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Save 50 ★ Insulated Barbecue Gloves ★ Heat Resistant Safe ★ Bamboo Viscose® Fiber Comfort ★ Best Accessories for BBQ Grilling Smoking Oven ★ Versatile Silicone Grips ★ Deodorize ★ Lifetime Guarantee

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  • OPTIMAL SAFETY: Awarded SafeUX seal. Your hands are 100% protected by our heat resistant barbecue gloves against intense heat, fire burns and flash flames while you work in and out of the kitchen on or around ovens, stoves, pots, pans, BBQ grills, smoker and cooking appliances with hot surfaces. Uses industrial proven fluorescent reflectors to find gloves in the dark.
  • OPTIMAL COMFORT: Awarded ComfortUX seal. You enjoy the comfortable fit from the contour fitting inner liner that is knitted from natural super soft untwisted yarn of bamboo viscose fiber. The best smoking gloves and grilling gloves. The liner wraps around your fingers and hand gently. The material expands and contracts elastically like your second skin. The abrasion-free liner lets your skin breathe, absorbs sweat, deodorize, remove skin irritation while keeping your hands cool and dry.
  • OPTIMAL CONTROL: Awarded ControlUX seal. Our silicone grill gloves are versatile and have excellent dexterity. Each of your fingers remains flexible and free to move independently. Your hands maintain in total control. The textured non-slip silicone grips are made of soft FDA safe silicone that provides the maximum grip when handling food, grill tools and cooking equipment. The large palm pad ensures the greatest surface area of contact for traction.
  • OPTIMAL DESIGN: Awarded DesignUX seal. Our silicone BBQ gloves are our best designed pit master accessories. Physically appealing and practical. Intelligently engineered for structural strength, comfort and durability for extended hours of use. Hassle Free Maintenance. Non-stick easy clean design prevents stains, honey, marinade, grill grime, oils and grease from adhering. Washable.
  • OPTIMAL QUALITY ASSURANCE: Backed by 100% customer satisfaction seal. Our insulated BBQ gloves are made from naturally hybrid composite material that are safe for humans and environment. Our paired durable gloves are packed in High Premium Quality gift pack.

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