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The Pros, the Cons, and the Facts About the 10 Best Built In Gas Grills For 2019.

This updated Top 10 Built In Gas Grills Ratings Guide for 2019 includes several upgraded models and three new first time entries to this list that I am excited to share with you.

Can any of these new entries replace last year’s choice for best built in gas grill for your outdoor kitchen?  You will have to read on to find out.

Building an outdoor kitchen is a matter of pride for every outdoor cooking enthusiast.

As it should be.

There are few things better than having family and friends over for a cookout and being able to relax in your beautiful, custom-made outdoor living space.

It’s a serious backyard investment and one that should last for many years.  The built in gas grill you choose should be the crowning achievement to top it all off.  It had better be able to perform and be built to last.  Otherwise, all your hard work and planning might as well have been for nothing.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the first shiny grill you see.  Read this top 10 built in gas grill list before you make your decision.

Built in gas grills differ from the more traditional standalone versions in that they are made to sit in your custom made outdoor kitchen counters or islands.  Their look and feel should be seamless and they should offer a top of the line indoor experience all while allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends.

I put together this top 10 Built In Gas Grill rating guide to help you choose the best built in gas grill head to fit your budget and needs.

Why This Guide Will Be Helpful For You

After reading this guide, you will be armed with all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision on your next purchase.  Consider this guide a checklist for all the categories you should take into consideration before buying.
“As always, my goal is to save you time and money by doing all the research and testing for you, so you don’t have to.”
Choosing the perfect built in gas grill to use can be tough.  What should you look for in a good built in?  How much should you spend on the best products?  I’ll try to answer those questions, and several more, in the information below.

Because built in gas grills are becoming more common, it helps to pay attention to the details of each option and comparison shop before you make a final pick.

But with such a large number of products to choose from, it can still get confusing trying to decide which one best fits your needs, let alone your budget.  It all comes down to being informed on the different choices to help you decide which one is best for you.

That’s where I come in.

There is a broad range in prices depending on features and brands.  Using this guide, I am confident you will find exactly what you are looking for in a built in gas grill for your outdoor living space.

This product overview acts as a buyer’s guide to ten of the best gas grill heads on the market today.

I’ll show you what features to look for, and give you several excellent options of built in gas grills with a wide range of prices along the way.  My choices are also backed by many strong experts and user reviews so you can count on them.

”Make sure to keep reading after the final review for a buyer’s guide to help you with your decision when it’s time to make your purchase.”

Why A Built In Gas Grill?

Built in gas grills save space and time for serious grillers who prefer their barbecue to their stove and they should be able to perform the same functions.

Stand-alone grills are great, don’t get me wrong, as It’s convenient to be able to move your grill from one spot to another—sometimes.

Having a designated area where everything is in its place has its own benefits, however.  It can also be also easier to fuel built in gas grills as well if they are connected to a dedicated gas line.  They also look good and more importantly, they’re built to last.

They’re basically permanent fixtures that enhance your outdoor living space, after all.

You have the option to give yourself all the space you need when designing your outdoor kitchen, not just for the grill itself, but for your prep station, side burners, sinks, fridges, utensil storage, herbs, spices, condiments—you name it.

The Rating Criteria – Best Built In Gas Grill Ratings

Certain traits set the best built in gas grills apart from grills that are merely adequate.

I’ve put together a rating criteria to help you know whether you’re buying something good or something above-and-beyond average.

The main things to keep in mind during your search are the build materials, cooking surface size, heat distribution, overall power output and wanted extras.

Your mileage may vary, however, so feel free to include any personal bells and whistles and deal breakers, as well.

The main criteria I took into consideration when reviewing these built-ins are:

What They Are Made Of

The best built in’s will be made mostly of or entirely of 304-grade stainless steel.  This is your best bet for longevity and durability.  304-grade stainless steel will protect your grill from corrosions and dents the best.

Cast iron and porcelain materials will bring the overall costs down and will hold the heat better but are a lot more susceptible to scratches, dents, and especially rust.

It pays to know your materials.

Multiple Burners

You need a minimum of at least two burners, which is a must for indirect, 2-zone cooking.  A technique every outdoor cook must master to be a good griller.

The number of burners you have will most likely be dictated by the amount of space that is available for you’re built in, but in my opinion, the more burners, the better.  The more cooking surface and heat production you have, more options and flexibility comes with it.

Cooking Surface

Always pay attention to information about the cooking surface on a particular grill.  This will also impact the size of the grill you choose.

The worst thing you can do is overcrowd the food you cook, especially meat.  As you calculate the square inches of a surface, don’t forget that you need at least half an inch between each item on the grill while cooking.

Even Heat Distribution

Every griller has had to deal with the dreaded hot or cold spots on certain areas of their grill. This makes getting an even cook much more difficult.

When you have even heat distribution across the entire surface of your grill, it lets the food cook more evenly throughout and at the same rate.  Even heat also lets you use your grill just as you would an oven giving you the flexibility to bake and slow roast your food.

When doing your research, highlight grills that are double walled or well insulated, especially the hood. This will keep the heat inside of your grill where it belongs will help to circulate the hot air evenly around your food.

High-quality burners and heavy-duty cooking grates that absorb and transfer heat well will also help with heat distribution.

BTUs (Caution! Not All BTUs Are Created Equal)

BTUs stands for British Thermal Units and are what the majority of the grilling industry uses to measure the heat, or power of a grill.

But, the reality is, you could have the highest BTU output around, but if your grill does not hold and circulate said heat well, it is all for not.  So, a higher BTU rating is not always the best.

You could go for a lower BTU on a grill that holds the heat well and still be ok.  Overall, BTUs will usually tell you how powerful a grill can be if it is made well so by no means ignore it.

Temperature Range

In addition to thinking about the max temperature a grill is capable of, you also need to pay attention to where it gets hottest.

Typically, the upper grating reaches a maximum of 390°F and 400°F, while the lower grate can range between 450°F and 600°F plus.

This is also where knowing what methods you will be using to cook comes into play.  If you regularly cook meat that requires a hot and fast sear, you want a grill that will reach temperatures of 600 degrees or more for the best results.

It’s always better to have the capability to reach these higher temperatures even if you don’t regularly use it, than not have it when you need it.

Ignition System

Gas grills typically have one of three ignition systems.  These are:

  1. Electronic Ignition Systems rely on batteries, which can get annoying, frustrating, and kind of expensive, at least if you grill often.
  2. Piezo Electric Ignition Systems spark to life through friction. You usually press a starter button or turn a knob to ignite the flame.  You know it by its signature clicking.
  3. Lastly, a grill with Hot Surface Ignition relies on an igniter rode that instantly heats up and lights the burners.  This last option can be found on high-end grills.

Extra Features And Add-Ons

Many times this comes down to what I call, “Must Haves” or “Like to Haves” and is usually decided by your budget.

As a “Shiny Object” sufferer, this is one of my favorite categories.

One extra I highly recommend for all gas grills is a sear burner.  Most gas grills are unable to sear a burger or steak properly without one.  They just don’t reach the extreme heat required for a proper sear.

Other common extras include side burners, a rotisserie, built in thermostats, heat dividers and lights for nighttime cooking.

Warranty And Company Reputation

The best gas grills should always offer a limited lifetime guarantee, but generally speaking, the longer the warranty the better.

Pay attention to each brands warranty because most manufacturers offer different warranty lengths for separate grill parts.

Real User Feedback And Reviews

Finally but just as importantly, I took into account verified purchasers reviews and feedback.

I scoured every manufacturer site and Amazon seller pages for feedback and comments on 40 plus built in gas grills to narrow down this list of the best of the best.

I don’t believe any review is complete without taking into serious consideration actual long-term users and their experiences with using a product.

The Top 10 Best Built In Gas Grills

Using the criteria above, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best built in gas grills to act as a guide.

The list includes a variety of grills, prices, sizes, and features. You should always do your own due diligence, however.  Don’t be swayed by salespeople and never buy a grill on-sight.

On to my picks for 2019!

“Editor’s Choice – Best Luxury Gas Grill Built In”

Lynx Professional 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill L36TR-NG

Editors’ Choice

✅ 304-grade stainless steel construction throughout

✅ 2 Cast brass burners rated at 25,000 BTUs

✅ Trident ProSear2 burner

✅ Ceramic radiant briquettes

✅ Infrared rotisserie with adjustable speed motor

✅ 75,000 total BTU’s

✅ Blue LED control knob lighting

✅ Hot surface ignition system

✅ Internal halogen grill surface light

✅ Hood assist system

The Lynx 36-Inch is an incredibly well built-in gas grill that only adds to the aesthetics and value of your outdoor cooking space.  You get 935 square inches of grilling space.

The exterior of the grill is composed of flawlessly welded stainless steel—and not just any kind of stainless steel, but a high-grade 304 quality.

The three burners on the grill are cast brass and put out a total of 75,000 BTUs.  Thanks to the Innovative Trident ProSear infrared burner feature, you can put a perfect sear on your meat every time you barbecue.  The design is meant to stabilize heat, as well, so that there’s less concern about over-cooking or suffering from an uneven cooking surface.

The exterior design is foolproof, plus it lends itself well to evening and nighttime grilling.  The controls are illuminated by blue LED lights, and the surface of the unit boasts bright dual halogen grill surface lights.

You’ll find an accurate temperature gauge on the outside, along with a fluid-rotating handle and spring assisted hood.  The grill has a hot surface-style ignition system, as well for fast and easy lighting.

It comes with 935” of total grilling area and heavy duty stainless steel cooking grates.  It handles even heat distribution and high heat temperatures like a pro.  In addition to a hood assist kit, you also get a sizable smoker box that you can leave on the grill or remove.

Other standout features include an adjustable infrared burner for searing and a rear infrared burner with a dual position rotisserie.

Amazingly engineered
Superior heat delivery and retention
Cast brass burners
Variable infrared burner
Unique two-position, three-speed rotisserie
Lift assist hood system
Removable smoker box
Built to last
It’s hard to find any faults with this grill
The Lynx Professional 36-Inch costs about $5,859.00.  The cost might put off some buyers, but the Lynx provides excellent value for the money.

It does everything you could ask of a built-in gas grill and so much more and includes a few worthwhile extras, particularly the rotisserie and the smoker box.

I give this grill my highest marks and it comes with some of the best in class warranties.  You will love this grill as being the top of the line in luxury with its gorgeous good looks and outstanding performance.

“Editor’s Choice – Best High-End Gas Grill Built-In”

Blaze Professional 34-Inch 3-Burner Built-In Gas Grill BLZ-3PRO-NG

Top Pick

✅ Heat zone separators

✅ Extra thick hexagon-shaped stainless steel cooking grates

✅ Professional-quality, cast stainless steel H-burners

✅ Heavy-duty 12 gauge flame stabilizing grids

✅ 3 x 18,000 BTU burners

✅ 10,000 BTU infrared rear burner

✅ Flame-thrower ignition

✅ Included rotisserie kit

Contrary to the name, you don’t have to be a pro to use the Blaze Professional grill, but you’ll certainly feel like a grill master the first time you cook with it.

One of the reasons that it aims itself toward serious chefs and BBQ gurus is that it has heat zone separators, allowing you to grill vegetables and proteins all at once, even if everything requires a different temperature.  That keeps you from having to hover over the grill as you cook steaks, corn on the cob and baked potatoes at the same time.

The 12mm thick cooking rods are composed of 304 stainless steel and feature a thick, hexagonal shape that makes for a phenomenal sear.

The three H-burners are cast stainless steel, which provides an intense, powerful cook and powers out 54,00 total BTUs.  The Blaze Professional’s design includes heavy-duty 12 gauge thick flame tamers that sit directly over the burners to stabilize the flames and keep flare-ups at bay.

It comes with 816” of total cooking space, external and internal grill lights and a flame thrower ignition that Blaze guarantees will provide a flawless start every time.

I can’t neglect to mention the rear burner, which uses infrared technology and the included Rotisserie Kit with a completely sealed and waterproof rotisserie motor.

Lastly, the Blaze pro comes with a slide-out drip tray that can be opened and closed on smooth rollers for easy access.

Another nice perk about this grill is that it also comes with a warming rack that you can remove when you need the extra room.

Commercial quality craftsmanship
Heat separators
Individual temperature cooking zones
IR burner in rear
Secondary ignition via individual flash tube
Loaded with useful features
Best in class Lifetime warranty on all stainless steel components
Able to provide intense heat which may take some getting used to
The Blaze Pro will cost you around $3,050.  In terms of function, the Blaze Pro does what it’s supposed to do and then some, plus it’s actually more affordable than some of its competitors.

I give it high marks but be warned, this is such a powerful grill that can produce intense heat.  You will love it for searing meats and hot and fast cooking, but it may take some practice to get used to the phenomenal cooking power.

“Editor’s Choice – Best Mid-Level Gas Grill Built In”

Blaze 32-Inch 4-Burner Built-In Gas Grill BLZ-4-NG

Best Buy

✅ Heat zone separators

✅ Flame stabilizing grids

✅ 4 304 cast stainless steel burners

✅ 56,000 BTUs of cooking power on the cooking surface

✅ Flame-thrower ignition

✅ 10,000 BTU rear infrared burner

✅ 8mm stainless steel cooking grates

✅ 304 stainless steel double-lined grill hood

Featuring many of the same commercial grade qualities of the Blaze Pro, but at almost half the price, this affordable grills value is off the charts.

Featuring four 304 cast stainless steel burners that deliver 14,000 BTUs of power each, it’s hard not to be impressed.  That’s a total of 56,000 BTUs on the cooking surface my friends.  There is also a 10,000 BTU rear infrared burner. Unfortunately, you have to buy the rotisserie kit separately.

The 8mm stainless steel cooking grates top off an impressive 748 square inches of cooking space.  The main grilling area is 552” and the secondary grilling are is 186”.   That is enough for 20 burgers at a time.

The burners are fire up with the push and turn flame-thrower ignition for easy and reliable lighting every time.

Also just like the Pro, the Blaze 32 features stainless steel heat zone separators that let you cook different types of food at the same time at different temperatures.  There is also a flame stabilizing grid to prevent flare-ups and help evenly distribute the heat.

Lastly, the doubled walled 304 stainless steel hood that helps keep the heat inside where it belongs and full-width grease drip tray round up this bargain built-in.

The only downside to this grill is that it lacks the flashy accessories and features to its more expensive Pro version.  If you are looking for things like LED knob lighting, interior lighting, and an included rotisserie kit, you may want to look at the Blaze Pro.

Excellent value for the price
Commercial quality craftsmanship
Heat separators
304 stainless steel build
IR burner in rear
Secondary ignition via individual flash tube
Best in class Lifetime warranty on all stainless steel components
Lacking flashy electronics
On the smaller side
Coming in around $1,600, you get a lot for what you pay for.

Even though the Blaze 32-Inch 4-Burner is more of a basic grill as far as fancy electronics, you still may be interested in the high price value you receive and the many features included that are typically only found on higher priced grills.

If you are looking for a value-priced grill that offers a commercial quality build, you can’t do any better.

“Editor’s Choice – Best Entry-Level Gas Grill Built In”

Coyote C-Series 28-Inch 2-Burner Built-In Gas Grill – C1C28NG

Best Buy


✅ 304-grade stainless steel construction

✅ Double-walled hood

✅ Continuously welded stainless steel grill box

✅ Stainless steel heat control grids

✅ 2 cast stainless steel Infinity burners

✅ 40,000 BTUs of surface cooking power

✅ Push and turn ignition

✅ Internal halogen grill lights

✅ Integrated hood thermometer

The Coyote C-Series is a special grill for its size.  It’s smaller than many of its competitors on this list, as it’s only 28 inches and boasts just two burners.

However, the durable design and 18 gauge 304-grade stainless steel construction help this grill stand out.  The Coyote also features Infinity burners made of cast stainless steel, a difference that boosts their durability and ensures intense heat.  Something you won’t often see on a grill in this price range.

The grill box itself is a continuously welded unit with edges that are both polished and seamless.  That, too, increases the BBQ’s durability.  However, in spite of the power you’re working with, the grills heat control grids help to evenly distribute the heat, resulting in an even cook across the grilling surface.

You shouldn’t have any trouble with the ignition, which is a push and turn model.  If you enjoy grilling after sunset, then the grill’s interior halogen lights will get a great workout.

The risk of flare-ups is minimal, owing to the design of the grill and the fact that the Coyote boasts a more modest 40,000 BTUs.  An integrated thermometer allows you to keep an eye on the temperature of your meat.

Keep your food warm until it’s ready to serve with the BBQ’s removable warming rack.  The grill itself is made from 304-stainless steel so it will really hold up.

304 Stainless Steel durable grill
Interior halogen lights
Temperature gauge
Warming rack
Infinity burners
Grill is smaller
Ignition button may take a couple tries to light
The Coyote C-Series can be had for about $1,199.  Size aside, the Coyote C-Series is a more than a serviceable grill.

That being said, it is perfect for when you have a smaller space to work with or will only be grilling for a small group.  If you’re an enthusiastic or frequent BBQer, or if you regularly grill for larger groups, then you might need a bigger unit.

This is an affordable grill that is still packed with great features.

“Runner Up – Best Luxury Gas Grill Built In”

DCS Series 9 Evolution 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill BE1-36RC-N

Top Pick


✅ Heavy gauge, 304 stainless steel build

✅ Hood lift-assist

✅ 4 304-grade stainless steel U-shaped burners

✅ 75,000 BTUs of cooking power on surface

✅ Double-sided cast stainless steel cooking grates

✅ Ceramic Radiant Technology

✅ Patented Grease Management system

✅ 14,000 BTU infrared rear burner

✅ Included rotisserie kit

✅ Charcoal smoker tray

✅ Push and turn hot surface ignition

✅ 12V stadium-style interior grill lights

✅ LED knob lights

Finally, a grill that lets you cook like a professional chef in the comfort of your own backyard.  You will get that and more with the DCS Series 9 Evolution and that’s a fact.

Featuring an impressive four 25,000 BTU U-shaped stainless steel burners, this grill can really kick out the heat!  A heat shield covering each burner does an outstanding job of directing the heat upwards for maximum cooking efficiency.

In between the burners and cooking grates, DCS offers Ceramic Radiant Technology, which is a fancy term for a layer of ceramic rods.  The purpose of these rods is to create intense heat consistently and evenly across the cooking surface.

Speaking of the grates, DCS brings their innovative double-sided cast stainless steel cooking grids to the Series 9 Evolution.  Cook and sear steaks and other meats on the top side, or flip it over where the slightly curved side is perfect for cooking vegetables and fish to perfection.

The Hood of the Series 9 Evolution is not only heavy duty it was also made with larger meats in mind.  DCS designed it with extra head space to easily accommodate whole turkeys and the like.

It also includes a 14,000 BTU infrared rear burner and rotisserie kit, a large charcoal smoker tray that comes with its own cooking grate, Stadium-style interior grill lights and LED lighted knobs that change color when a burner is in use.

Lastly, there are 2 warming racks for a two-tiered warming area and a broiling pan for an additional 534 square inches of cooking space.

Professional cooking experience
Wide temperature range (300°F – 1,100°F)
304 stainless steel construction
Excellent heat control
Extremely powerful
Large grilling space
All the bells and whistles
Easily accommodates large and tall meats
Excellent warranty
Ceramic radiant rods can be broken if something is dropped on them
Even priced around $4,599.00 it‘s hard to find anything negative to say about the DCS Series 9 Evolution 36-Inch.  It’s a premium grill that offers professional quality performance and is loaded with great features.

For a top of the line luxury grill, the price is pretty amazing.  It is covered by one of the best warranties in the business, offering a lifetime warranty and 2-year on-site labor coverage.

If you can fit this in your budget, you won’t find much better.

“Runner Up – Best High-End Gas Grill Built In”

DCS Series 7 Traditional 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill BH1-36R-L

Best Buy

✅ Heavy gauge, 304 stainless steel build

✅ 3 304-grade stainless steel U-shaped burners

✅ 75,000 BTUs of cooking power on surface

✅ Double-sided cast stainless steel cooking grates

✅ 638 square inch main cooking surface

✅ Ceramic Radiant Technology

✅ Patented Grease Management system

✅ 14,000 BTU infrared rear burner

✅ Included rotisserie kit

✅ Charcoal smoker tray

✅ Dedicated 3,500 BTU smoker burner

✅ Push and turn 9-volt battery ignition

✅ 40-watt halogen Smart Beam grill lights

The second DCS grill on this list is another top performer that offers a commercial quality build.

The Series 7 Traditional 36-Inch offers many of the same features as the Series 9 we covered above, including 304-grade stainless steel construction but at a lower price.

At the risk of writing almost the same overview as the grill above, I will mainly point out the differences between the two.

The Series 7 comes with three 25,000 BTU U-shaped stainless steel burners instead of four with the Series 9, but still turns out 75,000 BTUs of heating power.

While it features 40-watt halogen Smart Beam grill lights on the exterior that will still light up the cooking surface, the interior stadium lights and LED knob lighting are absent from the Series 7.

It comes with a push and turn ignition powered by a 9-volt battery that is reliable as long as the battery is good.

The rear infrared burner, rotisserie kit, and smoker box are still included with the Series 7, which is a nice bonus.

Professional cooking experience
Wide temperature range (300°F – 1,100°F)
304 stainless steel construction
Excellent heat control
Extremely powerful
Large grilling space
Excellent warranty
The ceramic radiant rods are fragile
The DCS Series 7 Traditional 36-Inch runs around $2,999.00.

While some of the advanced features are trimmed down on this model, you still get the incredible and versatile cooking performance of the more expensive unit.

Overall, this grill features a top of the line build, superior performance, and an outstanding warranty and a value price.

“Runner Up – Best Mid-Level Gas Grill Built In”

Lion L75000 32-Inch Stainless Steel Built-In Gas Grill 75623


✅ 304 stainless steel construction

✅ 4 cast stainless steel burners

✅ 60,000 BTUs of surface cooking power

✅ 15,000 BTU infrared rotisserie back burner

✅ Premium solid stainless steel cooking grates

✅ Interior hood lights

✅ XL temperature gauge

✅ Grilling gourmet package currently included in purchase

Grilling gurus with a gourmet bent are well served by the Lion L75000.

The Lion L75000’s five Quick Lite valves provide a quick but stable flame on startup that produces even heat distribution and allows you to get the best sear every time.

Of course, the cast stainless steel burners have something to do with that, as well.  They put out 60,000 BTUs.  The back burner, an infrared rotisserie, emits 15,000 BTUs of its own.

Aesthetically speaking, the grill is a gorgeous unit.  The grill head is double layered for added heat retention and is flawlessly welded into one smooth piece.

It’s just as beautiful beneath the lid, but even if it wasn’t, the grill’s special features speak for themselves.  For example, there’s an XL temperature gauge so that you can monitor your meat as it cooks.  Use the two lights on the interior of the grill to indulge in some grilling after dark.

The grilling surface totals 830 square inches for a burger count of 24 at one time.  The grill is made from 304-stainless steel so you know it will last.  The 4 burners emit 60,000 BTUs for all the heating power you will need and the stainless steel cooking grates can stand the heat.

Lion is currently including their Grilling Gourmet package, which includes a rotisserie kit, grill cover, smoker box, griddle and griddle remover with each purchase.

Made of 304 stainless steel
60,000 BTUs On Cooking Surface
15,000 BTU infrared rotisserie back burner
647 square inches of grilling space
Illuminated grilling surface
Rotisserie kit included
Offers a ton of upgradable options
Great lifetime warranty on most parts
Does not come with flame tamers, you will need to purchase as an add-on
Optional upgrades can bump up the final price
This grill runs around $1,495.00.  The Lion L75000 provides excellent value for money.  It takes some practice to figure out the grill’s quirks, but if you have a budget and some time on your hands, you won’t be disappointed.

This grill is known for its cool accessories and many add on options so this may be something to consider.

“Runner Up – Best Entry-Level Gas Grill Built In”

Napoleon Prestige 500 Built-in Gas Grill BIP500RBNSS-3 (2019)

Top Features:

✅ Stainless steel build

✅ 4 stainless steel tube burners

✅ 48,000 BTUs of cooking power

✅ Stainless steel wave cooking grids

✅ 760 square inches of total cooking area

✅ Jetfire ignition

✅ Dual level, stainless steel, sear plates

✅ 18,000 BTU stainless steel rear infrared burner

✅ Rotisserie kit

✅ SafetyGlow control knobs

✅ Full-width removable drip pan

For a smaller, less expensive grill, the Napoleon Prestige 500 gets high marks.  A more than serviceable, sturdy little unit that packs more power than its size suggests.

Besides that, it boasts several quirky features that you wouldn’t expect for this price range.  For example, the lid is a roll top with double lining, which essentially makes the grill perform like an oven.

It comes with Accu-Probe temperature gauge, too, so that you can always keep an eye on the temperature.  However, it’s smart to have a reliable wireless thermometer of your own, as well.

The Prestige 500 has sear plates made of stainless steel to add intense flavor, evenly distribute the heat, minimize flare-ups, and magically vaporize any messy drippings.

In the rear of the grill, the burner is an infrared rotisserie, meaning that you can slowly roast any number of proteins and end up with a restaurant-quality meal.

The waved cooking grates, which are reversible, are composed of porcelain cast iron, resulting in an unbelievable and distinctly cool sear.  The grates are also height adjustable, which is great for versatile cooking.

The Napoleon Prestige 500’s exterior is made from 304-stainless steel and features porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates that really absorbs and distributes heat well.

The 4 burners blast out 48,000 BTUs of heating power which is impressive for a smaller grill.  There is 760” of total cooking space which is enough for 18 burgers at once.

The SafetyGlow control knobs change colors from blue to red when a burner is in use.

Double lined “lift-ease lid”
Stainless steel sear plates
Infrared rotisserie burner
66,000 total BTUs of heating power
5 total burners
Accu-Probe temp reading
Excellent warranty
Somewhat small
Some parts are not stainless steel
I can’t find anything negative to say about the Napoleon Prestige 500 for the price.

It’s a neat little grill that you can snag for less than $1,300.00.  I wouldn’t even call it a beginner’s grill—if you have a small outdoor space or a budget, you can happily use this for years.  One of the best warranty’s you will find also backs it.

“Best Infrared Gas Grill Built In”

TEC Patio FR 44-Inch Built-In Infrared Gas Grill – PFR2NT


✅ 304-grade stainless steel build

✅ Double-lined hood

✅ 100 percent infrared energy

✅ Patented radiant glass panels

✅ 2 30,000 BTU burners

✅ 200-900 degree temperature range

✅ Stainless steel cooking grates

✅ Self-cleaning cooking surface

✅ Stainless steel heat zone separator

✅ Electronic ignition

If you’re dying to experience infrared grilling on more than just a rear burner, then the TEC Patio is the built-in gas grill you want to install in your outdoor cooking haven.

On the price scale for built-ins, it runs right through the middle.  Face it, any time you can spend less than $4,000 on a permanent, high-end outdoor grill, you’re getting a pretty good deal.

There’s no reason to just take my word for it, though.

Since the TEC offers a 100 percent infrared cooking experience, the food you grill will remain juicier and more succulent.  Proteins and, honestly, even vegetables that cook on an infrared surface keeps much more of their natural juices.

The grill also features radiant panels of glass that help to reduce the risk of flare-ups and extreme hot or cold spots, which eliminates the fear of an uneven cook.

Because the grill has a temperature range of 200-900 degrees Fahrenheit, you have the option to sear your proteins at high temperatures or cook your meat low and slow to keep it tender.

For all of that, it only takes the grill 10 minutes to heat up, which gets you grilling faster.  Best of all, the TEC Patio’s cooking surface is self-cleaning.

Made from 304 stainless steel and with a double lined hood, this grill features 2 infrared burners that churn out 6000 BTUs of heating power.  There is 592” of main grilling surface area, which is enough to cook up to 27 burgers at once.

True infrared grilling
Broad temperature range
No hot or cold spots
Self-cleaning surface
Heats up fast
One heat separator
No drip pan
Not as stylish looking as some other high-end grills
The TEC Patio FR 44-Inch comes in at about $3,869.00.

I can live with the Tec Patio’s few cons. The drip pan isn’t really an issue since you’re not supposed to need it, but sometimes you do.  Still, it’s a problem I can deal with when it means getting to cook on infrared for less than $4,000.

“Best Weber Gas Grill Built In”

Weber Summit S-660 Built-In Gas Grill 7460001


✅ Stainless steel build

✅ 6 stainless steel burners

✅ 60,000 BTU cooking power

✅ 10,600 BTU Sear Station

✅ Heavy 9mm stainless steel cooking grates

✅ Integrated stainless steel smoker box

✅ 6,800 BTU smoker burner

✅ Snap-Jet individual burner ignition

✅ 10,600 BTU infrared rotisserie rear burner

✅ Rotisserie kit

✅ Stainless steel Flavorizer bars

✅ Comes with premium grill head cover

If you’re a Weber fan and let’s face it, there are many good reasons to be one, then the Weber Summit S-660 is right up your alley.

It offers exclusive features, top of the line performance and stylish looks as Weber’s top of the line offering.  You will experience a top performance from this built-in and appreciate its many features.

Starting off with a stainless steel exterior build, the S-660 fires out 60,000 BTUs on the cooking surface from its six stainless steel burners.  A 10,600 BTU Sear Station makes it easy to finish up your steak with the perfect sear.

The 624 square-inch main cooking area is topped with 9mm (3/8 inch) stainless steel rod cooking grates that are made to last.  Just below the grates, stainless steel Flavorizer bars help to distribute the heat evenly and prevent flare-ups.

It also comes with a stainless steel smoker box and that has a dedicated 6,800 BTU smoker burner, a 10,600 BTU infrared rotisserie rear burner and comes with a rotisserie kit included.

For grilling at night time, the S-660 has two Grill Out handle lights that will automatically turn on when the lid is raised.  And Don’t forget about the stylish looking LED lighted control knobs.

Another sweet perk is that Weber includes an attached enclosed stainless steel storage area with a shelve and a grill cover to protect against the elements.

All stainless steel cooking system
Dedicated sear station
Smoker box and smoker burner
Grill lights
Comes with storage area and grill cover
Burner housing and the rear of the grill are not stainless steel
Being Weber’s top of the line crown jewel, the Summit S-660 is as good as it gets if you are dead set on owning a Weber.

You can get the S-660 for around $2,999.00.  There a lot of features to love with this grill and you get the peace of mind knowing that it comes with Weber’s outstanding customer service when you need it.

You get a 10-year warranty on the burners and grill body which is not bad.

Buyers Guide – What To Look For In A Built In Gas Grill

Any big purchase requires care and comparison.  Because built in grills tend to be more expensive and more complex to install than their stand-alone counterparts are, you shouldn’t rush to buy the first grill you see.

Comparison shop, research different models and pay attention to the following checklist as you pick out the built in unit that you want to install on your patio or in your yard.

How Do You Plan On Cooking

Most people don’t give this much thought before shopping for a new grill but I really encourage you to give this some serious consideration.

Do you plan to mainly cook smaller foods like burgers, hot dogs, and steaks that should be cooked quickly over high heat?  Or are you planning on slow cooking meats using lower temperatures more often?  Or maybe you plan to do both.  How about using wood chunks for smoking?

Not every grill is suitable for all types of cooking.  At the very least, I recommend a grill that is capable of reaching temperatures of up to 600°F plus at least.  It is better to have the ability to reach high temps, even if you hardly ever need them.

Check The Brand

You don’t necessarily have to stick to brands you’re familiar with as you choose a built in grill, but you do need to familiarize yourself with the brands on the market.

Even when you know a brand name, further research the grills you like.  Check out reviews and consider the experiences that other grill masters have had with a particular model.

Doing this allows you to pinpoint which brands and grills are durable, made of high-quality materials, reputable, and cost-efficient.

In most cases, it is the wise choice to pick a well-respected brand you know and trust though.

What They Are Made Of

Built in gas grills aren’t entirely different from stand-alone models, but what’s good for one isn’t necessarily best for the other.  You’re better off with a unit that relies on 304-grade stainless steel more than anything else.

High-grade 304 stainless steel is more durable, and it lasts much longer.  It doesn’t show its age as quickly, either.  It may add slightly to the overall cost, but it will be worth it when your grill is still standing 10 or more years down the line.

Pick A Size Appropriate For Your Space And Grilling Needs

You’ve over-bought a grill before.  You know you have.  We all have.  Because it seems like a great deal, or the salesperson’s a bit too enthusiastic.

Many people have purchased a grill that’s a little too large for what they need.  That’s fine with a stand-alone grill—you can just move it to a different area if it doesn’t fit where you initially wanted it.

You can’t do that with a built in grill.  It has to fit into the area you’ve designated for it, especially if your BBQ nook or patio includes a prep station and storage.  As they say, “Measure Twice, Cut Once.”  Make sure the grill you choose will fit your location and will fulfill your cooking needs.

The Build

No matter what it is made of, if the grill isn’t of quality construction and built to last, your going to get poor results.

Even a grill that features high BTU”s but of poor construction, will lose most of its heat if it is not designed and built well.  Look for duel-lined walls, airtight seams, and heavy-duty construction.

The best gas grills will use 304-grade stainless steel not just for the body, but for the majority or all of its parts.

Upgrades – Know What Features Are Most Important To You

Most built in grills offer the ability to upgrade or add different options and features.  That’s part of what sets them apart from stand-alone units.

You might not care about the extras, but then again, you might not even realize how much you can benefit from them.

Rotisserie burners will change the way you cook whole chickens, ducks, or turkeys, to say nothing of what you can do with a roast.  Are you serious about searing?  Then you should check out grills that have a dedicated ceramic burner for that purpose.  Do you tend to grill in the evening or at night?  Choose a grill that has backlit controls to illuminate what you’re doing.

Other built in grills even come with an alarm that goes off if anything burns.  Try to find a model with a built in thermometer probe, as well.


Know what your limit is and stick to it.

Most built in’s offer the ability to add upgrades down the line.  If you can’t fit that extra accessory into your budget now, look for a grill that has the capability for you to add it on down the road.

Built In Gas Grills FAQ

User Tips And Product Care Guide For Your Built In Grill

Should I Buy A Gas Grill?

Yes, if you spend the majority of your time cooking outdoors, and if you have space for it, then a quality built in gas grill pays for itself over time.

What Size Grill Should I Buy?

That depends entirely on you and the space you have to devote to an outdoor cooking space. Measure first—twice.  Don’t buy a grill first and try to plan your patio around it if you haven’t measured the area.

Also, take into consideration how you will be using it.  Will you be cooking just for the immediate family?  On the other hand, are you planning on being the neighborhood grill master and throwing block parties to be remembered?

Are Built In Gas Grills More Expensive?

Built in grill heads can be more expensive than their stand-alone counterparts, but more often than not, you won’t spend as much for the head itself.  That is because you won’t be paying for the stand or storage.

Of course, you then need to take into consideration the cost of the entire outdoor built-in kitchen space.  Overall, the costs will add up.

In full disclosure, a quality built-in grill head can cost thousands of dollars alone.  That being said, they’re less expensive over time if taken care of properly, considering how often you have to replace or upgrade stand-alone gas grills.

Final Verdict – Which Built In Gas Grill Is Best?

When it comes down to it, you have to go with what you can afford and what appeals to you.

Based on reviews, customer experiences, and the rating criteria above, however, I feel confident in saying that the best built in gas grill for 2019 is the Lynx Professional 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill L36TR-NG.

If you can afford the higher price, the Lynx Pro is one of the best performing, longest lasting gas grill heads money can buy.

The bottom line is, if you are in the market for a commercial quality built-in that provides professional cooking capabilities, you won’t go wrong with any of the quality choices on this list.

Outdoor kitchens with built in gas grills are a great way to share quality time with those you love.  Even casual grillers should think about investing in one if for no other reason than spending more time with the family.

I hope that this list will help you choose the perfect grill that is right for you!

Now It’s Your Turn

I want to hear from you:

Which brand of gas grill have you used before?

Have you used any of the gas grill brands listed above and have any feedback to share?

What features do you typically like to see in a built-in grill?

Are you going to be purchasing a built-in grill in the future?  Or do you plan on looking at a pellet grill, smoker, standalone gas grill, or charcoal model?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

If you still have questions, please feel free to send me a message.




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