The Pros, the Cons, and the Facts About the 10 Best Built In Gas Grills For 2021

The 10 Best Built In Gas Grills - The Grilling Life

This updated Top 10 Built In Gas Grills Ratings Guide for 2021 includes upgraded models and several new first time entries to this list that I am excited to share with you.

Can any of these new entries replace last year’s choice for best built in gas grill for your outdoor kitchen?  Keep reading to find out.

Building the ultimate outdoor kitchen is a matter of pride for every outdoor cooking enthusiast.

As well it should be.

There are few things better than having family and friends over for a cookout and being able to relax in your beautiful, custom-made outdoor living space.

But an outdoor kitchen is a serious backyard investment. The built-in gas grill you choose should be the crowning achievement to top it all off. So, it better be a grill that is going to last for many years to come. It had better be able to perform at a high level as well. Otherwise, all your hard work and planning might as well have been for nothing.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the first shiny grill you see. Read this top 10 built in gas grills list before you make your decision.

Built in gas grills differ from the more traditional standalone versions in that they are made to sit in your custom-made outdoor kitchen counter or island.  Their look and feel should be seamless and they should offer a top-of-the-line indoor experience all while allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends.

I put together this top 10 Best Built In Gas Grill rating guide to help you choose the best built in gas grill head to fit your budget and needs.

I have also reviewed The 10 Best Built In Gas Grills Under $3,500 and The 10 Best Built In Gas Grills Under $2,500. You can check out these reviews by clicking on the Orange links.

The 10 Best Built-In Gas Grills For 2021

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Why Buy A Built In Gas Grill?

Built in gas grills save space and time for serious grillers who prefer their barbecue to their stove and these gas grills should be able to perform the all same functions.

While Stand-alone grills give you the convenience to be able to move your grill from one spot to another, not everybody requires that option.

Having a designated area where everything is in its place has its own benefits and it can be easier to fuel built in gas grills if they are connected to a dedicated gas line. They also look good and more importantly, they’re built to last.

They’re basically permanent fixtures that enhance your outdoor living space, after all.

You have the option to give yourself all the space you need when designing your outdoor kitchen, not just for the grill itself, but for your prep station, side burners, sinks, fridges, utensil storage, herbs, spices, condiments—you name it.

Why This Guide Will Be Helpful For You

After reading this guide, consider yourself armed with all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision on your next purchase. Consider this guide as a checklist for all the categories you should take into consideration before buying.

“As always, my goal is to save you time and money by doing all the research and testing for you, so you don’t have to.”

Choosing the perfect built-In gas grill can be challenging. What should you look for in an excellent built-in gas grill? How much should you spend? Built-in gas grills are significant outdoor kitchen investments. But boy, do they excel at their cooking abilities. As you move through this buyer’s guide and read about our 10 best built-in gas grills for 2021, I’ll try to answer those questions, and several more, in the information below.

Because cooking outdoors on built in gas grills is becoming more common, it helps to pay close attention to the details of each option and comparison shop before you make a final pick.

But with such a large number of built-in gas grills to choose from, it can still get confusing trying to decide which one best fits your needs, let alone your budget. It all comes down to being informed on the different choices to help you decide which built-in gas grill is best for you.

That’s where I come in.

There is a broad range in prices depending on features and brands. You’ll read about built-in gas grills starting below $2,000 and up. Using this buyer’s guide, I am confident that you will find everything you’re looking for in a built-in gas grill for your outdoor living space.

This product overview acts as a buyer’s guide to ten of the best gas grill heads on the market today.

I’ll show you what features to look for and give my choices, backed by many strong experts and user reviews.

”Make sure to keep reading after the final review for a buyer’s guide to help you with your decision when it’s time to make your purchase.”

The Rating Criteria – How We Rate These Best Built In Gas Grills

We use the below expert rating criteria as we reviewed grills from brands we trust, use, and love.

The main things to keep in mind during your search are the build materials, cooking surface size, heat distribution, overall power output and wanted extras.

The main criteria we took into consideration when reviewing these gas grill inserts are:


There are common misconceptions about built-in gas grills. Just because a grill looks nice doesn’t mean its performance matches its looks.

If you’re on a budget and want the best value in a built-in gas grill, you have to make a few considerations to get your money’s worth.

Yes, you want something sleek and attractive. But what’s under the hood is what counts.

A quality built-in gas grill should match the multifunctionality of a finely crafted stovetop cooking vessel. A Dutch oven, for example, is a quality cooking accessory because it perfectly distributes heat. It’s great for braising, baking, stewing, and deep-frying. It’s a reliable investment and a die-hard in the kitchen.

You should expect that quality from a built-in gas grill. It’s a workhorse, a substantial and considerable investment. Frankly, it’s the first piece you’ll consider for your outdoor kitchen. You want excellent craftsmanship, helpful features, and perfect heat distribution.

And that’s the value you’ll get from a quality built-in gas grill. Its ability to have custom, adjustable heat settings across the grill’s surface allows you to grill, sear, bake, smoke, and rotisserie simultaneously!

You spend good money on excellent cuts of meat—a dependable built-in gas grill is integral to sustain the tastes of your edible investments.

The bottom line is that grills that we rate as having excellent value offer the best bang for your buck.

Design & Style

At first glance, built-in gas grills all seem to take on the same appearance. A rectangular metal shape, a lid with a handle, some knobs, and buttons on the front.

The design elements in a built-in gas grill can be the difference between good barbecue and winning the championship. Lean in and look closely. Inspect the grill, like you would when purchasing a new car.

The best design elements of your built-in gas grill are there to assist you throughout the grilling experience.

I know that your version of beauty might differ from ours but there are several factors that most everyone agrees on. That’s why we take into consideration things like seamless welding’s, control knob, and lighting placements, and the overall look and feel of the grill.

Also consider start-up and ignition features, temperature control, surface area, burner allocation, heating elements, and grill grates.

If you are considering expanding or building an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to know if your grill is designed to allow additional accessories that will compliment your grill as your outdoor kitchen grows.

You’ll learn some essential design elements about these features and more throughout our reviews.


As with any major appliance, the construction of a built-in gas grill is vital to your safety and the grill’s life. Here are some construction recommendations we consider essential when shopping for a built-in gas grill.

Is the grill made with 201 or 304 stainless steel? It can make a difference. Remember, we talked about heat distribution. Heat and steel are very compatible.

But while the popular 200 series stainless steel grills do have corrosion-free properties, the 300 series stainless steel constructed grills “resist oxidation, are an easier fabrication, clean mostly streak-free, and are high strength with low weight.”

The best built-ins will be made mostly of or entirely of 304-grade stainless steel inside and out.  This is your best bet for longevity and durability.  304-grade stainless steel will protect your grill from corrosions and dents the best.

Cast iron and porcelain materials will bring the overall costs down and will hold the heat a little bit better in some cases but these materials are a lot more susceptible to scratches, dents, and especially rust.

It pays to know your materials.

On that note, look for solid stainless steel construction. The grill should be all-welded, meaning the frame shows no gaps. This is important as shoddy welding causes gaps in the seaming to allow grease and moisture accumulation, which causes corrosion.

Consider functionality. You’ll be removing and replacing burgers, steaks, and veggies. Unless you want to hold the lid, a spring-assisted hood keeps the cover raised and out of the way and lets you work with both hands.


Evaluating innovation is the fun part for me. We take into consideration the extra features of a grill that are put in place to crank up the outdoor cooking and entertainment experience. Any brand that is continuously pushing the envelope with new and exciting features scores high marks.

A high-quality built-in gas grill is a technological work of craftsmanship, engineering, and design. Many talents and teams collaborate and take every grilling experience as seriously as you do.

To ensure your safety and improve your grilling and entertainment experience, a company that stands behind its grill products uses dedicated prototyping.

The concept of the built-in grill is continuously evaluated and upgraded. In-depth research backs up the grill’s performance, ensuring a lifetime of quality results.

After all, you want efficiency and expect quality. Your barbecue five years from now should taste as delicious as the first day you pulled steaks from that built-in gas grill.

You’ll experience the durability and performance of a quality built-in gas grill, knowing it’s been both heat tested for performance and chef tested to ensure excellent results for every type, cut, and size of meat.

Even-Heat Distribution

This one is simple really.

Even heat simply means, how well does the grill maintain the same temperature from one end to the other, or to be more precise, across the entire cooking surface.

In all of our research and testing, we realized that heat distribution has to be the most important factor when shopping for the best built-in gas grill. Flame adjustability is a grill master’s magic wand.

When you have even heat distribution across the entire surface of your grill, it lets the food cook more evenly throughout and at the same rate.  Even heat also lets you use your grill just as you would an oven giving you the flexibility to bake and slow roast your food.

The second factor would be the grill grates. As heat distributes, the grill grates should distribute the heat equally, so the entire grilling surface area lets all the food it touches sizzle and sear.

You should never have to be continually shuffling the food around to the “hot spots” on the grill grates. Not all grill grates are created equal. You’ll learn more about this in our reviews.

The good news is, there is some astounding heat technology in this list of the best built-in gas grills.

And the third thing we like to consider regarding the best heat distribution ratio to grilled food results is the placement of the burners, the grill’s individual heat zones, and the ability to adjust the temperatures in these zones individually.

When doing your research, highlight grills that are double-walled or well insulated, especially the hood. This will keep the heat inside of your grill where it belongs and will help to circulate the hot air evenly around your food.

High-quality burners and heavy-duty cooking grates that absorb and transfer heat well will also help with heat distribution.

Temperature Range

We look at how wide a temperature difference each grill has and its potential to perform well at both high and low ranges. If a grill scores highly in this category, then it will have no problem reaching and maintaining both low and high temps.


Most built-in gas grills have some type of analog thermometer nestled into the lid. Some simply indicate Low-Medium-High heat, while others are graduated to indicate temperatures between 100°F – 600°F.

Does it matter which style of thermometer your built-in gas grill features? We think, yes.

Also, grills with individual heat zones allow you to adjust these burners depending on what you’re grilling.

If you’re cooking many different types of food on the grill, it may be more beneficial to have a graduated thermometer to control the internal temperature with more precision.

But ultimately, I always recommend a Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer for the most accurate heat readings for your grill. Trust me when I say that using one of these devices will up your grilling game tremendously.

This is also where knowing what methods you will be using to cook comes into play. If you regularly cook meat that requires a hot and fast sear, you want a grill that will reach temperatures of at least 600 degrees or more for the best results.

It’s always better to have the capability to reach these higher temperatures even if you don’t regularly use it, than not have it when you need it.

Minimum Flare-Ups

While drippings are bound to cast off from the meat as it grills, controlling flare-ups is critical for several reasons.

Flare-ups send bursts of flame shooting back through the grill grates and can scorch the food. Too many greasy drippings and you’ve got the makings for a potential grease fire.

Oh, and don’t forget to clean the grill. Whatever makes it to the bottom, collects, which can be a heck of a mess to tackle.

  • HOT TIP: A flare-up is normal, it is NOT something you should have to “put out.” If it gets to the point that you have to put it out, then it is a problem.

To avoid flare-ups, your built-in gas grill should have some type of sturdy metal drip tray. Other built-in gas grills we reviewed feature a perforated stabilizing tray to enhance the food’s flavors while you grill.

We look for a grill with a good flame taming system and then consider the placement and distance of the burners from the grill grates.

High Heat

To get a proper sear on your steak, a grill must be able to reach at least 600 degrees temperature at minimum. 700 plus is more ideal.

This is where BTUs come into play. (Caution! Not All BTUs Are Created Equal)

BTUs stands for British Thermal Units and are what the majority of the grilling industry uses to measure the heat, or power of a grill.

A grill with a high grade in this category will have no problem creating an excellent sear.

Extra Features And Add-Ons

Many times, this comes down to what I call, “Must-Haves” or “Like to Haves” and is usually decided by your budget.

As a “Shiny Object” sufferer myself, this is one of my favorite categories.

One extra I highly recommend for all gas grills is a sear burner.  Most gas grills are unable to sear a burger or steak properly without one.  They just don’t reach the extreme heat required for a proper fast sear.

Other common extras include side burners, a rotisserie, built in thermostats, heat dividers, and lights for nighttime cooking. There are plenty of cool accessories to make your grilling experiences complete.

You’ll discover some awesome extra options for each grill in the reviews.

Customer Service

When you don’t know, where do you go? To the people that do know. Nothing beats fantastic customer support.

From the early stages when you’re shopping built-in gas grills, when you’re measuring the cut out for the grill to fit, and having fun collecting all the accessories and other appliances and add-ons, a knowledgeable, helpful, and accessible customer support team is essential.

In each of our reviews, we spell out different ways to reach the grill company’s support network and how customers have responded to that support.

Warranty And Company Reputation

Which brings us to the warranty. A reputable grill manufacturing company that stands behind the quality and durability should offer the best warranty available.

Warranties can range from 1-year to a lifetime. Know your warranty and register your grill with the manufacturer before the first barbecue.

Although it seems arbitrary, it is essential to read the fine print. Ask questions to make sure you know what parts of your grill are covered under warranty. These include the burners, body and control valves, and what may be covered under a limited warranty, like the electric ignition system or a rotisserie motor.

Warranty information is included in all of our reviews.

Real User Feedback And Reviews

Who better to tell you, besides us, how a built-in gas grill performs than the barbecue enthusiast that owns the grill!

While the warranty certainly stands behind the manufacturer’s promises, it’s the real user feedback that puts the proof in the pudding.

Grillers are transparent and tell it straight. If a review says, “best grill ever,” or “the attention to detail on this grill makes it the best value around,” best believe, it’s coming from a user excited to share their opinion. We pass along some nuggets of wisdom, so you are well informed about your built-in gas grill purchase.

We share the pros and cons of each grill in our reviews and constructive and helpful user reviews and feedback.

The Top 10 Best Built In Gas Grills

Using the above criteria, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best built in gas grill inserts to act as a guide.

The list includes a variety of grills, prices, sizes, and features. You should always do your own due diligence, however.  Don’t be swayed by salespeople and never buy a grill on-sight.

On to my picks for 2021!

“Editor’s Choice – Best Luxury Gas Grill Built In”

Lynx Professional 42-Inch Built-In Gas Grill – L42TR-NG

Editors’ Choice
Best Built In Gas Grills, Lynx Professional


✅ 304-grade stainless steel construction throughout

✅ Multiple configurations of the most innovative burners on the market

✅ 23,000 BTU infrared Trident burner for infinite temperature control

✅ Two 25,000 BTU rust-resistant ceramic burners

✅ Lift assist for easy maneuvering of the hood

✅ Innovative three-speed rotisserie with an infrared burner

✅ Stylish LED control knob lighting

✅ Large smoker box

✅ Wind-deflecting design

✅ First-class warranty

The Lynx Pro 42-Inch is an incredibly well built-in gas grill that only adds to the aesthetics and value of your outdoor cooking space.

Lynx is known for producing the cream of the crop, top of the line in luxury in the grill world. The brand manufacturers mean machines made for expert grillers. Better still, their grills are so good that they can turn you into an expert after a few cookouts

The exterior of the grill is composed of flawlessly welded stainless steel—and not just any kind of stainless steel, but a high-grade 304 quality.

That holds true for the new iteration, as well. It’s full of impressive features, but the most impressive is easily the Trident burner. Powered by 23,000 BTUs, the infrared burner is fully adjustable and offers infinite temperature control. It gives you the ability to sear your filet at a high temperature or turn it down to treat your fish or vegetables with a delicate touch.

The power doesn’t stop there. The other two burners put out 25,000 BTUs apiece. Not only that, but the cast ceramic burners are resistant to both corrosion and rust.

Still, want to experiment? Try your hand at spit-roasting with the one-of-a-kind rotisserie.

It has an infrared burner of its own that stretches wider across the grilling surface than other grills on the market. This creates the perfect level of heat for slow-roasting large cuts of meat and whole chickens or turkeys. Choose your speed, too—it has three for impressive versatility.

The exterior design is foolproof, plus it lends itself well to evening and nighttime grilling.  The controls are illuminated by blue LED lights, and the surface of the unit boasts bright dual halogen grill surface lights.

You’ll find an accurate temperature gauge on the outside, along with a fluid-rotating handle and spring-assisted hood.  The grill has a hot surface-style ignition system, as well for fast and easy lighting.

Amazingly engineered
Superior heat delivery and retention

1200 square inches of cooking surface

Bright halogen lighting for night grilling

Easy-to-read temperature gauge

Lift assist hood system
Removable smoker box

Illuminated temperature controls knobs

Hot Surface ignition system

It’s hard to find any faults with this grill

Although the price of the Lynx Pro is pretty hefty, you can consider it an investment. You won’t find anything better for your backyard space.

The cost might put off some buyers, but the Lynx provides excellent value for the money.

I give this grill my highest marks and it comes with some of the best in class warranties.  You will love this grill as being the top of the line in luxury with its gorgeous good looks and outstanding performance.

Also, Lynx offers a ton of Outdoor Kitchen Equipment that match the grill’s quality and good looks.

It does everything you could ask of a built-in gas grill and so much more and includes a few worthwhile extras, particularly the rotisserie and the smoker box.

“Editor’s Choice – Best High-End Gas Grill Built-In”

DCS Series 9 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill – BE1-36RC-N

Top Pick
Best Built In Gas Grills - DCS Series 9 Evolution 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill


✅ Heavy gauge, 304 stainless steel build

✅ Hood lift-assist

✅ 4 304-grade stainless steel U-shaped burners

✅ 75,000 BTUs of cooking power on surface

✅ 630 square inch main cooking surface

✅ Ceramic radiant technology

✅ DCS-patented grease funneling system

✅ Double-sided stainless steel cooking grates

✅ 14,000 BTU infrared rear burner

✅ Heavy-duty rotisserie

✅ Spacious charcoal tray smoker box

✅ Push and turn hot surface ignition

✅ 12V stadium-style interior grill lights

✅ LED knob lights

Finally, a grill that lets you cook like a professional chef in the comfort of your own backyard.  You will get that and more with the DCS Series 9 Evolution and that’s a fact.

Featuring an impressive four 25,000 BTU U-shaped stainless steel burners, this grill can really kick out the heat!  A heat shield covering each burner does an outstanding job of directing the heat upwards for maximum cooking efficiency.

In between the burners and cooking grates, DCS offers Ceramic Radiant Technology, which is a fancy term for a layer of ceramic rods.  The purpose of these rods is to create intense heat consistently and evenly across the cooking surface.

Speaking of the grates, DCS brings its innovative double-sided cast stainless steel cooking grids to the Series 9 Evolution.  Cook and sear steaks and other meats on the top side, or flip it over where the slightly curved side is perfect for cooking vegetables and fish to perfection.

The Hood of the Series 9 Evolution is not only heavy-duty it was also made with larger meats in mind.  DCS designed it with extra headspace to easily accommodate whole turkeys and the like.

It also includes a 14,000 BTU infrared rear burner and rotisserie kit, a large charcoal smoker tray that comes with its own cooking grate, Stadium-style interior grill lights, and LED lighted knobs that change color when a burner is in use.

Lastly, there are 2 warming racks for a two-tiered warming area and a broiling pan for an additional 534 square inches of cooking space.


Professional cooking experience

Wide temperature range (300°F – 1,100°F)

304 stainless steel construction

Excellent heat control

Extremely powerful

Large grilling space

All the bells and whistles

Easily accommodates large and tall meats

Excellent warranty


Ceramic radiant rods can be broken if something is dropped on them

The Series 9 is the only choice for grill masters who put prime performance at the top of their list of must-have features. It’s also ideal for backyard chefs who love innovation.

It’s a premium grill that offers professional quality performance and is loaded with great features.

For a top of the line luxury grill, the price is pretty amazing.  It is covered by one of the best warranties in the business, offering a lifetime warranty and 2-year on-site labor coverage.

If you can fit this in your budget, you won’t find much better.

“Editor’s Choice – Best Mid-Level Gas Grill Built In”

Blaze Professional 34-Inch Built-In Gas Grill – BLZ-3PRO-NG

Best Buy
Best Built In Gas Grills - Blaze BLZ-3PRO-NG Professional 34-Inch


✅ Heat zone separators

✅ Extra thick hexagon-shaped stainless steel cooking grates

✅ Professional-quality, cast stainless steel H-burners

✅ Heavy-duty 12 gauge flame stabilizing grids

✅ 3 x 18,000 BTU burners

✅ 10,000 BTU infrared rear burner

✅ Flame-thrower ignition

✅ Included rotisserie kit

Contrary to the name, you don’t have to be a pro to use the Blaze Professional grill, but you’ll certainly feel like a grill master the first time you cook with it.

One of the reasons that it aims itself toward serious chefs and BBQ gurus is that it has heat zone separators, allowing you to grill vegetables and proteins all at once, even if everything requires a different temperature.  That keeps you from having to hover over the grill as you cook steaks, corn on the cob, and baked potatoes at the same time.

The 12mm thick cooking rods are composed of 304 stainless steel and feature a thick, hexagonal shape that makes for a phenomenal sear.

The three H-burners are cast stainless steel, which provides an intense, powerful cook and powers out 54,00 total BTUs.  The Blaze Professional’s design includes heavy-duty 12 gauge thick flame tamers that sit directly over the burners to stabilize the flames and keep flare-ups at bay.

It comes with 816” of total cooking space, external and internal grill lights, and a flame thrower ignition that Blaze guarantees will provide a flawless start every time.

I can’t neglect to mention the rear burner, which uses infrared technology and the included Rotisserie Kit with a completely sealed and waterproof rotisserie motor.

Lastly, the Blaze pro comes with a slide-out drip tray that can be opened and closed on smooth rollers for easy access.

Another nice perk about this grill is that it also comes with a warming rack that you can remove when you need the extra room.


Excellent Value

Commercial quality craftsmanship
Heat separators
304 stainless steel build

Individual temperature cooking zones

IR burner in rear

Secondary ignition via individual flash tube

Best in class Lifetime warranty on all stainless steel components

Able to provide intense heat which may take some getting used to

The Blaze Pro is in the middle of the pack in terms of price.  In terms of function, the Blaze Pro does what it’s supposed to do and then some, plus it’s actually more affordable than some of its competitors.

I give it high marks but be warned, this is such a powerful grill that can produce intense heat.  You will love it for searing meats and hot and fast cooking, but it may take some practice to get used to the phenomenal cooking power.

“Editor’s Choice – Best Entry-Level Gas Grill Built In”

Blaze LTE 40-Inch Built-In Gas Grill – BLZ-5LTE2-NG

Best Buy
Best Built In Gas Grills - Blaze LTE 40-inch


✅ 304-grade stainless steel construction

✅ double-lined, 304 stainless steel grill hood

✅ Full-width flame stabilizing grids

✅ 5 cast stainless steel burners

✅ Integrated heat zone separators

✅ 70,000 BTUs on the cooking surface

✅ Easy to start up

✅ LED accent lights and integrated halogen hood lighting

✅ Affordable price

Yeah. We’re sticking with Blaze for a little while because the BLZ-5LTE2-NG LTE grill did not come to play. It’s a beast with an irresistible price that will pay off within the first summer of owning it.

The standard is just what you expect from the Blaze brand. It receives tops marks for its all-around performance, which makes it an ideal pick for experts and novices. In our opinion, it’s also a solid serious grill to work on, if you get what we mean.

You’re getting five burners with the LTE. Five. They’re all commercial grade and made of 304 cast stainless steel. Each one is powered by 14,000 BTUs. You get an extra 10,000 BTU’s from the infrared burner in the rear as well.

The LTE has cooking rods that are shaped like triangles. They offer up a powerful restaurant-quality sear that will have you wanting to cook out every night.

Between the seamless controls, the ample amount of burners, and the removable warming rack, you can practice and perfect your zone cooking skills with every imaginable type of food. Take the opportunity to throw unexpected items onto the grill. Heck, grill up some fruit.


684 square inches of cooking space

Built very well

Cooking time is half the time of charcoal

Infrared burners

Separate cooking zones


Can be confusing to set up initially so follow the directions carefully

We can’t even say that this grill is a splurge. At its average price-point, it’s a steal. The value for the money is unbalanced in your favor.

Anytime you find yourself in a situation like that, as long as you’re considering something you genuinely want and fully intend to use, then you have to go for it.  Go for this.

This is an affordable grill that is still packed with great features.

“Runner Up – Best Luxury Gas Grill Built In”

Alfresco ALXE 42-Inch Built-In Gas Grill – ALXE-42SZ-NG

Top Pick
Best Built In Gas Grills - Alfresco ALXE 42-Inch Built-In Gas Grill


✅ Heavy gauge, 304 stainless steel build

✅ 82,500 BTUs of total cooking power

✅ Dedicated 5,000 BTU smoker burner

✅ V-shape “sear zone” design

✅ 3-position warming rack

✅ Whisper quiet motor

✅ Nonstick cooking grates

✅ Integrated rotisserie kit

✅ Spring-assisted hood system

✅ Rich amber LED control knob lights

✅ Cooks in half the time


If luxury is what you’re after, our runner up in the best luxury built-in category is pretty amazing, too.

The Alfresco ALXE draws inspiration from high-end restaurant grills, which you can tell from its polished appearance, luxe-looking amber LED panel lights and professional results.

That alone should tell you that this grill is to be taken seriously. Whether you entertain on the regular or consider yourself a high-falutin’ culinary master, the ALXE is up your alley.

Thanks to the firebox, which is airtight, you can make the most of the corrosion-resistant 18-SR burners. With the help of the infrared sear burner, you can boost the heat up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit and achieve the sear of your dreams.

Pyramid-shaped ceramic briquettes ensure that all of your heat is evenly distributed while eliminating hot spots. That’s essential for maximizing the meat’s flavor that’s equally and evenly cooked.

It increases the grill’s versatility, as well. As befitting a restaurant-quality grill, you can cook anything on the ALXE, whether it’s a tough job or a delicate bit of business.

Professional cooking experience

Cast stainless steel burners

304 stainless steel construction
Excellent heat control
Extremely powerful

Dedicated burner for smoking

50% less fuel is used

Simple push-button ignition

LED knob lighting


You will need to get used to the output of the sear zones extreme amount of heat.

This isn’t a grill that you buy on a whim. Even if you have thousands of dollars lying around with nothing to do, this is something that you research and get to know before you ever buy it. That’s why I suggest you also click on the below BBQGuys link below to see their in-depth review as well.

If you’re looking for a professional quality grill that is built to perform at the highest levels than this grill is for you.

“Luxury Built In Gas Grill Class”

Hestan 42-Inch Built-In Gas Grill – GMBR42-NG-SS

Top Pick
Best Built In Gas Grills - Hestan 42-Inch Built-In Gas Grill


✅ Heavy gauge, 304 stainless steel build

✅ Stainless steel panels & hood handle

✅ Multipurpose infrared rotisserie burner with Salamander positioning

✅ Spring hood hinges to keep the hood at desired height

✅ LED control panel lighting

✅ Motion-activated under-hood lighting

✅ Ceramic infrared sear burner

✅ 100,000 BTUs of restaurant-quality cooking power

✅ Diamond Laser-Cut Cooking Grates

✅ Made in the USA


In third place for luxury built-in gas grills, we’ve got the Hestan 42-inch Grill, a stunning piece of craftsmanship that’s full of surprise patented pending and innovative features. They help to ensure that this grill offers extraordinary value for the money.

To begin with, the infrared rotisserie burner is a multi-functional, multipurpose miracle that will elevate the way you grill by giving you more opportunities to perfect your food. Thanks to its Salamander positioning, you can do just about anything on the rotisserie, including broiling your food and finishing it off.

Everything about the Hestan is designed to look phenomenal, as well. For instance, the body is welded with heavy-gauge steel, the knobs are Zamak die-cast, and Hestan’s Marquise panels highlight the bezels and burn indicators on the grill.

Night-grilling is a pleasure with the Hestan’s motion-activated Stadium lights. The under-hood Halogen lighting can sense your movements and flicker on to assist with grilling after dark. Your house is about to become the go-to for midnight barbecues.

These grills are made to last, but you can increase the longevity of your new Hestan thanks to its easy-clean design. To clean the radiant tray, you just have to flip it. Since the tray is symmetrical, it’s a smooth maneuver. You can also remove the drip tray without any effort and get it cleaned up quickly.

Professional cooking experience

One-push automatic ignition system

Motion-activated Stadium under-hood lighting

Excellent heat control
Extremely powerful

Made in the USA with quality craftsmanship

Excellent warranty

The porcelain broiling pan can be broken easily if dropped

The innovation of the Hestan 42-inch more than makes up for the price. You’re paying for next-level cooking abilities and patent-pending designs that will allow you to control sear and temperature like you invented barbecuing.

There’s so much that the grill does for you, from turning on the lights to balancing the lid so that you can keep it open and watch your food. When luxury is your goal, the Hestan won’t steer you in the wrong direction.

“Runner Up – Best Entry-Level Gas Grill Built In”

Lion L90000 40-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

Best Buy
Best Built In Gas Grills - Lion L90000 40-Inch Stainless Steel Built-In Gas Grill


✅ 304 stainless steel build

✅ Back burner rotisserie infrared

✅ Push-to-Turn knob for simple ignition

✅ Interior lights for night grilling

✅ 90,000 BTUs of cooking power

✅ Five cast stainless steel burners for excellent cooking control

✅ Easy to use with a low learning curve

✅ Affordably priced; great lifetime warranty

I call the Lion L90000 an entry-level grill, but you may never want to upgrade from here.

That being said, it is an excellent choice for newbies in the world of serious grilling, and not just because it tends to cost less than $2,000.

Having five burners allows you to practice your zone cooking. It also provides enough versatility to encourage experimentation. You have both the power and the space to cook an entire meal—steak, potatoes, and vegetables.

If you’re feeling extra inventive, use one of the five burners to try grilling fruit or simmering soup. The Lion L90000 might make you want to give up your indoor stove altogether.

Experimentation is the best way to learn the grill’s language from top to bottom. One of the highlights among most reviewers is the low learning curve. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be bored with the grill, however.

Since the price is on the lower end of the spectrum, you may want to take advantage of some of the add-ons made for this Lion model.

One upgrade is the charcoal tray, which is a must for smoky flavor in your food. Then again, you can also create your own smoker out of a foil packet filled with soaked wood chips. Don’t tell Lion we told you that, though.

There’s also an upgrade for the flame tamers. The grill comes standard with steel tamers, but you can go up a level to ceramic rod flame tamers. With the ceramic system in place, you’ll never have to worry about flare-ups and grease splatters.


100% stainless steel

Smoker Box Included

Adjustable warming rack

Rotisserie rack

Sear burner

Offers a ton of upgradable options
Great lifetime warranty on most parts

It can be expensive to buy replacement parts for this grill

From the affordable price to the lifetime warranty, the Lion L90000 is full of surprises that make it worth your money and your time. Though classified as an entry-level grill, its performance is solid enough that you won’t necessarily want to update your built-in for a while.

If you’re looking for an affordably priced built-in that offers plenty of upgrades and options, then you won’t be disappointed with this splurge.

“Runner Up – Best High-End Gas Grill Built In”

Fire Magic Aurora A790i 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

Best Built In Gas Grills - Fire Magic Aurora A790I 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

Hot Features:

✅ 304 stainless steel build

✅ Double-walled, spring assisted hood

✅ Diamond Sear cooking grids to transfer heat

✅ 3 heavy cast stainless steel burners

✅ 90,000 BTUs cooking power from the main burners

✅ Flavor grids for even heat distribution and flavor

✅ Rear rotisserie that allows for grilling and roasting at the same time

✅ Interior lighting for night grilling

✅ Back lit LED knobs so you can grill day or night

✅ 792 square inches of cooking space

The Fire Magic Aurora is comparable to the brand’s Echelon series in terms of its overall performance, its unquestionable style, and its versatility.

Its roomy grilling surface will allow you to spread out and get dirty with your food—figuratively speaking, of course, because the A790i makes it easy to stay neat and tidy.

The ability to customize the setup of the burners is one standout feature. Not only can you customize them, but the cooking grids are the largest for a grill this class and size.

Better still, they’re Diamond Sear cooking grids provide optimal heat transfer. Their flat tops are also wide, which is ideal for practicing the perfect sear. The grids also ensure the optimal amount of heat, evenly dispersed across the cooking surface.

The cooking grids are not to be confused with the flavor grids, which are located just above the burners. They turn the Fire Magic Aurora into a superstar. They also help to create an even heating surface, while simultaneously protecting your burners from grease splatters, pieces of fat, and other debris.

Many of the features are multipurpose, as well. Take, for instance, the double-walled hood. It has a spring-assist feature that allows it to open up at a 90-degree angle. Obviously, that’s terrific for checking your food, but it also offers an efficient exhaust system.


Disposable drip tray system that will minimize flare-ups

Seamless look when places inside of an island

Efficient transfer of heat because of the trapezoidal shape of the burners

Heavy-duty rotisserie kit

Easy access and efficient exhaust system

Good warranty


Replacement parts can be expensive and hard to find

Go with the Aurora Fire Magic for a high-end experience. The price sits on the mid-line of high-quality grills, and you get what you pay for in the most positive sense of the phrase.

It’s the kind of grill that will grow with you, taking you from intermediate grill guy to expert grill master.

“Runner Up – Best Mid-Level Gas Grill Built In”

Coyote S-Series 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill – C2SL36NG

Best Built In Gas Grills - Coyote S-Series 36-Inch 4-Burner Built-In Gas Grill


✅ 304 stainless steel build

✅ Large cooking area of 875 square inches

✅ 90,000 BTUs with high-performance burners

✅ Infrared RapidSear burner

✅ Rotisserie system with rear infrared burner

✅ Even heating throughout with ceramic briquette heat control grids

✅ Removeable warming rack to keep your meal warm

✅ Included smoker box for those foods that taste amazing smoked

✅ Backlit LED control knobs

✅ Internal halogen lights for night grilling

In the middle-of-the-road category, the runner up is the Coyote S-Series. I can’t rave about this entry enough.

The sheer range of its abilities is more than worth the price. You expect this kind of performance out of a luxury or restaurant-quality grill.

What’s impressive is that you get that luxury vibe alongside the durability for which the Coyote brand is so well-known. That’s a can’t-miss combination for any BBQ boss.

Even heat across all 640 square inches of the main cooking surface is a guarantee thanks to ceramic briquettes. They boost the performance of the grill not only by balancing the heat distribution but also by cutting the risk of flare-ups.

You get some extras, too, upgrades for which you usually have to pay extra. The most notable is the included smoker box, which allows you to effortlessly infuse your meats and vegetables with extra flavor.

I love anything that makes a grill stand out, and for the Coyote S-Series, it’s the LED lights on the knobs. Where most grills have blue lights, the S-series is a sporty orange. It catches the eye because it’s unexpected—a small but notable detail, and sometimes those matter the most when it comes down to deciding what grill you want to buy.


Includes a rapid sear infrared burner which gets up to 75,000 BTUs of power

Integrated thermometer to monitor food temp easily

Rotisserie kit is perfect for slow roasting

Heats up quickly

Swivel wheels for easy transport

Great for large parties as the cooking space is large


Uneven cart doors can easily be fixed with a quick adjustment

There’s practically nothing negative to say about the S-series. The single con is an easy fix that’s barely worth mentioning, but to leave it out would be disingenuous.

For what you pay, you can’t do better than the Coyote entry. It can grow and evolve with you as you gain more confidence and experience with your culinary craft.

“Runner Up – Best Entry-Level Gas Grill Built In”

Blaze 32-Inch Built-In Gas Grill –  BLZ-4-NG

Best Built In Gas Grills - Blaze BLZ-4-NG 32-Inch 4-Burner Built-In Gas Grill


✅ 304 stainless steel build for extra durability

✅ Double-lined grill hood

✅ 4 commercial quality 304 cast stainless steel burners

✅ 56,000 BTUs on the cooking surface

✅ 8mm stainless steel cooking rods

✅ 738 inches of cooking space

✅ Heat zone separators

✅ Stabilizing grids to minimize flare-ups

✅ 15-year warranty on all valves

✅ Push and turn ignition start


For a little more than $1,500, the Blaze BLZ-4-NG can be yours. It’s a top-notch entry-level model that can help to guide novice grillers along the way.

As you expect from the Blaze brand, it’s a versatile grill with separate heat zones. Not only can you practice grilling with direct and indirect heat, but you can also cook a variety of things at once. You can grill your surf as well as your turf and your baked potato, all at the same time.

You can remove them to customize your cooking surface, though. That gives you the versatility to cook a large piece of meat over an evenly heated surface.

Adding to the grill’s performance are grids that stabilize the flames. They afford you with much more control because they decrease flare-ups from grease.

The stainless-steel body is resistant to rust, which allows the grill to thrive in an array of climates and environments. Blaze ensures that long-lasting quality with the burners, as well. They’re 304 cast stainless steel, providing durability and longevity.

Remember how we talked about the importance of small but vital features? The BLZ-4-NG has a double-lined hood. That might not seem like a big deal, but in addition to keeping the inside of the grill heated, it also prevents discoloration from popping grease and hot temperatures.


Removable warming rack

Full and wide drip tray for easy clean up

Rear infrared burner

Stainless steel burners

Heat is very even throughout the grill


Searing infrared in this unit can sometimes fail

To upgrade to a more legit grill, it’s smart to start with a Blaze. The BLZ-4-NG, in particular, is an unbeatable entry-level pick. There’s a reason that it’s the runner up.

If you need to watch your budget but you still want to boost your grill game, you’ll be pleased with this grill. It will take you to the next level during your time together, and it will still be going strong when you’re ready to move on.

Buyers Guide – What To Look For In A Built In Gas Grill

Any big purchase requires care and comparison.  Because built in grills tend to be more expensive and more complex to install than their stand-alone counterparts are, you shouldn’t rush to buy the first grill you see.

Comparison shop, research different models and pay attention to the following checklist as you pick out the built in unit that you want to install on your patio or in your yard.

What They Are Made Of

Built in gas grills aren’t entirely different from stand-alone models, but what’s good for one isn’t necessarily best for the other. You’re better off with a unit that relies on 304-grade stainless steel more than anything else.

High-grade 304 stainless steel is more durable, and it lasts much longer. It doesn’t show its age as quickly, either. It may add slightly to the overall cost, but it will be worth it when your grill is still standing 10 or more years down the line.

Does The Grill Have Individual And Adjustable Heat Zones?

At the end of the day, how the heat distributes through your gas grill makes all the difference. The grills we’ve reviewed have a generous surface area. Most of these grills have grates that can handle upwards of 30 hamburgers at once.

Even heat distribution is absolutely key to a successful barbecue.

But the barbecue is for more than just hamburgers. When you set out to grill a feast with all your favorites, the temperatures at which you cook them vary greatly.

You can stand all day grilling by order of temperature, running food in and out of the house, and keeping it warm in foil in the oven, or…

You can utilize a built-in gas grill with temperature-controlled burners and ceramic briquettes. Or, buy a grill with stabilization grids that trap the drippings, convert them to steam and redistribute the heat and the flavor. And leave you with less mess to clean up afterward.

Everything is simultaneously grilling, and there you are at the heat controls! Yes, we like this suggestion.

If You Really Want The Best Tasting Barbecue, Then You Really Want A Grill With Searing Capability.

There’s grilled, and then there’s seared. You sear for color and flavor, you grill to cook to the desired temperature.

You can get a grill grate hot enough to sear, but oh my, is the infrared sear burner the way to go. When you turn the knob controlling the sear burner, and the flames heat the ceramic plate, it rapidly creates a smooth heat barrier of extremely high temperatures.

The infrared radiation sears the meat so rapidly and gets the perfect color and crust across the entire surface. It completely takes the guesswork out of the process. It’s why you need one for your rotisserie kit too.

At the very least, I recommend a grill that is capable of reaching temperatures of up to 500°F plus.  It is better to have the ability to reach high temps, even if you hardly ever need them.

Get A Rotisserie Kit Included With The Grill.

In a sentence, just make sure the rotisserie is included, so that a gorgeous prime rib or 5o pound cut of meat can get the infrared sear it deserves, while it’s spinning, and you don’t have to do anything else but wait to eat or maybe grill a platter of veggies.

Upgrades – Know What Features Are Most Important To You

Most built in grills offer the ability to upgrade or add different options and features.  That’s part of what sets them apart from stand-alone units.

You might not care about the extras, but then again, you might not even realize how much you can benefit from them.

Rotisserie burners will change the way you cook whole chickens, ducks, or turkeys, to say nothing of what you can do with a roast.  Are you serious about searing?  Then you should check out grills that have a dedicated ceramic burner for that purpose.  Do you tend to grill in the evening or at night?  Choose a grill that has backlit controls to illuminate what you’re doing.

Other built in grills even come with an alarm that goes off if anything burns.  Try to find a model with a built-in thermometer probe, as well.

For a more in-depth Gas Grill Buyers Guide that includes everything you need to know to purchase the right grill for you, click here:  Gas Grill Buyers Guide – The Ultimate How to Buy a Gas Grill Guide

Built In Gas Grills FAQ

User Tips, Answers To Frequently Asked Questions And Product Care Guide For Your Built In Grill.

Should I Buy A Built-In Gas Grill?

Yes, if you spend much of your time cooking outdoors, and if you have space for it, then a quality built in gas grill pays for itself over time.

What Size Grill Should I Buy?

That depends entirely on you and the space you have to devote to an outdoor cooking area. Measure first—twice.  Don’t buy a grill first and try to plan your patio around it if you haven’t measured the area.

Also, take into consideration how you will be using it.  Will you be cooking just for the immediate family?  On the other hand, are you planning on being the neighborhood grill master and throwing block parties to be remembered?

Are Built In Gas Grills More Expensive?

Built in grill heads can be more expensive than their stand-alone counterparts, but more often than not, you won’t spend as much for the head itself.  That is because you won’t be paying for the stand or storage.

Of course, you then need to take into consideration the cost of the entire outdoor built-in kitchen space.  Overall, the costs will add up.

In full disclosure, a quality built-in grill head can cost thousands of dollars alone.  That being said, they’re less expensive over time if taken care of properly, considering how often you have to replace or upgrade stand-alone gas grills.

For a more in-depth Gas Grill FAQ that answers all your questions and more, click here: Gas Grill FAQ – Answers To All Your Gas Grill Burning Questions

Final Thoughts On Buying The Best Built-In Gas Grill

An outdoor kitchen is a creative space, quite unlike any other. But it’s your built-in gas grill that offers you all the barbeque flavor real estate—probably more than you’ve had with other grills.

As a grill master, you really need to serve up that buffet of delicious barbecue, fit for a king. And you really need a built-in gas grill to do so.

Have you long caught yourself standing in the backyard, or on the deck, next to the portable kettle grill, daydreaming of your Barbecue Central? A whole new grill upgrade?

Do you yearn for the sounds of six perfectly marinated steaks, and lobster tails, and a dozen burgers simultaneously searing on 700 square feet of Mastercraft constructed stainless steel grates to achieve excellent food magazine-worthy grill marks!

Discover a built-in gas grill with innovative heat technology brilliance, and your barbecues will never be the same.

When you get your hands on burners that can efficiently distribute heat evenly, and control different temperatures for multiple types of food simultaneously without the worry of scorching or over-cooking, you’ll wonder why you haven’t had a built-in gas grill all along.

Isn’t it time to enjoy working over long sleek granite countertops, utilizing a multi-purpose stainless steel built-in gas grill? And don’t forget to check out all the helpful accessories – a bread warmer, smoker box, and a pizza stone – to execute your endless memorable barbecues!

Grab a tape measure and have fun designing your new outdoor kitchen. In no time, you’ll be lifting the domed stainless-steel lid of your new state-of-the-art built-in gas grill and hearing the crowds oohs and ahhs.

The admiration of your barbecue masterpieces will become a thing of legend!

Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best built-in gas grills for 2021.

I hope that this list will help you choose the perfect grill that is right for you!

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Gas Grill Frequently Asked Questions

Now It’s Your Turn

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Are you going to be purchasing a new grill in the future? Do you plan on looking at a Pellet Grill, Smoker, Built-In Gas Grill, or Charcoal Model?

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