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The Rec Tec Grills Bullseye RT-B380 Wood Pellet Grill

REC TEC is known for its lineup of high-end grills, loaded with cutting-edge features like digital readouts and Wi-Fi-enabled mobile app controls. However, the REC TEC Grills Bullseye takes a different approach. This model is a departure from their usual tech-heavy offerings.

The design philosophy behind the Bullseye is simplicity and quality. REC TEC’s engineers have pared back the additional technology to focus on what really matters: quality craftsmanship and durable components, all in a more compact form. This approach makes the Bullseye a standout in its range.

What sets the Bullseye apart is that it is an open-flame pellet grill. It effectively bridges the gap between traditional charcoal grilling and contemporary pellet smoking, offering a unique cooking experience.

REC TEC proudly claims that the Bullseye is “the hottest pellet grill on the market, literally and figuratively,” capable of reaching temperatures up to 749°F.

Its design is elegantly simple, featuring just the essential components: the grill and the hopper. This straightforward design is ideal for those who prefer a less complex grilling experience without sacrificing power and efficiency.

The Bullseye includes a steel fire pot, an enameled cooking chamber, a mechanical auger, and a straightforward electronic ignition and blower. It boasts an impressive temperature range from 200°F to 750°F, making it a reliable and easy-to-use grill. My experience cooking on the Bullseye over the past month has been a true pleasure.

Spoiler Alert: The REC TEC Bullseye represents a breakthrough in achieving rapid heating and portability, perfect for when simplicity is key in your grilling endeavors.

If you’re in a hurry, you can check out the current price below.

Bullseye RT B380 Pellet Grill

REC TEC Bullseye Quick Facts

Product Name: REC TEC Grills Bullseye RT-B380 Wood Pellet Grill

Made By: REC TEC Grills

Top 3 Features:

  • Super Fast Heat – 400º Fahrenheit in Just 10 minutes
  • Compact, Portable Size – Just 55lbs Assembled
  • Long Lasting Heat – Up To 15 Hours Per Load

Standout Benefits of the Rec Tec Grills Bullseye RT-B380

Perfect Stand Alone Grill, or Portable Companion | Maximum Grilling Power, Minimum Footprint

As with a lot of grilling equipment on the market, price doesn’t always mean everything. There are larger and more expensive wood pellet grills out there that aren’t worthy of their cost.

And then there are less expensive grills that surprisingly outperform those more expensive grills. The Bullseye is one of those grills.

This portable pellet grill can be had for under $400 and is more than worth it. In my opinion, you’re getting more than you pay for.

Some additional benefits to consider are…

Perfect as a Stand Alone Backyard Grill, or as a Portable Companion to Your Larger Grilling Unit

With its large cooking area, the Rec Tech Bullseye Pellet Grill can easily accommodate a medium to large family.

The range of heating temperatures and removable flame deflector plate enable this unit to cook just about anything. You can slow smoke a brisket, grill tender chicken breasts, or fast sear a rib-eye without the need for another unit.

On the other hand, this unique cooker can be used with any other grill to give you some added versatility.

While a large grilling system is great for entertaining a crowd, it can be limited by its size. Larger units take longer to preheat and use more fuel than the smaller Bullseye grill.

On those nights when you just want to char-grill a few hamburgers the larger system is a hassle. However, if you want to smoke a rack of ribs in one unit and fire up a pile of steaks on the other, the Bullseye works in tandem with any other grill.

A Portable, Open Flame Pellet Grill

Maximum Grilling Power, Minimum Footprint

This is where size meets functionality. The Rec Tec Grills Bullseye offers an impressive 380 square inches of cooking area but weighs in at just under 60 pounds.

How much space is that, really? That is enough space for about 25 medium-sized hamburgers. That is a lot of meat on a grill that is easy to load up in the truck and take to the in-laws.

The total dimensions of this product amount to only 22 x 38 x 36 inches. That is large enough to get the job done but small enough to take it anywhere making this the ideal portable grill.

At 55 pounds, this is one of the lightest grills Rec Tec offers. Don’t let that fool you, though. They didn’t cut corners on construction.

The Bullseye makes the most out of every inch. Its ignition and fan are powered by a 110-volt cord, so no 220-volt outlets are necessary. For your safety, however, you should always use a GFCI outlet.

Using the Rec Tec Bullseye RT-B380

Using the Bullseye RT-B380 couldn’t be easier. Fill up the hopper, set the temperature you after on the control panel, and the grill takes it from there.

From that point, the computer senses when to feed extra pellets from the hopper and when to slow down and lower the internal temperature.

The only thing left to do is take the food off when it is done.

REC TEC Bullseye Description & Features

Bullseye RT-B380 at a Glance | Preheat Faster, Eat Sooner | Low and Slow for the Win | Intuitive PID Temperature Controller | Direct-Flame Grilling | What’s Under the Hood? | Sleek & Classy Design

The REC TEC Bullseye has several stand-out features that are worth talking about.

They make the difference, particularly if you’re trying to decide between grills with similar attributes.

Let’s see what you think.

Bullseye RT-B380 at a Glance

  • Electronic Lighting Feature
  • Temp Range: 200º – 550º + Fahrenheit
  • 15 Hours Max Heat from 1 Hopper
  • 380 sq. in. of Cooking Surface
  • Wood Pellet Fueled

Below are even more great features included with the Rec Tec Bullseye.

Preheat Faster, Eat Sooner

In a hurry? This is where the Rec Tec Grills Bullseye really shines.

Just turn the easy dial control, and the electronic lighting feature ignites the pellets. Within minutes the interior cooking surface has heated to your desired temperature, in a range from 200º – 550º + Fahrenheit. Typically, it takes just 10 minutes to reach 400º Fahrenheit. The dome thermometer lets you know when the grill is ready.

Once you have the unit hot, you can count on the stainless steel grate to leave perfect sear marks on your steaks and burgers.

The Bullseye is one of the first wood pellet grills that allows you to continue cooking even when the 22-inch dome lid is open. This way, you can keep an eye on what you’re cooking without worrying about the internal fan and burner going off and on.

Low and Slow for the Win

The wood pellet hopper, with an embossed stainless steel lid, holds up to 15 pounds of fuel. Its fail-proof latch assures reliable fuel consumption, so you don’t have to constantly check the flames.

The Rec Tec Grills Bullseye Pellet Grill can provide an even 200º Fahrenheit all day long. It also features heat vents to protect the electronics, even during extended periods of use.

One of the advantages of this unit is its ability to hold at a low heat for a very long time on a single load of fuel. Nothing is more frustrating than running out of heat in the middle of smoking a rack of ribs. This unit makes that a thing of the past.

Babysitting the pellet hopper isn’t a concern with the Rec Tec Bullseye. Just fill that 15-pound capacity hopper with quality hardwood pellets, and you’ll have about 15 hours of continuous smoky heat. When you are smoking a large brisket, that’s more time with your friends and family, and less time adding fuel and adjusting the heat.

Intuitive PID Temperature Controller

The RT-B380 Bullseye comes equipped with an intuitive PID controller, simplifying the process of setting your desired temperature. You can adjust the heat in 25°F increments, giving you the flexibility to achieve a slow, prolonged smoke or to perfectly sear a steak, just like those you’d enjoy at a fine restaurant.

This versatility is one of the Bullseye’s key strengths. Whether you’re aiming for hours of low-and-slow smoking or need high heat for quicker cooks, the RT-B380 Bullseye effortlessly meets both demands.

The quality of the fuel pellets you use is going to affect the amount of heat the grill produces. Always use dry, fresh, 100% hardwood pellets for the best results.

With the right fuel, the lowest setting is going to give you a steady 200º Fahrenheit. If you really want to turn up the heat, the max setting, or “Riot Mode” as they call it will bring the interior temperature well past 750° Fahrenheit.

However, you’ll want to keep an eye on the hopper at higher temperatures, as the fuel will disappear much quicker. The instruction manual has a place in the back for taking notes on the actual temperature your Bullseye achieves under various circumstances.

A Pellet Grill PID Temperature Controller

Direct-Flame Grilling

The RT-B380 Bullseye offers the authentic flavor of real hardwood pellets, providing the taste you love without the hassle typically associated with charcoal grills. It stands out as the only direct-fire wood pellet grill available, setting a new standard for both searing and smoking.

With the RT-B380 Bullseye, you can sear steaks to a perfect char and smoke ribs to tender perfection, all while enjoying the ease and consistency of a direct flame. This grill is designed to maximize flavor with minimal effort, hitting the mark every time.

One of the standout features of the Bullseye is its user-friendly design, which all but removes the guesswork from cooking. Say goodbye to the frustrations of wasted charcoal or the inconvenience of running out of gas mid-cook – the RT-B380 Bullseye simplifies the grilling process while enhancing the quality of your meals.

What’s Under the Hood?

Under the lid, you’ll find the HotFlash Ceramic Ignition system which is rated at over 100,000 lighting cycles. This electronically fired mechanism ensures that your grill lights every time. You’ll never need to buy lighter fluid again, and the clean-burning hardwood pellets offer superior flavor, with less ash.

The cooking chamber, itself, is stainless steel for insulation and ease of maintenance. A durable, carbon steel stamped flame deflector plate sits atop the steel fire pot, ensuring even heat distribution.

The Rec Tec Grills Bullseye RT-B380 comes with a porcelain-coated steel cooking grate which gives amazing sear marks and cleans up faster than a standard stainless steel grate.

Sleek & Classy Design

The round shape of the Bullseye gives it a very classic look. It really hearkens back to the days of watching your dad flipping burgers at the neighborhood block party. You know; back before you cared about things like fuel usage and ease of cleanup.

The glossy black exterior is clad in a high-temperature threshold, durable, stainless steel. Just wipe it down after each use, and it will shine for years.

Heat-resistant handles and fixed rubber wheels make it easy to maneuver. Its four legs enjoy the stability provided by a bottom storage shelf. Overall, the Rec Tec Bullseye just looks like summer.

Who Is the Rec Tec Bullseye Made For?

Rec Tec is known for offering a range of wood pellet grills that suit every skill level, from first-time backyard hobbyists to competition cooks and professional chefs. The Bullseye was designed to cater to the needs of all of them.

It offers easy-to-understand features that will have you grilling perfectly seared steaks and slow-smoked briskets, without the hassle of a more complex grilling system.

If you are new to grilling, or if you have never used a wood pellet grill before, this is the perfect model for you. Wood pellets give you the flavor of charcoal, the smokiness of real wood, and the ease of gas, all in one.

You literally just fill the hopper, turn it on, and set your desired temperature. This is an economical little number that will introduce you to the world of pellet grills and should provide years of reliable service.

Seasoned professionals will also appreciate the efficiency of this grill. It really is one of the fastest heating units on the market. What it lacks in optional add-ons it makes up for in sheer firepower and convenience. This is truly a grill for every occasion.

A Small Pellet Grill

What Else Should You Know?

One of the only drawbacks to the Rec Tec Grills Bullseye is that it ships out fully disassembled. The assembly instructions were awful, and by that I mean there are no paper instructions. You have to scan a code and pull it up on your phone. Once I squared that away, it took me only about 50 minutes to put it together though. When I’m ready to fire up a new grill I’d rather just unbox it and start grilling. However, there is something to be said for building anticipation.

The unit comes with a 2-year limited warranty that does not apply to the paint, grill cover, or damage caused by corrosion. Rec Tec does offer a custom cover for this unit, but it’s sold separately.

While this warranty is about average for this price range in the industry, they do have a responsive customer service line, in case you run into problems along the way. Your call will be answered by a real person, which is a novelty in itself.

REC TEC Bullseye PROs & CONs


  • Large grilling area
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Fairly accurate temperature control
  • Wide temperature range
  • Can be used with lid open
  • User friendly


  • Awful assembly instructions
  • Quality Build Material but somewhat flimsy

Bullseye Pricing & What’s Included

The MSRP on the Rec Tec Grills Bullseye is a reasonable $399 at the time of this writing.  You can often get it for a bit less from the manufacturer’s website. That isn’t a bad price for an entry-level pellet grill.

If you want to include the cover, you can get it as part of a package bundle that includes the cover, grill pad, and 80 pounds of premium hardwood pellets for an additional $100. That is a steal if you ask me.

Final Thoughts on Our Rec Tec Grills Bullseye Rt-b380 Pellet Grill Review

The Rec Tec Bullseye Pellet Grill is a reliable, user-friendly piece of equipment. Does it have the latest technology? No, but it doesn’t claim to.

The beauty of this grill is in its simplicity. It heats up quickly, grills evenly, and goes anywhere. It is a bit of a hassle to put together, but once that’s done you will want to enjoy this easy-to-use unit every day. Overall, I give it 7.5 out of 10 stars. This is a fun little grill!

I hope this Rec Tec Grills Bullseye RT-B380 Wood Pellet Grill proves helpful for you. As always, if you or someone you know is interested in venturing into the world of pellet grilling; please consider sharing with your friends or on social media. I appreciate your support!

Have you used this grill? Do you have something to add? Leave your review in the comments! We always welcome your input and I would love to hear about your experiences with it.


Pat G.

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