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Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens - The Grilling Life

In this best outdoor wood fired pizza ovens review and buyers guide, I will be giving you the Pros, the Cons, and the Facts about the 10 best outdoor wood fired pizza ovens for 2022.

This updated Top 10 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens Ratings Guide for 2022 includes upgraded models and several new first-time entries to this list that I am excited to share with you.

The history of pizza is a long one. Dating all the way back to A.D. 997, the word “pizza” started being “tossed” around.

In the beginning, it was just a misshapen, rustic flatbread with whatever toppings from the garden that were available.

We can thank the city of Gaeta, Italy, for introducing us to what has become a worldwide phenomenon. Although traditionally baked, the heat used to get a pie to ultimate perfection causes serious conversation regarding a wood-fired pizza oven.

The burning question is, do you like your pizza wood-fired? If you said yes, then welcome to our 10 Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens For 2020 – Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Reviews And Buyers Guide!

Traditionally speaking, the wood-fired pizza came first before any other cooking machinery inventions to bake dough-based foods.

We can also thank the Greeks, masters of the art of bakery, who invented the “modern” wood oven, which has hardly changed in 2000 years. So, when Geata, Italy got wind of this heat-resistant brick and stone phenomenon that could be used to roll out and top their pizza creations, it was on!

How does this relate to modern outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens?

When you stop and consider the outdoor barbecue kitchen experience, a wood-fired pizza oven is the ultimate addition. It’s an accessory that NO serious foodie, outdoor chef, or outdoor kitchen should be without.

Yes, it’s excellent for pizzas, but imagine a pizza oven and a barbecue grill working simultaneously! Bringing the authentic wood-fired pizza experience to your outdoor cooking space is what this article is all about.

So it doesn’t matter if you like a thin-crust, Chicago-style, stuffed-crust, New York, Sicilian, or thick-crust pizza. What matters is what wood-fired pizza oven you’re cooking it in.

In our 10 Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens For 2020, we’re going to cover the basics, then explain the benefits of owning a wood-fired pizza oven.

Next, we’ll define our rating criteria and then introduce you to what we think are the 10 Best Wood-fired Pizza Ovens n the market today to bring an over 1,000-year-old tradition to your backyard barbecue experience.

After our reviews, you can learn some frequently asked questions regarding wood-fired pizza ovens, and then we’ll share our final thoughts.

Why Buy a Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven?

“We’ve got a wood-burning pizza oven in the garden – a luxury, I know, but it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.” – Gwyneth Paltrow.

Luxury may be overdoing it a bit; I mean, these days, the backyard barbecue and the outdoor kitchen have become synonymous with everyday living. But, we agree with Gwyneth when she speaks about it being a significant investment. Please stick with us; we’ll explain why and all the incredible benefits you get when you own a wood-fired pizza oven.

What’s cool about wood-fired pizza ovens is that there are plenty of types and sizes, so everybody can get in on the pizza making action!

Some wood-fired pizza ovens come in cool color options and varying sizes in terms of cooking surface area.

BUYER’S GUIDE FUN FACT: many of the wood-fired pizza ovens reviewed in this article have upgrade options. You’ll find these options listed under the accessories we list for each of the wood-fired pizza oven manufacturers.

Best of all, no matter which wood-fired pizza oven you select, it will take your outdoor kitchen utterly next level.

Pronto a scegliere il miglior forno per pizza a legna del 2020 e fare la pizza perfetta? (Bonus points to you if you look this up.)

Awesome! We’re ready to help you pick the best wood-fired pizza oven in 2020 and get started perfecting your pizza-making skills.

Now that you’ve learned a little Italian let’s get started!

Why This Guide Will Be Helpful for You

After reading this guide, you will be armed with all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision on your next purchase.  Consider this guide as a checklist for all the categories you should take into consideration before buying.

“As always, my goal is to save you time and money by doing all the research and testing for you, so you don’t have to.”

Choosing the perfect Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven can be tough.  What should you look for in a good wood-fired pizza oven?  How much should you spend on the best products?  I’ll try to answer those questions, and several more, in the information below.

Because wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens are becoming more common, it helps to pay attention to the details of each option and comparison shop before you make a final pick.

But with such a large number of products to choose from, it can still get confusing trying to decide which one best fits your needs, let alone your budget.  It all comes down to being informed on the different choices to help you decide which one is best for you.

That’s where I come in.

There is a broad range in prices depending on features and brands.  Using this guide, I am confident you will find exactly what you are looking for in an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven for your outdoor living space.

This product overview acts as a buyer’s guide to ten of the best wood burning outdoor pizza ovens on the market today.

I’ll show you what features to look for, and give you several excellent options for outdoor wood-burning pizza ovens with a wide range of prices along the way.  My choices are also backed by many strong experts and user reviews so you can count on them.

”Make sure to keep reading after the final review for a buyer’s guide to help you with your decision when it’s time to make your purchase.”

The Rating Criteria – How We Rate These Pizza Ovens

We use the below expert rating criteria as we reviewed pizza ovens from brands we trust, use, and love.

The main criteria we took into consideration when reviewing these wood fired pizza ovens are:


If we’ve learned one thing in our testing and research, it’s that pizza ovens are not created equal. In this article, you’ll discover that some manufacturers make many versions of the same style wood-fired pizza oven in varying sizes.

You’ll also discover wood-fired pizza ovens that are entirely different.

We recommend a thorough read to understand what each of these wood-fired pizza ovens can offer. This way, you can make an informed decision. Wood-fired pizza ovens are a significant investment.

The value of what each oven can provide is essential to consider. Some ovens are commercial grade; others are not. Some ovens require you to share the food and fuel source in the same space; others do not.

And one oven requires you to get creative and DIY a hearth and chimney around it. Consider your cooking habits and the usefulness of a wood-fired pizza oven.

However, no matter which oven you choose, the benefits are tremendous. And it will look amazing next to your grill.

The bottom line is those pizza ovens that we rate as having excellent value offer the best bang for your buck.


Like most grills, you’ll find that wood-fired pizza oven manufacturers use a signature, quality metal, and stainless steel.

What sets a wood-fired pizza oven apart from a grill is the artisan craftsmanship.

Many of the wood-fired pizza ovens reviewed in this article are handmade in Italy, and South America, by artisans that understand what seamless and dual-walled construction do to hold optimal cooking temperatures beyond 1,000°F.

We’re talking about heritage craftsmanship passed along through generations.

As we mentioned in our value section, you’re making a significant investment, and the work that goes into making your wood-fired pizza oven speaks to that investment.


More than any other type of cooking appliance, you will discover that a wood-fired pizza oven offers the most versatility.

Wood fueled pizza ovens are great for cooking, baking, roasting, searing, and warming. Insulation built into the domes of wood-fired pizza ovens gives them the ability to reach higher optimal temperatures than grills.

Once you master the wood ratio and learn how to add wood splits to maintain or increase the temperature, you’ll be cooking like a professional.

And the bonus is the memorable natural wood-smoked flavors that mingle with the food as it cooks. Honestly, no other outdoor kitchen appliance can impart those remarkable flavors.

Preheat & High Heat

Controlling the heat inside a wood-fired pizza oven’s cooking chamber, and getting your oven stoked and fueled with wood to reach high heat temperatures – and were’ talking 1,000°F and higher – largely relies on several factors:

  • How you configure the initial quantity of wood splits – see the FAQ section.
  • If the wood-fired pizza oven contains 1 or 2 chambers (a lower chamber for the wood, and upper chamber to cook in, versus the food sharing space with the wood)
  • The density of insulation built into the oven.
  • If the oven has a controllable venting system – vents control airflow, and airflow controls internal temperatures.
  • Using the built in analog thermometer, however, a Pyrometer, a handheld infrared thermometer can read higher internal temperatures, than the analog, safely, and at a distance.

Our reviews of the 10 Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens For 2020 include the optimal high heat ranges for each pizza oven. If you see a “+” after the Fahrenheit (F) symbol, that indicates the oven can stand heats higher than the minimum optimal high heat temperature.

But a word of caution: always start out cooking in your wood-fired pizza oven with wood splits equal to the type of food you’re cooking.

For example, if you’re cooking pizzas, you will use fewer wood splits and less time versus cooking a whole turkey or prime rib.

You don’t have to stoke the hottest temperature ever recorded every time you use the wood-fired pizza oven.


Relate capacity to our Value section. If you’re a more-bang-for-your-buck type of person, a larger oven with the largest square inch cooking floor space is probably the way to go.

You have the option of purchasing a two-chamber oven. The wood goes into the lower chamber, the food in the upper, and typically you get much more cooking space since you aren’t taking up room with the wood.

If you want to add the wood-fired pizza oven to complement your grilling experience and use it for pizzas and keep food warm, consider a wood-fired pizza oven with a smaller footprint.

Even-Heat Distribution

Heat distribution in a wood-fired pizza oven relies mainly on the thickness of insulation built into the dome and the type and thickness of the refractory bricks built into the cooking floor.

Dome-shaped wood-fired pizza ovens rest on the insulated hearth, the cooking surface.

A Square or rectangular oven allows heat to rise; the domes used in wood-fired pizza oven construction are specially designed to reach higher temperatures and evenly distribute heat.

This dome-shape pays tribute to the traditional cooking methods used to bake a Neapolitan pizza and the principal design most manufacturers use to construct their pizza ovens.

The “low” dome is a slightly flatter ceiling.

The Neapolitan dome creates more radiated heat as it cooks the pizza. Face it, could a pizza oven inspired by Greek cooking and introduced in Gaeta, Italy, be designed any other way?

Yes and no, however, our article will explain the benefits of non-domed pizza ovens too!

Customer Service

How much wood do I use? Is this oven-cured? I’m missing the chimney! When you don’t know where do you go, what do you do? You turn to the people that do know. Nothing beats fantastic customer support.

From the early stages when you’re shopping for a wood-fired pizza oven, when you’re measuring the cut out for the grill to fit, and having fun collecting all the accessories and other appliances and add-ons, a knowledgeable, helpful, and accessible customer support team is essential.

In each of our reviews, we spell out different ways to reach the grill company’s support network and how customers have responded to that support.

Warranty & Company Reputation

Which brings us to the written guarantee section of this article! Always consider the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing a wood-fired pizza oven because a reputable manufacturing company always stands behind quality and durability and should offer you the best warranty available.

Warranties can range from 1-year to a lifetime. Know your warranty and register your pizza oven with the manufacturer before the first cook.

Although it seems arbitrary, it is essential to read the fine print. Ask questions! Make sure you know precisely which parts of your wood-fired pizza the manufacturer will replace under warranty.

You’ll find all the warranty information in each of the reviews.

Real User Feedback & Reviews

Besides us, who better to tell you how an outdoor pizza oven performs than the pizza enthusiast that owns the oven!

While the warranty certainly stands behind the manufacturer’s promises, it’s the real user feedback that puts the proof in the pudding.

Outdoor cooks are transparent and tell it straight. If a review says, “best pizza oven ever,” or “the attention to detail on this oven makes it the best value around,” best believe, it’s coming from a user excited to share their opinion.

We pass along some nuggets of wisdom, so you are well informed about your pizza oven purchase.

We share a few of each wood-fired pizza oven’s pros and cons in our reviews and constructive and helpful user reviews and feedback.

The Top 10 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Using the above criteria, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens to act as a guide.

The list includes a variety of wood-fired pizza ovens, prices, sizes, and features. You should always do your own due diligence, however.  Don’t be swayed by salespeople and never buy a pizza oven on-sight.

On to my picks for 2022!

“Editor’s Choice – Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven Overall”

Forno Venetzia Torino 200 40-Inch Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Editors’ Choice
Forno Venetzia Torino 200 40-Inch Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens


✅ Glass oven door window for viewing food as it cooks

✅ Durable fire brick hearth

✅ Double-layered ceramic insulation

✅ Authentic Italian engineering & design

✅ Signature Forno Venetzia chimney cap

✅ Sturdy oak door handle

✅ Durable & UV-resistant powder-coated oven dome finish

✅ Shipped fully assembled & ready to use

Known for their architecture and world-famous cuisine, the city of Torino, Italy, is the inspiration for the Forno Venetzia Torino 200 40-inch outdoor wood-fired pizza oven.

Sleek by design, this gorgeous wood-fired pizza oven is available in red or copper. The oven weighs 326 pounds and measures 40.25” W x 35.75” D x 48.75” H. The included and removable chimney measures 26¾” H and comes with a designer cap.

Whether you want to cook a few pies for a weekend movie night or have a neighborhood pizza party, Forno “meets the demands for a festive gathering.”

The Forno Venetzia Torino 200 40-Inch Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven comes fully assembled. No curing – to “bake out” the water to ratio content – is required; and the half-dome design is perfect for countertops and outdoor island kitchen designs.

You’re making and cooking pizzas out of the box!

The oak-handled door of the Torino 200 is tempered glass, so you can hold optimal heat when cooking, and keep an eye on the entire 32” x 24” (768 square inches) cooking surface area when the door is replaced. Bake up to 4 pizzas at a time!

Forno completely insulates their wood-fired pizza ovens, so you get maximum radiant heat and evenly cooked pizzas.

The hearth (oven floor) or cooking surface is made from refractory bricks to stand super-high temperatures up to 850° F. The easy-to-read analog thermometer is recessed and built-in near the removable glass door.

The body of the Forno 200 is powder-coated and UV-resistant, which means it won’t fade when exposed to the elements. It’s easy to clean too!

Optional Accessories of Note

  • Cart – add the FORNO cart with the middle shelf and sliding, fold-out food preparation shelf for about $1,000.
  • 3-piece deluxe peel set includes large and small peel and cleaning brush.
  • 5-piece complete peel set includes two extra pieces, including an ash shovel and fire poker.
  • Stainless Steel Wood Holder – keep the wood in one place, stay organized, and get more surface area to cook bigger pizzas! Easy one-step ash removal.

Available Model Upgrades

FORNO makes two upgraded versions of this wood-fired pizza oven.

  • 300 – features the cart, with four wheels (2 swivel, 2 fixed), an extra middle shelf, a sliding food preparation shelf, and an adjustable tool holder. This wood-fired pizza oven is available only in red, and the cart is black.
  • 500 – if all stainless steel is your thing, this version of the FORNO Venetzia Torino shines like a diamond. The cart and food preparation shelf are solid stainless steel too!

Both of these options are worth considering.


Owners of this wood-fired pizza oven have simply stated, “this oven is the real deal,” and the roomy cooking surface area gets many foods and pizzas cooked at once.


Versatile oven can handle a pizza for two or a neighborhood gathering

Quality Italian artisan design

Tempered glass door lets you see the food and maintain optimal temperatures

Has useful optional accessories


Long preheat times

Cart requires assembly

Small oven, not suited for larger gatherings

Forno Venetzia Torino Warranty Info

Warranty: 2-year against oven defect from the date of purchase.

“Top Pick – Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven”

Alfa 5 Minuti 23-Inch Outdoor Countertop Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Top Pick
Alfa 5 Minuti 23-Inch Outdoor Countertop Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

✅ Patented Forninox technology for quick heating

✅ Specially shaped dome effectively retains heat

✅ Fire brick cooking surface

✅ Powder-coated stainless steel insulated dome

✅ Built-in thermometer for monitoring internal temperature

✅ No curing needed


One of the first images you see when you visit the Alaforni website is their Alfa 5 Minuti 23-inch outdoor countertop wood-fired pizza oven filled with freshly stoked wood and a roaring fire, heating up to cook outdoors in the snow!

We don’t know what could be more inviting than taking the concept of outdoor wood-fired oven cooking and baking into the fall and winter season!

This tiny but mighty oven can do just that!

Especially when you can bake two pizzas in 90 seconds! Or up to 4 1-pound loaves of bread! Internal temperatures reach up to a minimum of 1,000°F.

The Alfa 5 Minuti is a compact wood-fired pizza oven and is perfect for balconies and terraces.

The oven measures 32.5” W x 32.3” D x 47.6” H and weighs only 160 pounds. The Italian craftsmanship and beautiful copper finish speak to the oven’s quality and durability.

Interchangeable terracotta refractory bricks and durable stainless steel construction get oven temps where you want them within 5 minutes. And that means low firewood consumption.

The ceramic fiber-insulated dome holds heat for extended periods. The matching stainless steel door has an ergonomically designed handle for easy maneuverability.

You can expect a weaker flame and cook with the door closed by traditional convection and conduction methods.

Open the door, and food gets a perfectly golden brown, crispy and seared!

The Alfa 5 Minuti arrives cured, insert the chimney, and place it on the counter or stand, depending on the model you choose.

A freestanding version on the well-constructed cart runs about $600 more.

Optional Accessories of Note

  • Multi-function base.
  • Custom-fit cover.
  • BBQ 500 – a truly remarkable way to bake and grill in your wood-fired pizza oven.
  • Custom Peel Set.
  • Stainless Steel Wood Rack.
  • Handmade Pizzaiolo Kit – you need this because deep down, you’ve always been a Pizzaiolo (pizza maker).


User’s love this model because it heats up quickly, cooks food rapidly, and lets them sit at the table and eat with friends and family, instead of babysitting the food.


Oven door can be used as an airflow vent

Interchangeable terracotta refractory bricks in the cooking floor get temperatures where you need them in 5 minutes

Bake two pizzas in as little as 90 seconds


No accessories included with purchase

Alfa 5 Minuti Warranty Info

Warranty: 2 years defects & craftsmanship / 1 year parts & components.

“Best Buy – Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven”

Forno Venetzia Pronto 200 33-Inch Countertop Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Best Buy
Forno Venetzia Pronto 200 33-Inch Countertop Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

✅ Fully assembled & ready to use

✅ Durable fire brick hearth

✅ Double-layered ceramic insulation

✅ Authentic Italian engineering & design

✅ Signature Forno Venetzia chimney cap

✅ Oak door handle

✅ Durable & UV-resistant powder-coated oven dome finish

✅ No curing required

As with our #1 pick, the Forno Torino, this wood-fired pizza oven is also available in red or copper.

This pizza oven is a slimmed-down version weighing 221 pounds and measures 33.25” W x 30 D x 48.75” H.

The included and removable chimney is a bit taller and measures 27¼ ” H. It also comes with a designer cap.

The Forno Venetzia Pronto 200 33-Inch Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven comes fully assembled. Since there is no curing process, you’ll be sliding pizzas under the half dome within moments of firing up your wood splits.

This oven design is perfect for countertops and outdoor island kitchen designs too.

The oak-handled door of the Pronto 300 is solid stainless steel. This feature helps hold optimal cooking temperatures. The cooking surface area measures 24” x 20” (480 square inches)

Double-layered ceramic insulation gets you to a maximum radiant heat quickly, which evenly cooks your pizzas and other food delights.

The oven floor is refractory ceramic. Don’t worry about super-high temperatures; this oven floor can handle temperatures up to 850° F.

An easy-to-read analog thermometer is built-in near the base of the door on the front of the oven.

The body of the Pronto 200 is powder-coated and UV-resistant. No worries about corrosion if this wood-fired pizza gets exposed to the elements. Cleaning the oven is a cinch.


Owners of this model love the high heat retention, and the no curing, out-of-the-box, no installation options!


Oven arrives fully assembled

No curing required

Double layered ceramic insulation allows the oven to heat quickly

Good value for the money


May not be the best for large families or big parties due to smaller capacity

Long pre-heat times

Forno Venetzia Pronto Warranty Info

Warranty: 2-year against oven defect from the date of purchase.

“Top Pick – Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven”

Bella Ultra Outdoor Wood Fired Oven

Top Pick
Bella Ultra Outdoor Wood Fired Oven - Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

✅ Powder coated body, entry arch, and cart

✅ 2-inch thick, 100-percent ceramic insulation

✅ High grade ceramic cooking floor

✅ Authentic ceramic firebrick baking stones

✅ 304 stainless steel construction

✅ No curing required

✅ Outer enclosure stays cool to the touch

✅ Includes a starter tool kit with great accessories

The Bella Ultra comes fully assembled and cured, so it’s pizza night upon delivery of the oven. You’ll be set and ready to go within an hour of removing the packaging. That leaves time for the dough to rise!

Even better, this wood-fired pizza oven comes is a solidly constructed, hand-welded dome. No bolts mean no seams, means no rust or corrosion.

The Bella Ultra outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is 304 stainless steel, made even better with ultra-premium insulation for fantastic heat retention.

Measuring 66.25″ W x 38″ D x 54.25″ H, this Bella Ultra model weighs 413 pounds. See the upgrade section below for additional model dimensions.

Pizzas will cook on a 40″ x 28″ ceramic floor, an impressive 1,120 square inches, and you can switch out a cooked pie for a new one using the stainless steel front shelf landing.

Two inches of insulation line the oven’s dome and another 2 inches rest below the refractory brick ceramic floor.

Bella ceramic bricks heat faster and have a quick recovery, meaning between pizzas, they don’t lose heat, so every crust is as crispy as the first.

The oven heats to your desired optimal temperature within 15 minutes. You’ll use less wood than a traditional brick oven: all your pizzas and other foods cook using a single wood split.

Optional Accessories of Note

FornoBravo takes the guesswork out of “what do I need” to be a successful outdoor wood-fired pizza chef.

  • Handheld infrared Pyrometer.
  • Three optional pizza kits ranging from $195 – $395. 3 & 5 piece sets you can select from depending on the seriousness of your pizza skills.
  • Terracotta bakeware.
  • Pizza cutters, servers, and pizza peels.

Any of these optional accessories will help you take your pizza making game to the next level.

Available Model Upgrades

Manufacturer recommended pizza diameter is 10 inches, and the selection of sizes this wood-fired pizza oven is available in are astounding!

There is a Bella for every outdoor kitchen. And if this isn’t enough to get you excited about making pizzas outdoors, the Bella Ultra is designed to be mobile. Pizza on your next vacation!

Now for the outside, the good-looking parts! Bella is a beauty.

On the outside, you’ll admire the red and black powder-coated, gorgeous stainless steel chimney, easy-to-read and reliable analog thermometer, and a solid stainless steel door with a wood handle.

Remember when we mentioned you’d be making pizza within an hour of unpacking the box? The included stainless steel pizza peel and wooden peel won’t have you running out to make a purchase!

Sometimes the outdoor kitchen is built closer to the home. If this is the case with your outdoor kitchen, the manufacturer highly recommends building a double-walled chimney if you install the Bella under the patio roof.

You can check out pizza oven venting systems here: Pizza-oven Venting


Users brag about the cooking versatility claiming that cooking, searing, baking, and using multiple cooking vessels simultaneously is a critical reason they love this oven.


Refractory bricks designed to heat and recover quickly

Mobile design to take pizza cooking on the road

Stainless steel and wood peels included

Good warranty


Outdoor use only

2- and 5- year warranties on different parts of the oven. Research required prior to purchasing

Bella Ultra Warranty Info

Warranty: 5-year defects & craftsmanship / 2 year parts & components.

“Best Buy – Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven”

Nuke Pizzero Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Best Buy
Nuke Pizzero Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

✅ Made with 304 and 430 grade stainless steel

✅ Oven-draft vent for better airflow control

✅ Includes black powder coated steel cart

✅ Hide-away wheels allow mobility

✅ Two side shelves

✅ Front facing analog thermometer

✅ Includes a starter tool kit with useful accessories

Nuke declares on their website that their wood-fired pizza ovens are “the centerpiece for the fire-worshipping foodie.” Touche!

All Nuke products are artisan crafted in South America, and it is this fine craftsmanship that “puts fire cooking centerstage.” The rustic look of this wood-fired pizza oven is a one-of-a-kind.

At a mere 159 pounds, the Nuke Pizzero measures 51” W x 35” D x 80” H.

The combined dual-insulated dome and heat refracting ceramic floor, measuring 34” x 29” (755 square inches), can accommodate up to a 19” pizza!

The Nuke Pizzero features a unique removable oven draft vent and reaches 900°F within 15 minutes to help you master authentic flavors, sear your favorite pizza toppings to perfection, and seal in the perfect moisture to get your preferred crust.

Inside the oven’s cooking chamber, a removable fire tray lets you move the wood around the oven, closer to the food to brown and crisp or further from sensitive foods like bread and seafood.

The included coal rake and shovel make for easy cleanup, and the heavy-duty analog thermometer lets you see what’s happening inside the oven.

The super-durable rustic-looking steel cart matches the oven to a T and includes side shelves and hideaway wheels for a portable and seamless look. The lower tray is a great place to store your wood splits.


Nuke Pizzero offers free shipping in the United States!


Gorgeous Italian handcrafted pizza oven

Removable/moveable metal wood tray

Removable oven draft vents


Dual-insulated dome


Only heats up to 700°F

Terrible warranty

Nuke Pizzero Warranty Info

Warranty: 1-year defects and craftsmanship.

Tuscan Chef GX-C2 Deluxe Family Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Tuscan Chef GX-C2 Deluxe Family Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

✅ 6mm steel construction with 1mm stainless steel wrap

✅ Bottom ceramic cooking stone

✅ Removable stainless steel oven shelf

✅ Two chambers, one for food and one for fire

✅ Features silicone insulation for heat retention

✅ Oven comes 95 percent assembled

Ready to cook a thin crust in 4 minutes?

Tuscan Chef designed wood-fired pizza ovens have a yesteryear type of construction that gives them the appearance of a turn-of-the-century look.

The unique artisan quality is a surefire conversation starter.

The GX-C2 is 6mm of solid stainless steel and is wrapped with an additional 1mm stainless steel wrap styled with heat-resistant paint.

GX-C2 features a two-chamber oven. The bottom chamber is the firebox, leaving the entire upper section available to cook food!

The inner-cooking chamber measures 10” x 18.25” x 18.5.” The lower fire chamber measures 7” x 20” x 16.” Both chambers feature drawbridge style doors.

This “more real estate” design lets you bake, roast, and smoke foods simultaneously.

The GX-C2 with stand weighs around 485 pounds.

The entire oven is coated in black heat-resistant paint and measures 28.5” W x 19’ D x 27.5” H. Add the chimney measuring 39” H with a diameter of 4,” and your Tuscan Chef wood-fired pizza oven stands 92” tall.

The oven floor, lined with ¾” high-temperature fire bricks, rests on a stone base.

A removable stainless steel shelf makes for easy food rotation, and the dual venting system imparts only the best flavors.

Tuscan Chef recommends using only select hardwoods, which helps the oven reach and sustain optimal radiant heat. See more about this topic in the FAQ below.

The family of Tuscan chef wood-fired pizza ovens spans seven models. While each varies in size and style, and color, the ovens feature the same dual-chamber technology and solid stainless steel construction.


Each oven arrives at your doorstep 95% assembled.

Users love the GX-C2 because fresh-cooked pizza is on the table in 5 minutes!


Bake pizza and other foods simultaneously

Additional stainless steel shelf for seamless food rotation

Two-chamber oven puts the fuel source below the food and gives you more room to cook


Oven MUST BE CURED prior to first use

Limited 2-year warranty

Tuscan Chef GX-C2 Deluxe Warranty Info

Warranty: 2-year defect and craftsmanship.

Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 Built-In Wood Fired Residential Outdoor Pizza Oven DIY Kit

Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 Built-In Wood Fired Residential Outdoor Pizza Oven DIY Kit - Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

✅ Made in the USA

✅ Igloo-shaped dome design reduces cold spots

✅ Spacious 41×28 inch cooking surface

✅ Unique flue system creates a steady draft

✅ Oven is certified to UL standards

✅ Includes an infrared thermometer

✅ Pizza oven comes as a complete package with useful accessories

Ok, we want to make one thing clear about the Chicago Brick Oven – it is a DIY kit.

When this commercial-grade refractory cement oven arrives, it will look nothing like the other wood-fired pizza ovens we’ve reviewed in this article.

You are purchasing a 500 pound, 35.5″ x 40″ x 44.5″ inner workings, or “heart of the oven.” From there, the creative DIY ways to design around this dome, hearth, and arch are limitless.

The cooking surface measures 38″ x 28″, or 1,064 square inches. That’s enough room for two large pies, loaded with your favorite toppings.

A pizza peel, a cleaning brush, and an infrared Pyrometer arrive with the oven!

We suggest watching a video to fully understand why this wood-fired pizza oven sets itself apart from the competition.

Imagine building your perfect wood-fired pizza oven around this beast, in the style of an ancient Italian stone brick oven, talk about a centerpiece!

The design of this oven offers you Chicago Brick’s signature convection Flame Roll™ technology. Simply put, you’re getting optimum heat and an oven that can cook any food you place inside.

The three-piece cement hearth holds heat longer, heats up faster, and can sustain an internal temperature of 1000° F +

Chicago Brick suggests that you “encase your pizza oven outdoors or indoors with the enduring look of brick. Face it with stone to blend into the natural landscape. Surround it with stucco for an authentic Old World touch.”

Rest assured, each pizza “kit” is “certified to UL and NSF4 Standards for safe outdoor and indoor installations.”

Imagine telling your friends as you’re serving perfectly cooked wood-fired pizza, “I built this oven myself!”



Users rave about the many different types of food this oven is capable of cooking to perfection.


Endless DIY build possibilities

Certified to meet indoor installation standards

Pizza peel, cleaning brush, and Pyrometer included

Maintains heat very well


Curing required, users have cracked the hearth floor during the process

DIY build requires using ONLY non-combustible materials

45 minute preheat

Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 Warranty Info

Warranty: 1-year defects and craftsmanship from date of shipment.

WPPO Pro 4 25-Inch Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

WPPO Pro 4 25-Inch Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens
🔥 Top Features:

✅ Made with high-grade 304 stainless steel throughout

✅ Unique downdraft air induction system

✅ Double-walled steel oven build

✅ 1 1/4-inch thick cordierite baking stone

✅ Built in thermometer

✅ Includes black powder-coated steel cart

If a smaller, more affordable wood-fired pizza oven seems the logical choice, then the WPPO is the way to go.

Measuring H 32” W 27” D 30” with the chimney, the Pro 4 25-inch offers 506 square inches of cooking surface area.

1¼” solid fire brick cooking floor radiates heat towards a 403 stainless steel domed hood insulated with WPPO LLC Fire blanket Woven Fibers.

The black cart by itself measures H 39” x W 27” x D 30” and is high-quality powder-coated to protect the oven from the elements. The pizza oven is high-quality powder-coated in a soft red.

This durable oven is 430 stainless steel inside and out, and double-walled with 4” of fire blanket insulation, and can reach up to 600°F.

Some assembly is required when you receive your Pro 4 25-inch wood-fired pizza oven by WPPO.

Optional Accessories of Note

  • 4-piece aluminum pizza oven kit includes a pizza peel, wood poker, cleaning brush, and unique spatula when you decide it’s burgers-cooked-in-your-pizza -oven night!
  • Customer fit cover.

Available Model Upgrades

  • WPPO offers a similar wood-fired pizza oven in gorgeous shiny stainless steel with 483 square inches of cooking surface area. This model measures 25.125” W x 27.5” D x 77” H.”
  • The cart includes a heavy-duty weather-resistant fabric sling to store wood splits.


Owners love the rapid heating, high cooking temperatures, and ease-of-use. Oh, and the perfect pizzas, every time!


Double-walled 430 stainless steel build

1¼” solid fire brick cooking floor

Smaller and affordable


Burning wood splits reduce food cooking space

Not a great warranty

WPPO Pro Warranty Info

Warranty: 1-year defects and manufacturing.

Alfa Allegro 39-Inch Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Alfa Allegro 39-Inch Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

✅ Dome is made of powder-coated stainless steel

✅ Refractory fire brick cooking surface

✅ Specially shaped dome effectively retains heat

✅ Built-in thermometer

✅ Oven base features warming shelf, wood storage and two folding side shelves

✅ 4 caster wheels with 2 brakes for mobility

✅ Minimal assembly & no curing required

To say the Alfa Allegro was anything less than perfect when it comes to a wood-fired pizza oven would be a complete understatement. Also, it rivals the commercial kitchen ovens.

The 39-inch model comes in a countertop (oven) version only, a pizza oven with base and locking casters, and a freestanding table version with built-in legs.

Our review is for the oven for countertop installation, the largest wood-fired pizza in the Alpha Allegro series. It weighs 375 pounds and measures 46.4″ W x 40″ D x 88.6″ H.

You’ll be cooking within 20 minutes of lighting your wood splits. Cook 4-5 pizzas at a time, or configure up to 11 pounds of your favorite crusty bread.

The wide outer door has two ergonomic handles.

With temperatures soaring above 1,000° F and cooking times between 15-30 minutes, you’ll have the crowd gathered around the dinner table in no time flat.

This oven’s cooking floor has interchangeable fire bricks, ceramic fire insulation, and the solid stainless steel dome lets you cook at high temperatures with less wood consumption.

The included hand-held Pyrometer gives you super-accurate internal oven temperatures.

Move cooked food to a lower warming compartment when you’re ready to add fresh pizzas or a whole chicken or prime rib!

All you have to do now is decide if you want this fantastic Alfa Allegro 39-inch wood-fired pizza oven in brick red or mustard yellow.

Optional Accessories of Note

  • Custom-fit cover
  • BBQ 500
  • Removable wood rack
  • Deluxe Pizza Kit
  • Peel kit: Round peel, standard pizza peel, fire poker, cleaning brush.


We appreciate the owner of this oven who stated that he can, “fire up the oven on a whim,” and quickly get to cooking!


Rivals commercial-grade pizza ovens

Interchangeable fire bricks

1,000°F + temperatures and Pyrometer included


VERY significant investment

No accessories included

Indoor installation requires additional parts purchase

Alfa Allegro Warranty Info

Warranty: 2-year parts, defects, and manufacturing from date of purchase.

Ooni Pro Portable Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Ooni Pro Portable Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

✅ Made of brushed 430 stainless steel

✅ Insulated body for heat efficiency

✅ Cordierite stone and ceramic fiber insulation

✅ Dual airflow control vents

✅ 2 door options for easy access

✅ Built in door thermometer

✅ Wood pellet burner can be purchased separately

Ooni claims you’ll be cooking “epic meals” with the pro Portable Outdoor wood-fired pizza oven.

This brushed stainless steel beauty is tabletop ready and balances on a tripod of three solid stainless steel legs. Secure the oven to the countertop or work area with an included security loop.

Measuring 28.8” x 19.2” x 30.7” and weighing 48.5 pounds, you’ll be cooking pizza anywhere you feel like cooking pizza.

The spacious opening lets you arrange multiple cooking vessels and maximize pizza cooking space.

Food is ready to cook at temperatures up to 935° F within 20 minutes. Special fire gloves come with your oven so you can cook safely.

Unique 15mm ceramic fiber insulation and dual airflow construction cook a 16” Neapolitan pizza in 1 minute!

The postal box style door with a built-in analog thermometer lets you work one-handed and easily add and remove food.

Food cooks on 328 square inches with two cordierite stone board sections measuring 0.5” (1.5cm).

This oven comes with a charcoal burner tray so you can switch up your fuel.

NOTE: This is the only wood-fired pizza oven with a unique adaptor available for purchase that lets your oven go from wood-fired to propane.

DO NOT use natural gas with this model and only use wood pellets after you have purchased the wood pellet burner that is sold separately.

Optional Accessories of Note

  • Gas Burner adaptor
  • Ooni cookbook
  • Solid wood traditional pizza peel
  • Cast iron sizzle pan
  • Digital scales
  • Ooni apron


Free delivery in the U.S and this tremendous wood-fired pizza oven comes with a three-year warranty.

Ooni partners with Eden Projects. 1% of every purchase is donated to plant new trees!

It doesn’t get any more epic than that!

Take it from the catering company that purchased this oven, and with over 200 pizzas cooked, and had no issues, claimed: “this is the wood-fired pizza oven for every pizza fan!”



Dual airflow construction

Unique propane adaptor

Manufacturer commitment to the environment


Pizzas don’t always cook properly

3-5 minute pizza cooking times

Ooni Pro Portable Warranty Info

Warranty: 3-year warranty! You get 1-year, 2 years free when you register your wood-fired pizza oven on the website.

Buyers Guide – What to Look For in a Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

We’re going to make this as easy as possible since you’ve just reviewed so many varieties of wood-fired pizza ovens.

Measure Your Space

Remember that the oven has a flue/chimney. If a wood-fired pizza oven is going to be more of the centerpiece, consider a large one, but if you’re just thinking about having the option to have a family personal pizza night, then, consider a more economical choice.

Research if the oven can be installed near the home, and if so, what’s legally required. Ask yourself, “Am I moving in the next couple of years?” If the answer is yes, then re-think your investment.

How Much Food Are You Going to Cook?

This really is a key factor to consider. Smaller pizza ovens are a more novelty addition, whereas a larger commercial-grade wood-fired pizza oven, capable of cranking out dinner for 15-20 guests, every other weekend, is a sizable addition to the outdoor kitchen space.

Less Is Not Necessarily More

Make sure that the wood-fired pizza oven you want to purchase is capable of fitting into the space you have and is compatible with all the other materials used to create your outdoor cooking area.

Wood-fired pizza ovens burn extremely hot, and that heat can damage surfaces and the built-in materials surrounding it. Another research moment.

Temperature & More

You want a fast heating, temperature holding, quick-cooking wood-fired pizza oven, period. Really, you do!

Wood Burning Outdoor Pizza Ovens FAQ

User Tips And Product Care Guide For Your Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

How Much Wood Do I Need to Cook in a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven?

Start with approximately 5-6 small pieces of wood measuring about 12″ each when cooking pizza and adjust from there. Keep notes to help you make adjustments during your next cook.

What Is the Best Type of Hardwood to Use in a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven?

Always look for seasoned and dried hardwoods. Fortunately, there are many types of hardwood to use.

  • Alder – delicate smoke, slightly sweet. The staple hardwood for wood-fired pizza ovens.

If you want to add a little extra flavor, keep a few fruitwood splits handy. We love apple, pear, cherry, apricot, pecan, mesquite, and chestnut to level up your pizza cooking experience.

Consider these hardwoods when cooking other foods:

  • Maple – Mild, subtle, and nutty, and gives off a faint sweetness.
  • Oak – Mild flavor but not much smoke flavor.
  • Hickory – Burns clean, strong flavor similar to bacon.
  • Ash – Similar to hickory, but sweeter and even milder.
  • Walnut – For meat smoking only, good news: a pizza oven is also a smoker!
  • Birch – similar to maple; however, the smoke flavor can overpower the food.
  • Beech – Burns slow and evenly, can offer intense flavors to baked fish.

We recommend never using pine, redwood, fir, spruce, cypress, or cedar as these hardwoods have high levels of sap and terpenes, which taste awful and can make you feel sick.

Make sure that you find and use hardwoods with about 20% moisture retention. Under dried hardwoods will smoke too much and keep the oven from heating up to the optimal temperatures. Over dried hardwood burns too fast.

Why Does It Matter if the Pizza Oven Is Cured or Not?

After constructing a wood-fired pizza oven, it contains a high water ratio to the concrete or refractory ceramics.

Manufacturers that pre-cure bake the moisture out of the oven.

In the process, the dome is strengthened. Always check the manual that accompanies your wood-fired pizza oven.

Cure the pizza oven if it doesn’t arrive pre-cured. Bake the moisture out of the pizza oven. Contact the manufacturer’s customer service for instructions, or check the accompanying manual.

Do I Need to Have a Pyrometer if the Pizza-Oven Has an Analog Thermometer Built-In?

Yes. If you want accurate internal temperatures, a handheld Pyrometer is excellent to have around, especially when cooking at 1,000°F or higher.

Many wood-fired pizza oven manufacturers include a Pyrometer with the oven, and we spell that out for you in our reviews.

What Essential Accessories Do I Need?

Pick up a Pizza Peel for transporting the raw pizza into the oven and an infernally cooked pizza to the dinner table.

  • A Rotary Pizza Cutter is an essential tool to get exact slice counts.
  • Grab a Pizza Oven Brush to sweep the ash out of the oven after cooking.
  • For safety’s sake, always have a pair of trusted high temperature-resistant Oven Gloves.

Wood-fired pizza ovens are exquisitely constructed and significant investments. Consider a Custom Cover to protect yours from the elements.

What Else Can You Cook in a Pizza Oven?

We’ve hinted that whole chickens and prime rib impart incredible flavors when cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven. If pizza isn’t on the menu, fire up the hardwood and cook some:

  • Roasted Vegetables – tender onions, portobellos, bell peppers, rainbow carrots, or a hearty mix of your favorite root veggies tossed with garlic thyme olive oil and sea salt.
  • Seasoned Salmon Fillets on cedar planks.
  • THE BEST Baked Potatoes – we’re talking crispy skins and that hot fluffy inside begging for butter, sour cream, and chives!
  • Crusty, rustic bread.

Pizza ovens are so much more than just fantastic pizza cookers.

Final Thoughts on the 10 Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens for 2022

Are you ready to bring a wood-fired pizza oven home? It’s a great addition to your outdoor cooking experience.

The versatility and many available sizes prove there is a wood-fired pizza oven for every griller and lover of deliciously cooked foods.

Research is key to finding the right wood-fired pizza oven that will fit comfortably into your space.

Some ovens are budget-friendly, and others, as we’ve mentioned, are considerable investments. Set some clear expectations for yourself so you can get the most out of your wood-fired pizza oven.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article about wood-fired pizza ovens and our choices for the 10 Best Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens!

Buona cucina e pizza! (Happy cooking and pizza making!)

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