven

Are you ready to add a gas-powered pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen? Or purchase a powerful portable model to take on picnics and camping trips?

Whatever size gas-powered pizza oven you choose, we guarantee it’s a great addition to your outdoor cooking experience.

The versatility and many available sizes prove a gas-powered pizza oven for every griller and lover of brick oven-style cooking.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research. Pizza ovens are nothing like grills. The key is finding the gas-powered pizza oven that will fit comfortably into both your budget and outdoor space.

Some ovens are budget-friendly, and others, as we’ve mentioned, are very considerable investments. Set some clear expectations for yourself so you can get the most out of your gas-powered pizza oven.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article and our choices for the 10 Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens For 2021!

Happy cooking (everything) and pizza making!

The 10 Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens - The Grilling Life

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What features do you typically like to see in an outdoor pizza oven?

Are you going to be purchasing a built-in grill in the future?  Or do you plan on looking at a pellet grill, smoker, standalone gas grill, or charcoal model?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

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