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Memphis Advantage Pellet Grill Review


The Memphis Advantage has been discontinued and replaced by the Memphis Elevate™ Freestanding Pellet Grill. You can check it out here: Memphis Elevate Pellet Grill.

Memphis Elevate review coming soon!

True to its name, the Memphis Advantage Plus Wood Fire Pellet Smoker has several advantages, many of which come along with the Memphis Grills name as a matter of course.

So, let me spill the beans on why this grill’s got some serious street cred.

First off, it’s like the compact car of Memphis Grills’ award-winning lineup – smaller, sure, but with a price tag that won’t make your wallet cry. They’ve managed to squeeze all the primo features into this little gem, without skimping on quality. Imagine that!

Now, picture this: you’re grilling with the same heavy-duty, double-walled construction, the no-sweat digital controls, and those sturdy 8mm stainless steel grates – just like its big bros, the Elite and Pro. It’s like having a luxury car’s engine in a more city-friendly model.

Alright, so it’s made with 430 stainless steel instead of the 403 kind. But hey, between you and me, this steel is still tough as nails. It’s like choosing a rugged, reliable truck over a flashy one – still does the job brilliantly.

And here’s the kicker for folks like us with cozier backyards or smaller families – this grill fits like a dream. It’s not some hulking beast hogging all your patio space. Plus, your bank account gets to breathe easy with the lower price. Win-win, right?

Memphis Grills Pellet Grill

Why We Like the Memphis Advantage Plus Wood Fire Pellet Smoker?

After spending months with the Memphis Advantage Plus, flipping burgers, roasting chicken, you name it – and let me tell you, I’ve been grilling like it’s my day job – I’ve got to say, this grill is the real deal. It’s like that buddy who never lets you down, always ready to fire up a feast.

I didn’t just jump in blind, though. I did my homework, loads of it. Hours poring over details, comparing specs – you know how it goes when you’re obsessed with getting the best. And here’s the scoop: everything about this grill, from the way it looks to how it cooks, it’s all top-shelf stuff.

You feel that quality. Whether it’s the way the lid closes with a solid thunk, or how evenly it cooks your steaks – medium-rare every time, just the way I like ’em – you can tell this isn’t your average grill.

It’s got that premium vibe that makes every BBQ session feel a bit more special.

Bottom line: choosing the Advantage doesn’t mean you’re settling for less. It’s like opting for a practical, yet awesome car that still turns heads.

Spoiler Alert: Ever wonder why the Memphis Advantage Plus is a 5-star champ? Fire this baby up, and it won’t take long to figure out. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

Memphis Advantage Plus Quick Facts

Product Name: Memphis Grills Advantage Plus Wood Fire Pellet Smoker with WiFi (VG0050S4-P)

Made By: Memphis Grills

Top 3 Features:

  • Convection system
  • WiFi enabled
  • Automatic auger

Standout Benefits of the Memphis Advantage Pellet Grill

A Quality Build That Is Extremely Well Designed | A Versatile Cooking Experience for Every Meal Type | Excellent Temperature Control for Even Heating | Convenient Wifi Control | Memphis Grills Gets Even the Smallest Details Right

If you looking for a smaller-sized outdoor cooker there are a lot of benefits to be had with this grill.

Memphis wood fire pellet grills come highly regarded, and there’s a reason for that, especially when you consider all the many useful features you get and the longevity of their grills.

Some of the benefits to consider are…

A Quality Build That Is Extremely Well Designed

Memphis builds its grills with pride, right here in the USA

In fact, they are leaders when it comes to innovation, craftsmanship, and their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Each grill is designed for convenience and is extremely user-friendly, not to mention technically advanced.

You could almost call them a “Smart Grill” as they are as close to a set-it-and-forget-it cooking experience as you can get.

A Versatile Cooking Experience for Every Meal Type

This 3-in-1 cooker can smoke, grill, and bake making it an extremely versatile cooking system.

Do you want to slow-smoke a mouthwatering brisket for 10 hours while infusing your favorite flavor of wood smoke? The Advantage Plus has got you covered by being able to maintain low temperatures evenly and reliably.

The outstanding convection system means that anything you could bake in your kitchen oven can be done just as easily on the Advantage Plus but with a real wood-grilled flavor added in.

If grilling is your thing, the Memphis Advantage can kick out and retain the heat even in the worst weather conditions. As an added bonus, you can even cook directly over an open wood fire using the included Direct Flame Insert for the perfect sear.

Excellent Temperature Control for Even Heating

The digital “Intelligent Temperature Control” panel is a technologically advanced, PID touchpad controller. You can set the temperature in 5-degree increments that can range from 180 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit.  Heat fluctuations don’t stray much from +-5°F of the set temperature. This is the case even in windy and cold weather conditions.

The high-powered convection fan distributes the heat in such an even fashion, that you don’t have to worry about hot or cold spots or the dreaded meal ruining flare-ups. An even cook is all but guaranteed, especially when you pair it with the optional temperature probe.

Convenient WiFi Control

You can’t discount the efficiency of WiFi connectivity, either. Give me a gadget or tool that comes with an app, and I’ll probably use it.

The Memphis Advantage Plus has a WiFi controller that’s fully integrated. To use it, you simply download the free Memphis Mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

The app allows you to control the temperature on the grill from, well, just about anywhere—and don’t worry about missing something important because you can set up the app to send you push notifications, emails, and text messages as soon as your food reaches the desired temperature.

Memphis Grills Gets Even the Smallest Details Right

Perhaps some of the biggest benefits of the Memphis Advantage lie in the little details. It’s just such a convenient BBQ.

Take, for instance, the storage. Most freestanding grills have a few hooks and, of course, the prep shelves. Those are great, but they don’t really count as storage.

The Advantage Plus, on the other hand, has a cart cabinet on the bottom, just beneath the grill top and the control panel. There, you can keep your cooking tools, oven mitts, cooking spray, aluminum foil, and the other must-haves that you need close at hand as you grill. The grill comes with several tools that you can also store in there.

Obviously, all freestanding Memphis smokers have caster wheels. They’re all designed to be easy to move. The Advantage wins out because it’s more lightweight than its brothers. You won’t end up huffing, puffing, and potentially giving yourself a hernia when you try to move it from the front yard to the backyard, or from one corner of the patio to the other.

That’s a small thing—until you’re trying to move your grill, anyway.

Memphis Grills Temperature Controller

Using the Memphis Pellet Smoker

The Memphis Advantage Pellet Grill couldn’t be easier to use.

Wood-fueled grills might seem like a hassle, but there is not a whole lot to it once you feed wood pellets into the hopper, which can hold 12 pounds of them. Just set your desired temperature using the digital control panel. From there, the automatic auger sends the wood to the firebox, which signals ignition as if by magic.

You don’t have to worry about filling the burn pot because the auger will feed the pellets as necessary to maintain the temperature that you set via the control panel or the app. A single convection fan, which sparks the ignition, helps to keep the fire burning, spreads heat evenly across the cooking grid, and basically turns the grill into a fully functioning convection oven.

Memphis Advantage Smoker Description & Features

The Craftsmanship | Wide Temperature Range for Versatile Cooking | Accurate Temperature Control | Convection Heating | Ample Storage

The Memphis Advantage Pellet Smoker is a durable piece of fiery finery that promises longevity.

Its stainless steel construction holds up in practically any kind of weather, Memphis guarantees that.

However, that doesn’t exactly set it apart from other grills. You need to know why this isn’t the same as every pellet smoker you see on the market.

Don’t worry; I got you.

The Craftsmanship

With industrial-grade gasket seals, tight welds, and a flawless finish, this grill is built like a high-end kitchen appliance.

It features a dual-walled cooking chamber and lid that makes for excellent heat retention even in the worst weather.

The Advantage’s exceptional build goes a long way toward cooking performance and grill longevity.

Wide Temperature Range for Versatile Cooking

The Memphis Advantage Plus has a wide cooking range which makes it an extremely versatile cooker.

You can set the temperature anywhere from 180 degrees up to sear sizzling 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

That means you can easily cook low and slow for an all-over smoke, hot and fast over the open flame insert, or grill and bake anywhere in between.

Accurate Temperature Control

The Advantage Plus goes above and beyond to ensure that you have complete control over your temperature.

It is controlled using its Intelligent Temperature Control Unit (PID) panel on the front of the grill.

You can also set and change the temperature via the app while connected to WiFi.

The ITC even has space for three built-in probe ports, allowing you to monitor various meats.

Convection Heating

Thanks to the grill’s fan convection system, heat from the burning pellets distributes evenly across the cooking area, which measures 427 square inches in total.

That balance reduces the risk of hot spots, yet it cooks your food quickly. The system kicks on when the grill ignites and, in essence, you can use your grill like a convection oven.

Ample Storage

Just for the sake of it, let’s go back to the storage.

The fact that there’s a cabinet on this grill is a great bonus. Again, it’s a small thing, but it’s helpful, convenient, and efficient.

One thing that I never seem to have enough of is storage space so this is a plus for me.

Fire Box with Direct Flame Insert in a Pellet Grill

Who Is the Memphis Advantage For?

Unlike the massive, pricey Elite series, the Advantage has found a way to save on space and the overall cost.

It is a perfect choice for small to medium-sized spaces and small families.

If you are in the market for a premium wood fire pellet grill that offers outstanding cooking performance, and versatility that is built to last, then it’s an easy choice.

Why You Should Think Twice

The Advantage is not built with 304-grade stainless steel like its two bigger brothers, the Pro and Elite models.

It is constructed using 430 stainless steel, which unfortunately is not as resistant to extreme weather conditions. So if you live in a wet and cold weather environment, you should think twice.

A Pellet Grill Hopper

Memphis Advantage PROs & CONs


  • Oven quality gaskets for a tight seal
  • Precise temperature control
  • Wide temperature range
  • Automatic pellet feed
  • Convection fan system
  • WiFi connectivity and app
  • Removable Direct Flame Insert for searing


  • Made from 430 instead of 403-stainless steel
  • Hopper capacity is only 12 pounds

Memphis Advantage Price & Warranties

It’s worth it to comparison shop before you buy because different stores offer varying prices. You can save as much as several hundred dollars. For example, at Amazon, the Memphis Advantage Pellet Grill is just $2,499 at the time of this write-up, while it’s $2,799 through the Memphis Grills web store at the time of this write-up.

Although Memphis Grills has an expansive warranty policy, nearly every element of the grill has its own coverage. The materials and overall workmanship are covered for 7 years. The grill’s electrical components fall under a 3-year warranty. From the date of purchase, the temperature probes are covered for 30 days.

Final Thoughts on Our Memphis Advantage Pellet Grill Review

There’s a reason the Memphis Advantage Pellet Grill gets five stars in almost every review.

You get plenty of value for the money, and you won’t have to worry about having to replace this grill any time soon.

You get a premium build and cooking experience with all the same extras of Memphis’s bigger grills but at a lower price.

There is a lot to love about this grill and like many other Memphis owners, you won’t be sorry.

I hope this Memphis Advantage Plus Wood Pellet Grill Review proves helpful for you. As always, if you or someone you know is interested in venturing into the world of pellet grilling; please consider sharing with your friends or on social media. I appreciate your support!

If you would like to leave a comment or have a review of your own to share on the Memphis Advantage Plus, please do so below. We always welcome your input and I would love to hear about your experiences with it.


Pat G.

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