Find The Perfect Grill Or Smoker For You

Whether you're looking to buy your very first grill or smoker, considering an upgrade or just want to add to your outdoor kitchen arsenal, I’ll give you all the info you’ll need for finding the best grill for you.

Charcoal Grills

If you love authentic fire-grilled and smokey BBQ, your not alone. Find a grill you’ll love by reading my reviews below.

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Charcoal Smokers

Craving the authentic taste of real charcoal barbecue? Find the best charcoal smoker for any budget in my reviews below and get to cooking.

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Electric Smokers

For a set it and forget it and affordable smoking option, Electric smokers can’t be beaten. Read more about the many benefits and options they provide in the reviews below.

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Gas Smokers

If you are looking for no-fuss BBQ smoking, a gas smoker may be for you. Read reviews and get my ratings of all the top brands on the market.

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Portable Charcoal Grills

Find the perfect Tailgating or Camping grill without sacrificing flavor or function with these portable charcoal options.

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Portable Gas Grills

If you’re looking to take your love of grilled foods on the road this year, check out these awesome portable gas options for grilling on the go.

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See The Products that I Use And Recommend

If you’ve ever wondered what equipment and tools professional Pitmasters use to produce the most mouthwatering BBQ on the planet ... you’re in luck!

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