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The pros, the cons, and the facts about the Traeger Grills Timberline Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker.


The Traeger Grills Timberline Wood Pellet Grill is the world class smoker you have been waiting for.  Its commercial quality construction and attention to detail really make this grill stand out against the competition.  It showcases the latest technology combined with the time tested features you would expect in a top of the line BBQ grilling machine.

This is the next generation of WIFI enabled, smartphone controlled, hardwood pellet burning grills.  The quality of these units is easily seen, both inside and out.  The Timberline 850 and 1300 are great at reliably holding temperatures from 165°F to 500°F with only +/-5°F temperature fluctuations in most conditions.  Let’s explore some of the highlights.

Product Quick Facts

Product Name: Traeger Grills Timberline 850 and 1300 Wood Pellet Grill

Made By:  Traeger Grills

Top 3 Features:

  • Timberline’s WiFIRE® Mobile App Controller
  • TRU Convection® System
  • Available in Both 850 sq. in. and 1300 sq. in. Capacities

Benefits Of The Traeger Grills Timberline

The Traeger Grills Timberline 850 and 1300 Wood Pellet Grills are the product of many years’ worth of customer requests refined with professional pit masters’ cooking advice and brought to life by the engineers at Traeger Grills.

The Timberline Series gives you complete control over your grilling experience. Everything about this grill was designed to cook faster, make adjustments easier, and last longer than other smokers in the same price range, and above.

Some additional benefits to consider are…

Superior Heat Retention For A More Even Cook

Maybe your current grill doesn’t hold its heat.  The double walled construction on the Timberline gives you superior temperature control and heat retention.


Plenty Of Cooking Space

Are you lacking enough cooking space to feed everyone at the same time?  Choose either 850 or 1300 square inches of multi-tiered grilling area and invite the whole family over for a meal.

No matter your level of experience, the  Traeger Grills Timberline Wood Pellet Grill will make you feel like a professional pit master.

Using The Traeger Grills Timberline

The engineers at Traeger kept ease-of-use at the forefront when laying out the  Traeger Grills Timberline 850 and 1300.  You simply fill the 24 pound capacity hopper with your choice of hardwood pellets, set the dial to the correct temperature, adjust the timer and hit the button to ignite the pellets.

In fact, they went one step further by automating all of those settings within a mobile app.  The Timberline’s free to download WiFIRE® app comes loaded with a great selection of recipes; each one pre-programmed with the exact cooking temperature, and applicable mid-cook adjustments and times.  It seems that the only thing the Timberline doesn’t do is marinate the meat for you!

Once you’ve filled the stainless steel shelves with your selection of food and closed the airtight lid, the real magic begins.  These grills have a real convection cooking system that moves the heat and smoke from the fire pot throughout the pill shaped barrel chamber.  By the time the exhaust exits through the rear vent, it has thoroughly enveloped each item in smokey goodness.

There is no need to keeping checking on your items. You’ll know they have reached the proper internal temperature if you use the included meat probe in conjunction with the WiFIRE® mobile controller.

Traeger Grills Timberline Description And Features

The Traeger Grills Timberline Wood Pellet Grill is all about quality construction and durable components.  It all starts with the double walled commercial grade stainless steel interior.  It has an airtight lid gasket that keeps the heat and smoke right where you need it.  The new pill shaped cooking chamber gives you added height and allows for 3 adjustable tiers of cooking surface on its stainless steel rod constructed racks.

At A Glance


  • 24lb Capacity Hopper
  • TRU Convection® System
  • Downdraft Exhaust® System
  • Custom Cook Cycles in App
  • New Super Smoke and Keep Warm Modes

850 Or 1,300 Sq. Inches Of Cooking Space

As the names imply, the Timberline 850 gives you 850 sq. in. of cooking space, while the upgraded model provides an impressive 1300 sq. in. of grilling area.  How much room is that, really?  In the Traeger Grills Timberline 850, that is enough shelf space to cook 9 whole chickens at once.  You could smoke 8 racks of ribs, or stack 6 pork butts with plenty of room for a nice, even heat distribution. Upgrade to the 1300, and you’ll be keeping the local butcher in business single handed.


Commercial Grade Materials And Construction

On the outside, you can see and feel the difference that commercial grade construction makes.  This is a solid grilling machine. Its pill shaped barrel is supported by a 16 gauge, black powder coat finish steel sawhorse style chassis.  Two stainless steel side shelves and one front shelf provide sufficient work space, utensil hooks, and a magnetic bamboo cutting board.


Extra Large 24 lb Pellet Hopper With Clean Out Chute

The extra large 24 lb pellet hopper features an easy clean out chute for switching pellet types quickly.  No more worrying about the hopper running dry during a long, slow and low smoking session.


2 All Terrain Wheels And 2 Locking Wheel Casters

Moving the Timberline is easy with all terrain wheels and locking side wheel casters.  The concealed grease tray and power cord hooks are just a few small touches that make using the Traeger Grills Timberline Series even more of a pleasure.  The easy to read digital display doesn’t hurt, either.


Loaded With Unique Features

Once you have the grill fired up, you are going to appreciate the unique features offered by the Timberline.  The heavy duty auger carries pellets from the hopper to the fire pot.  This is covered by the heat distribution panel, which spreads the heat across the drip tray.  Juices from your meat are vaporized by the drip tray and mixed with fresh smoke. Extra grease flows out of the cooking chamber into an easily cleaned and perfectly concealed grease trap.


Traegers TRU Convection® Cooking System

The TRU Convection® system promises to cook your meat 20% faster than a non-convection indirect flame cooking grill in the same class.  The Downdraft Exhaust® System keeps the heat and smoke in the chamber longer, swirling around the individual cooking racks before exiting through the rear vent.

The airtight lid gasket and double walled stainless steel insulated construction keep the internal temperature within +/- 5°F based on an hour long cook, on an average summer day, after reaching the initially set temperature.

Who Was The Traeger Grills Timberline Made For?

In creating the Traeger Grills Timberline 850 and 1300 Wood Pellet Grill units, Traeger consulted its loyal user base, as well as seasoned grilling professionals.  User requests were filtered, ideas were brought to life, and techniques were tested.  The result of this labor of love is a commercial grade residential grill that is perfect for backyard hobbyists, competition cooks, and culinary professionals.  It’s extra large chamber makes it perfect for large families, and event managers.

While the Timberline really excels at long haul, low temperature smoking, that is not it’s only virtue.  Simply adjust the bottom rack to the lowest setting, and you are now in sear position.  This is perfect for getting those lovely sear marks, and grilling steaks and hamburgers.  The drip tray catches all the grease and channels it into the concealed grease trap below.  In all, the Timberline is a versatile machine that is perfect for smoking enthusiasts, and high temperature grillers alike.

Why You Should Think Twice

This is a very heavy duty grill.  It is constructed primarily from black powder coated 16 gauge steel.  The inside has double walls of 304 stainless steel.  The Traeger Grills Timberline 850 measures in at a height of 48 inches, width of 52 inches and depth of 27 inches.  While that gives you a ton of cooking space, it also means that the unit weighs 213 lbs before you fill the extra large hopper.  The larger Timberline 1300 is 266 lbs, with dimensions of 48x58x27 inches.

Plan on having help when you assemble it, as the box is team lift only.  Standing the grill up isn’t recommended for a single person, either.  However, once you have it assembled and in place, you can be sure it isn’t going anywhere unless you want it to.

Another consideration is that the enormous cooking chamber takes a while to preheat.  The air tight lid gasket and double walled construction do a great job of keeping an even temperature over long periods of time.  However, once you lift the lid you are going to rapidly lose that heat.  Keep frequent opening and closing to a minimum by utilizing the WiFIRE® temperature control features and included meat probe.  These will allow you to monitor the temperature of your food via smartphone so you don’t have to babysit the grill.

Pros And Cons

What it lacks in portability, the Traeger Grills Timberline 850 makes up for with the latest features, and best use of technology.  As long as you aren’t constantly opening the lid, the TRU Convection® and  Downdraft Exhaust® Systems are going to give you even heat for perfectly cooked food.  Just remember, these units have all that fancy technology for a reason.  Don’t be afraid to use it.  Traeger also has superior customer support, and they are more than happy to help you navigate the user manual.

Price And Warranties

The MSRP for the Timberline 850 is $1699.99.  The Timberline 1300 retails for $1999.99.  That is for just the base unit, without the optional accessories like a grill cover, bottom shelf, rib rack, etc.  However, some websites offer package deals that include the cover and bottom shelf for a nominal upgrade charge.

Traeger warrants their pellet grills to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.  The warranty period on these residential grills is valid for a period of three years from the date of purchase.   You will want to register your grill on the Traeger website to get alerts on App updates and the latest product information.  They’ll throw in a recipe book when you register.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Traeger Grills Timberline 850 and 1300 Wood Pellet Grills are really solid grills made by industry leaders.  They have all of the latest high tech features, enough cooking space to feed the entire neighborhood, and they are backed by the Traeger name.  Don’t try to assemble one of these units by yourself.  They are made to be solid and reliable, which also means they are made from premium components and are heavy.

If you like the convenience and freedom provided by mobile grilling apps, you’ll love the WiFIRE® Mobile Controller.  If you frequently smoke a large amount of meat and your current grill doesn’t offer enough space, then the 3 tiers of grilling shelves in the Timberline are what you have been missing.  Hobbyist or pro, steaks or briskets, you’re going to love this grill!

I hope this Traeger Grills Timberline Wood Pellet Grill Review proves helpful for you.  As always, if you or someone you know is interested in venturing into the world of pellet grilling; please consider sharing with your friends or on social media.  I appreciate your support!

Have you used this grill?  Do you have something to add?  Leave your review in the comments!  We always welcome your input and I would love to hear about your experiences with it.




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