Dizzy Pig Raising the Steaks barbecue meat rub, made by the Dizzy Pig BBQ Company, has been on my radar for a while now. I recently ordered the Dizzy Pig

Dizzy Pig Raising The Steaks Review – Canadian Style BBQ rub

Dizzy Pig Raising The Steaks Review – Canadian Style BBQ rub

Complete Sampler pack of spices and rubs. It comes with 13 sample bags of their Original Blend flavors. You can have a look at all the blends included here in my previous article.

I decided to try a steak rub first as I already had a couple of thick Rib-Eye’s on hand. According to the Dizzy Pig website and user reviews, Raising The Steaks was the top choice. I guess the name gives it away huh? 🙂

Product: Dizzy Pig Raising The Steaks Canadian Style BBQ Rub
Price:  $9.71
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Item Weight: 7.3 Oz
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Raising The Steaks, BBQ Rub Overview

Raising the Steaks is specially designed for beef, and is excellent for all cuts of beef. Not only on all kinds of steaks but rib roasts, round roasts, rump roasts, chuck

Dizzy Pig Raising The Steaks Review, RaisingTheSteak BBQ Rub

Dizzy Pig Raising The Steaks Review, RaisingTheSteak BBQ Rub

Roasts, tri-tip, London Broil. Mix it into burger meat or meatloaf for a special treat. Raising the Steaks is a robust blend that was inspired by the popular Montreal steak seasoning mix.”

“Burgers and steaks seared off on the grill reach new heights in flavor.”

“But beef is just the beginning. This buttery garlic masterpiece is a natural on chicken, fish, and even veggies! Plus, without sugar, Raising the Steaks can stand up to even the hottest searing temperatures.”

“A sugar-Free, coarse ground Canadian-style steak rub. Simplicity in its purest form, this blend lets the flavor of the steak shine through and complements many foods without overwhelming.”

Ok, that’s what the website claims at least. Of course, the theory behind this rub seems very impressive. But does it live up to its billing? The rest of this review will be devoted to my experiences with using this seasoning.

My thoughts on Dizzy Pig Raising The Steaks

One of the biggest proponents of “Raising The Steaks” is a childhood friend of mine who swears by this stuff. It is his go to rub for all things beef, and he goes through

Dizzy Pig Raising The Steaks, Seasoned Rib Eye

Dizzy Pig Raising The Steaks, Seasoned Rib Eye

a 7.3 Oz bottle like it is nothing. He has been giving me a hard time for a while now because I have never tried it, so I finally decided to take his advice.

He talked such a big game that I was excited and skeptical at the same time. When my order finally came, I couldn’t wait to find out for myself.

The first thing I did after opening the package was stuck my nose in and smell. It smelled fresh and had a buttery, peppery aroma with a little salt added in. Lastly, it had a light garlic undertone. It smelled like barbecue to me. Off to a good start.

Next, I took a small pinch between my fingers and tasted it. It definitely had a little kick to it which I really liked. The Hotter the better for me, but I am not sure my daughter could handle it.

I could taste peppers, paprika, and garlic but wasn’t overwhelmed by any of them. Most importantly, it wasn’t too salty. If you like it spicy, this is another plus. So far, so good.

With my expectations growing by the minute, it was time to rub some of this bad boy on the meat. I was trying not to get too excited because it is one thing to taste good right out of the package, it is another thing altogether to work well with the meat after it has been cooked. All spices change their flavor somewhat after they have been cooked.

After a light coating of olive oil was brushed on the meat, I added a liberal amount of the rub on both sides and put it back in the refrigerator until the coals were ready. Once on the grill I seared hot and fast on both sides and finished the cook with indirect heat.

Unlike many beef rubs, Raising The Steaks has no sugar added, so I didn’t expect to get that charred crustiness from searing. I was surprised to see it still seared nicely with a smoky whiskey brown color, and a touch of bark.

It sure looked pretty, but how did it taste? I noticed right away cooking it had toned down the spiciness somewhat.  It was hotter when I tasted it right out of the

Dizzy Pig Raising The Steaks Review, Time to Eat

Dizzy Pig Raising The Steaks Review, Time to Eat

package.  It still had a little kick but not so much that my daughter wouldn’t eat it. She appreciated that.

The next thing I noticed was a nice buttery peppery taste that worked well with the garlic and paprika. Best of all, it did not overwhelm the natural grilled flavor of the steak. The more I ate, the more I liked it.

What Others Are Saying in Their Online Dizzy Pig Raising The Steaks Review

Raising The Steaks currently has a 4.2-star rating out of 5 on Amazon.

I have read many reviews and see a lot of positive comments on Raising The Steaks BBQ rub like:

  • “I really like this stuff.“
  • “Great BBQ Seasoning. Have used this product for many years. Great steak rub – always get lots of great comments from guests when I use this.”
  • “Dizzy Pig is the only spice on my grill! Dizzy Pig spices are the Bomb. This one is a great Montreal-style steak rub.”
  • “Great taste, I love this on steaks and hamburgers, it is wonderful.”

The only two complaints I have read are:

  • “Does the job. It’s fine, but not really different from Montreal Steak Seasoning which is less expensive.”
  • “Nothing special. If you have a stocked spice cabinet, save your money.”

Pros and Cons


  • Only fresh, whole spices and natural ingredients
  • Allergen friendly
  • All-natural with no additives, MSG or anti-caking agents
  • Lower in salt
  • Doesn’t overpower the natural flavor of the meat
  • Works great on all beef
  • Great Flavor


  • It is slightly spicy from crushed red pepper, so if you don’t like it hot this may not be for you.

Should you buy Dizzy Pig “Raising The Steaks” barbecue meat rub?

I would highly recommend this rub if you are a fan of Montreal-style steak seasoning but with the added Dizzy Pig magic touch. My whole family enjoyed this rub and had asked that it be included in our rotation. I really liked Raising The Steaks and will definitely be using it again.

Where to Buy Raising The Steaks

I’ve done a bit of research on where to buy Raising the Steaks, and so far the best place to buy it is Amazon. It is hard to beat Amazon shipping prices and many times they will ship for free. They also offer same day shipping if you want it right away. Amazon is also one of the most reliable companies when it comes to purchases.

Amazon has a 30-day return policy. If the product doesn’t work out, you can just return it for a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

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If you have any questions about Dizzy Pig “Raising The Steaks” barbecue meat rub or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below. I hoped you enjoyed this review and you are one step closer to joining me in “The Grilling Life”!



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